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    natesmomma: the only way i could get my son to get a good latch was with the football hold. even at 10 months, he still does it best that way. kind of hard to feed him that way now that hes so long. any other way, hes good until he gets the letdown, then its like he cant get anymore so i have to switch him. so, maybe try another position



    My baby turned 1 yesterday!!!!! WE MADE IT!!!!
    I started slowly dropping feeds about 2 weeks ago and havent expressed for 2 days now. I dont feel full but have felt a few letdowns but i dont think i would get much if o pumped. I stopped taking the motilium slowly as well so i know my supply would have dropped as soon as i stopped that. Do i just not express now and does anyone know how long it will be before it dries up completely??? I cant believe we made it to 1 year after all the issues i have gone through. Im SO SUPER PROUD of myself right now =)



    I had something clogged up in my armpit the first couple of days that I was breastfeeding (I think it was a duct) and placed a warm damp wash cloth to it and it went away. Maybe this will help?



    I remember reading that if your urine does not smell like maple syrup while taking fenugreek then you are not taking enough.



    Thanks ladies, I appreciate everyones input. I’m a first time mom and still learning, so any tips from the pro’s are a God send. 🙂



    EllasMommy23 – I read the 10 month page to see what was going on. Obviously it’s not working if they are still having to hit. In my opinion, at that age they need comfort and security. If the one person they rely on the most and love the most hits them then it’s not teaching them to behave but teaching them to be fearful. I want my boys to behave because they respect me, not because they are afraid of me. It can be challenging at times but I never hit my boys. They don’t understand a slap on the hand. Well, Chris might now and I would if he did something horrible like get into the knife draw or something but not Alex….even if he could get into mischief. Redirection is the best method for little ones and time out does work when they get a bit older. Going through the terrible two’s right now. If they think they are having problems now then good luck in two years. Their children may grow to resent mom because of the fear and hurt they have received from their hands. Just my thoughts. I’m an attached parent. I look at my child’s needs and figure out how we resolve the issue. I respect my boys as human beings. I would never hit my husband so why would I hit them.



    1ByFaith- I can’t believe your lo is 9 weeks already. I’m glad things are going well. The bf in public w/ big boobs is difficult…I was a G cup so I get it. The cover will help. BTW, my son sleeps on his tummy. He sleeps better and so do I. I also let my kids have a blankie in their cribs. I think you have to make your own choices as to what you feel is right for your children.



    I just like to add this every now and then to the new mommies and moms to be wondering because I found it very helpful and was very surprised when I learned this but have you ever wondered just what a full diaper means? I did some research and found the answer a while back ago and if you take 3 tablespoons of water to one of your diapers that is a full diaper. Cool huh? I just like to pop this in here every now and then since I found it soo helpful.



    lisseth- when the time comes you will just start spreading the pumping out…instead of every 3 hrs, every 4-5 hrs, etc, etc. Your body will learn to regulate and make less and less. It’s a process, but as long as you do it gradually it will be fine. Happy bf ladies 🙂


    angie: if the bottle has been in baby’s mouth, you need to toss it. Just make a smaller bottle, and store the extra.


    Tanner- I was thinking that might be my problem. i eat once a day whic his dinner. yesterday i ate lunchn dinnner an woke with ful breast n he ate well.



    EllasMommy23 – If it looks normal then I wouldn’t worry about it. Breastmilk diarrhea is the same but more runny, as in if she’s sleeping it’ll be right up the back. It’s not fun! My first son had a milk sensitivity and I didn’t know what to do forever. When I stopped dairy his poo became more normal. Also, color can vary with breastmilk poo but if it’s greenish and runny then it’s probably another sign.



    I have a non-hormonal Iud and love it. neither hubby nor i are a fan of condoms and i didn’t want to use hormones either. I’ve heard of a few people having trouble with the IUd (cramping and poky strings). I was told by my midwife that starting off with longer strings and flatting the ends help with the poking and taking ib proffin for the cramping. I’ve not had a period yet and I’ve heard that it makes the first few periods worse too, but I’m not sure. All in all though I’m so happy I got mine.


    I’m really hoping to at least make it to that one year mark too. With my first, my supply went way down (I was only able to pump at work once) and because of that she self weaned at 7 months. This time I’m in a different job and am able to pump twice now in an 8 hour day. I nurse/pump right before I leave for work and then nurse right when I get home. I have a bigger freezer supply this time around too. So I’m really much more optimistic this time around. Also, I was having to supplement with formula by 3 weeks with my first and my LO turns 4 months tomorrow, so I know it’s going better this time!



    *Wyatts*mommy* – Your baby will eventually catch up to your letdown. Don’t worry, you won’t drowned him. HAHA! Good Luck!

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