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    angie- thank you so much! that puts my mind a little more at ease. I was really hoping AF would stay away for longer, oh well 🙂


    Angie, the best advice you can get is what Camp said. You are doing the best you can and if you have to supplement a liitle formula, it’s ok. Just know you are doing what is best for your baby by still giving her what breastmilk you have. You are not, for the most part, in control of how much milk you produce. I was in the same boat as you with my first two and I supplemented when that day came and they turned out fine. I also really believe that I produced more milk once I stopped worrying about it and realized that I was doing all I could do. Good luck!



    sunshine maria, if bf more often is something you both enjoy then I don’t think there’s any reason not to continue through the summer! Also your body is probably working to adjust to the slight increase in demand.



    Here are some of my breastfeeding experiences.
    more to come!


    what can i do to increase my milk supply? or what can i eat or take? i need to go back to school next month and i want to freeze some for my hubby to feed her while im gone.



    sigh……… i just wanted to check in here for some support and since it has been awhile since ive checked into this board. my daughter is 9 and a half months and we are still nursing (and loving it!) but lately ive felt on the chopping block from some people i know who think its weird that i am still nursing a 9 and a half month old. if they think its weird now i cant imagine how weird they are going to think it is when i am still nursing a 1+ year old, since i dont think she will be weaning anytime soon, she is way to attached to the boob lol.



    My son co-sleeps and I plan on having my son self wean. Bring on the gasps and stares ;0)



    Is there a way you can over-feed your baby breastmilk when they are nursing?? Do babies at 4 weeks comfort nurse??? I have a forceful let down contributed to over production and everytime I nurse her after a feeding session (like a comfort nurse for her to go to sleep at night) she spits almost everything back up. I tried using the pacifier too but she gags on it so badly she throws up. She stops sucking and realizes its in her mouth and starts gagging. Is this normal??? Any suggestions???


    Bf is difficult at times. My little girl is 8 days old and she nurses for about 10-20 minutes. I had clogged milk ducts and get them almost before every feeding. I started pumping before feedings for 10 minutes just so my breast feels jiggly and that helps a lot. I have to say I agree I am so tired all of the time and between feeding, burping and pumping I only have an hour until I have to feed her again. My girl was losing weight so I have to feed her every 2 hours. My bf has been helping if I am completely exhausted he will feed her my milk from a bottle. This has not caused nipple confusion yet because it is only for one feeding.



    I could not have survived nursing without the boppy pillow!!! Even at a year old we still used it constantly. It made things so much more comfortable for both of us. The only time I didnt use it was in public, I just crossed one leg over to give him a boost up.



    I did not get my period back until 8-8.5 months later it was great totally normal. Everyone is different some will get it sooner than later and vice versa! My sister breastfed also and get hers back sooner than I did. The contractions are totally normal That is why woman who breast feed, stomachs tend to go down alot faster than those who don’t!



    My son didnt get a tooth until 11 months. He only bit me once though! I think at that point we were both shocked enough to know it wasnt a pleasant experience. I wouldnt say he necessarily understood what he did but he understood the reaction and never did it again!


    Agreed!.. When I was pregnant with my son 3 years ago, everyone that I knew that had tried BFing, quit within the first couple weeks. At that point I told myself that I WILL BF my baby for at least 6 mos no matter what. I WILL MAKE IT WORK!.. and I did. I BF him until 10 mos when he weaned himself. I am now BFing my second and wouldn’t have it any other way. The first week we were home my SIL asked how I could stand doing that because when she tried it hurt so bad she had to quit. I was like, yeah.. it hurts like hell, I just hold my breath, curl my toes, and tense up every muscle in my body. For me those 3 weeks of pain are soooo worth the benefits of BFing.



    Good news!!! I am BFing and pumping each time Nicholas eats and he seems to be satisfied and I am also able to get 3-4 oz to freeze. Yeah!!! I am really trying to keep this supply going because I go back to work in 3 weeks and don’t want to give up!!! My oldest son I had to at 3 months because my supply dropped to 1-2 oz in 4 hrs. We will see!! The problems started when I went back to work!!



    Hey all,
    Here’s a tip if you have hardwood floors like us and they are chilly. I put down three yoga mats for my lo. Super easy to clean, good traction, and warmer.

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