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    illy i’m so sorry but that is really funny!



    any tips on weaning baby at night time? my son wakes up every two hours (he just turned one) and my husband and i cant take it anymore, we need sleep plus im 9 weeks pregnant again. He wakes up and cries and wines and the only way i can get him to calm down and go back to sleep is to give him the boob but im tired and he should be sleeping through the night by now. I just dont know how to soothe him???


    Clementine hates eating under a blanket as well so I wrap her up and just kinda keep it high on the back of her head and kind of hold it up around her face. Corners are great to nurse in so you’re facing the wall rather than a bunch of people at least that’s what I do at Starbucks plus when people look over they will know you’re nursing and leave you alone.



    I live in MI and none of our hospitals made the list. Not too surprised there. I don’t know many people around us that actually do breastfeed! The hospital where I delivered does do rooming-in and usually has an empty nursery, but they do give you the option of sending baby away. We insist on having our babies with us. Hubby got really mad this last time around though because we had a snotty nurse who took Zach to the nursery for his hearing test. Half hour to an hour later she still hadn’t gotten him back to us. Hubby walked down to the nursery to see what was up and found the nurses just hanging out talking and Zach screaming his little heart out in the bassinet. He wasn’t so nice about asking for Zach back. As far as the breastfeeding, if you are wanting to nurse, they will try to help you, but if you don’t want to breastfeed, they wont say anything about it. They give out the formula filled bags and when Zach was born, I was told he could stay with me as long as I gave him at least 20mL of formula after I nursed since he was born early. I was told that if I didn’t supplement, he would be taken to the NICU and hooked up to an IV drip. We made a good show of ‘supplementing’ with the nurse that heard the NICU nurse say we had to supplement (and who was pushing us to do exactly as the NICU nurse said and was going to ‘report us’ if we didn’t) but the second a new nurse was put on duty, we got the wheels moving to get that changed so that I could supplement with breast milk instead. Thankfully, between her and the LC we were able to get it changed. I could see a lot of new, scared, parents falling for the supplemental bit though.



    i need help please, i think my baby has a cold. she’s having a hard time breathing. i don’t know what to do? should i call and go to her doctor right away? poor baby. ….



    ilovemyprincesses – I think the other ladies are right. The force is hard right now but it’ll get better. Your breasts will regulate in time. For now just continue to burp and even a little infant massage along with bicycling the legs to get the air out. It’ll get better. Nothing you really need to do. It’s hard in the beginning and you’re doing great.


    Men just don’t think sometimes. Did you get him back off easy enough? Not sure when to start putting Ollie in a different room for nap time. Not that he naps for long, they are more cat naps.


    Thanks seuban and ellasmommy. I ended up getting a little bit of sleep by propping him up on my arm so he could breathe easier. Have woke up really stiff today.


    When I ever I check on the boys sleeping, I just want to pick them up and cuddle them.



    Kara- You can definately lactate after stopping. I am in the process of relactation from having NO milk and never nursing my son. It has been really hard but in the month I have been doing it I have begun to produce about 8-11 ounces a day. Message me if you wanna talk. I can tell you everything that I did.


    mjs..i fought with a clogged duct for weeks..massaging…ect..the only thing that cleared it up was bm lol..within two days it was gone


    Once you get it it’s really simple. HTML is not that hard to learn. It just can get a little confusing. Good luck! 🙂



    Leslie: I think that just loving your baby like you do and being a good parent makes you overprotective. Talk with Keri about this calmly. I’m sure her feelings are just hurt, and that she may be a little envious that your mother gets so much Lawson time, while her mother gets almost none. I know that I get really upset because my in-laws used to see Levi all the time, before they pulled their little stunt, and my mother never gets to see her, because she lives in CA. My in-laws were just very unappreciative, which I know isn’t the case here. You guys can work through this, I’m sure…



    Wow! So many feelings have passed through me since last time I posted. First of all, I am enraged for what has happened with the pictures and the admin. saying that they are offensive… TO WHO?!?!?! And then, a nobody comes and tries to tell us that we can’t BF in public because it is offensive? Has the world gone mad??? Isn’t this supposed to be a haven to BF mommas?!? Maybe we should make our own BF page were nobody can tell us wrong! Or at least a FB group page… Hmm… I have a project! Would you gals join if I open a bf page on fb?



    Klara-hun you have done a wonderful job with ebf your lo and this is just a hurdle you have overcome and i commend you! Once you get lo back on the boob the supply/demand will be back. Just be prepared to have her attatched to you like a newborn. This will help get a jump start going. You can also start eating fermented oats and or drinking mothers milk tea. Helped me a ton. Hang in there-you will be back to normal in no time!

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