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    Well- I tried my LO on cereal for the first time last night after she nursed. I mixed 1 tbsp with 1 oz of breastmilk & she loved it! She wants nothing to do with the fruits and veggies and make horrible faces, but she actually liked the cereal. I think i will let her have cereal a couple times a week. I dont see how it can really hurt as she is still getting the breastmilk- any thoughts? Should i not be starting solids only a few times a week as her ‘nightcap’. What do you guys think?



    Oz don’t worry I’m sure she will. Emerson is could also be like Kekoa. He was never a big eatter. Now that he is on food though…look out. He’ll devour a steak with rice. Loves rice and spaghetti. Those are his favorite meals. We had spaghetti last night for dinner and he ate four plates full. He barely touches his cup during meal. I always have water available for him cause he is only nursing first this in the morning, before nap and before bed.


    Hi moms! I just found this group, and boy am i happy i found ya! My DD is one month old, i breastfeed.. and i tell you, I DO understand why some people give up in todays world of formula.. Breastfeeding for me was a big challenge.. previous bad experience with a pushy, aggressive lactation consultant.. i had a hard time learning what to do, and then my nips scabbed over , OUCH that hurt! – i had a good latch, my DD has a super eager suck! 🙂 But here we are one month later , doing great! I also pump 2 x a day to freeze for when i go back to work .. lucky i’ll only work 10 hours a week! Anyway.. how are you ladies all doing ?


    1byFaith-I have nursed three babies who all turned out to be excellent sleepers. My secret to maintaining supply while teaching the babies to sleep was to wake them to eat every 2.5-3 hours DURING THE DAY. That way, I helped my supply, their weight-gain, and taught them the difference between night (when I DID NOT wake them) versus day. Good luck.



    i will try football thanks! Another question for the past week or so i have noticed i was getting alot less out of my left breast than my right, I was thinking it was my pump but ive checked everything out switched horns and its still my left .
    Well this morning i noticed hardly 1/2 oz came from left and 3 oz from right and my left still feels full, i dont think its my pump, any ideas?



    Congrats Ozbaby! What a great acomplishement for both of you!


    brandy–This is a bit weird, but this is what my LC told me to do when I had a clogged duct and it worked. Lay the baby on your bed and get on all fours with your boobies dangling toward baby. Get their chin pointing toward your blockage and feed them that way. Their suction is the strongest from the chin, so if you have it aimed at your blockage, they will have the most concentrated pull and hopefully get it unblocked quicker. Hope this helps! Oh, as hot of a bath (even if it’s just a bowl that you let your breast soak in) as you can stand will help give you a little relief too.



    jlevine – I got it on my nipples and remember the pain so well. The first time I was out of town and couldn’t do anything until I got back. It felt like glass shards on my nipples. It’s the only way to describe it. I’m glad you got it early before you had any signs. It sucks! Oh well. Once the meds were started I felt a hundred times better.



    my breast are full time for me to pump it



    I gained 19 pounds this pregnancy and lost 27. I was really really sick in the first trimester and have a really active job.



    cuddlebunnymeg- yep, it’s exhausting at first! It gets better. Keep at it and you’ll be just fine. You are doing an awesome job. We all are 🙂



    So I started off breastfeeding and everything was great until I got sick. I didn’t breast feed much during my babies third and fourth weeks. Now we are in our fifth week and my milk supply has gone down a lot. My lactation specialist told me to pump and feed regularly (2-3hours) in order to get my supply back up. I have been doing this for four days straight and I am still unable to get more than an ounce of milk at any given. How long will it take for my milk to come back enough for me to really feed my baby properly, or will it ever come back? Im also worried because my baby pauses a lot during bf, like he is just way too relaxed. HELP!



    After having the baby (July 20) I have been changing my eating habits and excersing to loose weight. I have lost weight but I am wondering were should my daily calorie intake be??? I think that due to my flucuations in calories (trying to figure where I should be) it causes my supply to flucuate. So far I have been able to get my supply back but I want to know for sure so that I don’t have to play the guessing game.



    I’ve found more often then not if you DON’T cover yourself people don’t even notice what you are doing. It looks like mom is cuddling a sleeping baby. If you throw a blanket over your shoulder it’s like a big red flag…’Look we’re breastfeeding’. I don’t cover because it gets hot and stuffy under blankets. My first didn’t like it and so I got used to not covering. My question to people that want you to cover is, ‘would you eat under a blanket, breathing in your own carbon dioxide?’ I can’t breath under blankets and don’t force that upon my children either. I know, I’m a radical breastfeeding avocate so sue me! Oh, but in my state I’d win! HAHA!



    I’ve been BFing for 5 months now and all of a sudden my son does not like to BF on my right breast. It also hurst like hell now. Any suggestions on why this would be the cause? I have a little white spot on my nipple.

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