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    I was nursing DJ this morning when he woke. While nursing I was wondering why the boppy was getting so wet. Well, milk was dripping out of his right nostril– it was white and looked just like it did going in. I’ve noticed this 2 other times from the same notril. Has this happened to anyone else? So weird!



    micaela, I’ve used the gentian violet. Just be careful, if you don’t wash it off before baby nurses it makes an awful mess. Also, it should only be applied once a day, as doing it more often can cause sores. It works though! Mybabysurprise, I don’t know about blessed thistle, but fenugreek you take 3-4 capsules, 3-4 times a day. You know you are taking enough when you start to smell like maple syrup. Just putting this out there…. is it possible you could be pregnant? AF can cause a dip in milk supply, but it sounds like you’re experiencing worse than just a dip. Teia, do you have any warm spots where it hurts? I’m thinking you could have a clogged milk duct… I don’t know much about getting rid of them, I’ve never had one, but I think you are supposed to Nurse, nurse, nurse, and point the baby’s chin towards the problem area. Other thought that just occured – could it be your letdown? My letdown was painful for the first few months, in one breast more than the other, and the fuller they were when I let down, the more it hurt.



    hi ladies its been a while. I’ve been bf for over 6 months and I’m just now having an issue. I’ve got what appears to be a milk blister from what I’ve googled. Its a hardened white area right under the skin on the nipple. Hurts some when touched. Does anybody know how to get rid of it or how long they last? Thanks



    momof2hopfully3 – It’s different for everyone. It could take a couple weeks. Make sure your latch is correct.


    Sorry for al lthe miss spelled words. lol I was typing with one hand while feeding.



    Sadie has started biting me as well. It’s going on a week. I tell her no and take her off and she just laughs at me. I’m pretty upset about it, I’m starting to get tense every time I bf her, and that has always been my most favorite thing to do:(



    I left her a message on her page. That is total BS. Unless someone has a history of preterm labor then it’s fine. I nursed my son while pregnant and my doctor said it was healthy for us.



    It sure is a small world, isn’t it? 🙂



    Is it safe to take all kinds of vitamins when you are breastfeeding? I know when you are pregnant you have to stick to pregnancy specific ones. I just wondered if it’s the same when feeding. Also, I am struggling with the feeding and the pain. I am sure my LO is ‘chomping’ when she shouldn’t and I find it hard to get her to open her mouth wide enough too. Any suggestions from experienced mums?



    I’m kinda against the book too.
    babies wake for survival and rying to much creates developmental issues. ….not picking.
    you can manipulate feedings slowly. …for instance if you want to drop a 4am feeding you could hold off until 415 then feed …next few days go to 430 and keep pushing back.



    phatbaby – we hit 12 months too, last week and I know what you mean about the stress being gone! Well, now there’s new stress about trying to find the happy medium btwn breast and solids, but at least if I dried up for some reason I feel it would be okay. Also planning to let DD self wean. Hoping.



    Going to the drinking thing again. If you feel like you have to have two, try and trick yourself by only pouring half a serving of wine and getting up and getting the other half. Pour half a bottle of beer in a mug put the other half in the fridge and get up and get it later. You might be surprised now that you have the baby how much you’ve changed in the drinking department. One may be just fine. Besides how good will number two be if you’re worrying about over doing it and then having to feed the baby? If you don’t think that will work, just try to drink the first early enough that you could have the second later on in the night once the first one cleared. I would try not to drink so fast as to get a buzz.


    OH so i pumped 6.5 oz yesterday for my freezer and another 6.5 today! The bad news, while I was pumping I noticed some drips falling on my leg, I thought maybe i hadn’t screwed the pump on right, well that wasn’t the problem, the bottle was cracked! I was upset that I lost some milk, but so happy I noticed the leak before i lost more than a dribble.. Gosh I forgot how important that milk becomes… Well baby boy is awake and hungry…



    maddux- in the beginning when i used to be sore, breasts were hands off. but now i don’t care at all. It doesn’t do anything for me (never has) but hubby likes to play with them, so i let him! it’s totally fine now and has been for a long time. I don’t mind.


    katjak i fell pregnant whilst breastfeeding my oldest and af had not returned. Keep trying i hope it happens for you soon.

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