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    phatbaby- hahaha. the person who wrote in is crazy! Everything takes longer with kids. And you probably have an even harder time working and being a mom. Good for you. I have a huge appreciation for mothers who work. I work like 10 hours a week and i can’t stand it. I am lucky enough to be able to stay home most of the time, but moms in general (whether SAH or working) deserve some understanding from people. It’s hard! People who don’t have kids don’t have any idea what it’s like.



    I used to spray milk all over the place. Almost hit the doc when she started coming into the examining room and Ayden popped off! At night in the beginning, I would roll up burp rags and put one of those in each side of my bamboo sleep bra. The rags, and the bra, and the bed would all be soaked in the morning! I got the bra off of and its the most comfy thing ever! It is a nursing bra and my boys both figured out how to move it out of the way. It is so light and stretchy that it is incredibly easy to do so.

    As for the BC issue, I get my cycle back immediately! BF does not work well for us as BC so I have started to chart based on cervical mucus./the billings method. I looked into a few different natural methods and this one was the least involved and the most flexible. With two boys 18mo apart, there is no way I can take my body temp at the same time every morning! The methods that focus on body temp just weren’t realistic for us! Using this method, we know when things are okay, when things are risky (use a condom) and when things are high risk (abstain, abstain abstain!!!) This has helped us so much since $ has been really tight and we can’t buy condoms, plus we got pregnant with Zach while I was nursing Ayden and we were using condoms.



    My LO is 5 days old we tried bfeeding but wouldnt relieve the engorgement so i went out an bought a pump yesterday. It works great im geeting about 2 oz from each about 3 times a day. im just wondering how often i should be pumping cause i dnt want to lose my supply



    3rdsurprise – How old is your baby? Most breastfed babies I know don’t sleep the entire night until they are closer to a year. That doesn’t mean that babies don’t but the majority doesn’t. Breastmilk is their best food and it is processed fairly quickly. It is their instinct to wake during the night. I don’t recommend CIO because it has some life long impact. You could try rocking your child if s/he is older. For me, I just keep feeding them until they are ready to sleep through. Also, at a young age sleeping through is considered at a 6 hour stretch. We put Alex down at 8 and he’ll wake up around 2am so he is considered to sleep through but I don’t expect him to go longer until he is closer to a year. We bed-share so it does make it easier on me since I have a 2 yo as well. I’ll be doing it again in another 2 years so I understand being pregnant and getting up. I also worked with my last which really sucked but you just deal with it. Take time to nap on weekends or during the week if you can.



    Noahcolts- I bought a bebe au lait nursing cover and I love it!!! It is breathable cotton xlarge and a beatiful print. I never liked bf in public before I bought this cover. It even has a special boneing at the top so you can see baby’s head and so that they have propper air flow. Worth every penny!!! Oh and they come in some fabulous prints too 🙂



    Phatbaby – I delivered at St. Mary’s…. Zoey wasn’t in the room with me much at all. I had to MAKE them bring her back every two hours. When night time came, I let them keep her in the nursery (didn’t really know different) and on their way out, they suggested formula. I refused. So they just woke me up every hour (I fed for an hour). The LC was a joke. She walked in, saw I was feeding Zoey, and promptly left.

    My sister just delivered at Ft. Sanders. She hadn’t even gotten to feed Ava before the LC came in and left! Told her she’d check back tomorrow! Really?!? Hang around and make sure the poor girl didn’t have any trouble! I ended up hands on showing her some tricks of the trade. lol.



    Good way to push thru Lawsons!! Seuban- try and be positive through out the weekend (i know easier said than done) I will say a prayer/.
    Ellas-if she is having a hard time breathing I would take her in just to make sure everything is ok



    jenniewren – No you’re not a terrible mom. My first never took one and Alex loves his. He’d be attached to me all night if he didn’t have one. But, I hate seeing toddlers running around with a pacifier in their mouths…soo…Alex’s is limited to sleep only. If he’s playing we don’t use one. I do take it out with us just in case we stay past nap time. That is my own personal beliefs though and know plenty of moms who use them.


    Ollie is now 10 weeks and 4 days, had him weighed this morning he is 15lb 5 oz. Took the boys swimming. They loved it. James had however forgot everything he had learnt at water babies, thats was 100s of pounds well spent!



    Bri – That is pretty weird! I wish you knew what she used! You know the Inspired by Finn website has waist chains (for lack of a better phrase???) of baltic amber that’s supposed to help with back pain. They’re all sold out though. I am considering getting one when they restock just to try it out.



    dee-can’t count how many times i’ve had to stop getting ready mid process b/c someone just happens to see his favorite food and needs a nibble. i swear it’s like me seeing a piece of choclate laying a table.



    phatbaby57 – I think anywhere is strict on sleep. It’s just those who don’t believe in baby training that doesn’t worry about it. My first was about 15 months when he slept through from 8pm to 8am. I don’t care. I’ll let my boys develop how they will. If it’s a rough night then I take a nap when the boys go down. I don’t do well without sleep but I am getting better. HAHA! It was rough when I worked but I made it happen. I do the same thing though. I stay up way to late and end up paying the price. Grr! I just can’t get myself to go to bed at 10. I’ve tried but I feel like I’m being jipped out of something if I do. HAHA! Anyways, it doesn’t matter how a baby goes to sleep as long as they eventually do. It is good for the baby and for mom. They won’t always need us to nurse them to sleep.



    i wanted to tell her off so bad, but i am sure it bothered her more that i kept my composure.



    Leslie, I agree. I’m sure Keri is just frustrated. It probably sucks to have your daughter not really like your parents even though you know she would if given the time. Hopefully MIL will be able to calm Lawson. It’s a change and babies don’t really do well with change from their routine. That being said how dare MIL call your Mom! Sorry that’s childish. And honestly, it’s still early to be crawling anyways. Not all babies are getting ready for their football tryouts this early like my linebacker! Talk with Keri, I know you love each other. Everyone is just frustrated!~ On a happy not! YAY! Puddle Duck Time is much sooner!!!! That’s awesome and much NEEDED!

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