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    Bouza – FB actually bans those pictures too. There is a page on it, ‘hey facebook, breastfeeding is not obsene.’ It’s a great page but members are deleted all the freakin time.


    balsamfir – a little late in this response, but how did the rest of your night go? Does your mom watch him often? It could be anxiety seperation he’s going through when he doesn’t see you around. I’m not sure what else could be the issue. Was his day time any different than normal?

    klara812 – I don’t think your milk will be gone after just 2 days. I’m sure once you start nursing again your body will regulate the amt of milk it produces to ensure your bub has enough. If you are still concerned though, you could try some fermented oats. A lot of ladies here (myself included) use it to boost supply… esp. around the time AF comes around. It really does help! Also, on the goats milk formula. It’s not a baby formula you buy at the store. I buy fresh goats milk (organic) dilute it and add a few ingridients and that’s it! It’s the closets thing to breast milk out there and once diluted, can be given to babies under 1 year old. I can give you the recipe if you want. It’s what we’re using with Alyssa if we have to supplement because I don’t want her on commercial formula.

    Luv2bamama – thanks for the support! I agree that 3oz of supplement won’t harm her and will in fact, reap many other rewards for our entire little family. I’m letting go of the guilt. I’ve made my decision and I’d rather feel good about it than bad. The last thing I need is to stress out too much and affect my supply even more… which by the way, is pretty darn good right now. So supplementing might not have to be something we resort to all the time. We’re trying it for a week and storing milk to see how it goes.



    Tara-I’ve heard most women can. Sometimes there can be supply issues/ worse engorgement. You know I’d say give it a try and if you can what a great surprise, and if you can’t you’re one of the women that formula is meant for.



    Thank y’all I actually nursed at the park today for a couple of mins. I figure I will make sure I have a nursing cami on when I go out. I’m going to practice more at home too so I can get it down.



    nickykennedy: my baby is 15 months old and I’m in the same boat, she’s not biting me, but I’m just ready to be done! But i’m having a hard time too, b/c she’s not into whole milk AT ALL! so i feel guilty not giving her breastmilk when she won’t drink the whole milk! but i go back to work next month, so I think that will be the point when she drinks the whole milk b/c I won’t be able to nurse her during the day. When I weaned my first, I just eliminated a feeding every few days and replaced it with a sippy of milk so my supply would start to go down slowly. I think the whole process took about a month. I eliminated the day feedings first, then the morning, and last the bedtime feeding.



    Have any exclusive pumpers out there had to travel on a long flight? I’m not quite sure how to pump on the plane 🙁 I’m really worried about jeopordizing my milk supply as I’m already struggling a little to produce enough…I suppose I’ll have to bring my manual pump and pump at all layovers but I’m starting to really stress out about the 9 or 10 hours of travel before I can get to a place where I can get in a good pumping session. It gets so frustrating too trying to explain my situation to people because they just say ‘why dont you just breastfeed then, if she’s hungry enough she’ll figure it out’ ugh, if I hear that one more time….I might go crazy! I guess its really really hard for people to understand that my daughter NEVER figured out how to latch…we would just both sit there crying for hours and it just wasnt healthy for either of us. Its not like I always imagined myself hooking up to a pump every four or so hours for the first year of my childs life…not my idea of fun and bonding thats for sure. Anyhoo, sorry for the rant, if any of you have any advice or suggestions for traveling as an e-pumper, I would soooooo love to hear it 🙂 Thanks.



    I give my DD 4 oz bottle of formula late morning/lunch time and again at late afternoon/dinner time. The rest of the time she gets BF. She doesnt seem to know the difference except the bottle makes a huge mess cause she doesnt latch on it tight enough like the breast. I also give her Vitamin D drop every day with her morning bottle. Its working for me so far.



    Hello ladies! Hope everyone is well! Just posting to brag! The girls have been exclusivly on the boobies for 3 weeks now (always received mommy milk, but through feeding tube and bottles as in NICU for 1st month of life)! They are 2 months old and have almost doubled their birth weights! Breanne is up to 8lbs 6ozs, 20 1/4 inches long and Karissa is 7lbs 5ozs, 19 inches long. Mommy’s milk is doing them WONDERS!!! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more



    Same rules apply. I would try only warming up a few ounces and then if he is still hungry then make more. I did the same thing for two months. I always hated washing it down the draining.



    Marsup – You aren’t pumping long enough. I was only getting about 2.5 oz every time i pumped and i would only pump for like 5 minutes. I didn’t know that once the milk stopped coming out that it would start up again (this is called ‘letdown’). Once I started leaving the pump on for 20-25 minutes I started getting about 4 oz from each and realized that i would have 2-3 letdowns.



    Thanks lizzie. I was just doing some reading on the net- and came to the same conclusion- that I shouldn’t be concerned. You just get so many messages from different people you start to doubt your gut instinct. I didn’t like it when people commented on my size when I was pregnant and I don’t like people making comments about my baby’s size either!!!



    NDmommyoftwins- That is a great picture! What an amazing accomplishment to be able to BF twins! I don’t know how you do it- I thought the obstacles of BF one were enough! Thanks for sharing!



    thorpe08 – I use the Medela Harmony hand pump and love it. I am basically at stay at home mom (I work only 1 day a week) so I breastfeed most of the time. I like to pump occasionally in the mornings to get a supply of milk built up. And I pump that one day at work. I usually get 5 oz of milk when I pump, but my breast got used to that pump.

    cindermoon – I am on the mini-pill and I haven’t noticed any effects from it. I exclusively breastfeed so that is why the mini-pill works. If you supplement some, the mini-pill won’t keep you from getting pregnant. I haven’t seen a drop in milk production with it either. But with the minipill, you have to take it at the same time everyday for it to be effective. I am horrible about that!!



    ‘Grats, ozbaby! You shouldn’t express, unless you get uncomfortably ‘full’. If you express, you will keep making milk. But yeah, otherwise you should stop lactating fairly quickly. I think campimamma is right: the time varies just individually, but after a week or two it should be basically unnoticeable.



    Thanks Bri! Yes 12m is good enough for her i think, everyone is def i have a friend who swears she will nurse til her son’s 3!. any suggestions on meds i can take while BF for congestion?? or any natural ways to cure it? also have u or anyone ever heard of puttin gBM in the baby’s nose to help thier congestion? thanks!

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