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    I hope you’re feeling better by now, Parkersmommy.



    Sadie (two months) likes a good go at the boob before sleeping and upon waking:) And after a tubby- thats my favorite cuddle time, clean,naked snuggley baby- the best!!



    I got my period back at 6 weeks! Haha. Definitely not ready to TTC again though. Still working full-time and adjusting to having one in daycare. Plus breastfeeding and pumping take so much time I think I need a timeframe where I can not be pumping or pregnant haha.



    for mom’s that have stopped BF’ing…how did u do it and what happened?? I am still BF’ing Mara, she will be 14m but am trying to wean her. she isn’t fond of the idea but i htink she is doing it for comfort mostly and i need her to, well i want her to start to take whole milk.
    so i want to know what to expect, will i just BAM dry up or will i fill up and then have pain?? i have had NO problems or PAIN since BF’ing. its been a wonderful expierence but i think its time for MAra to make the transition to whole milk now. please answer my page. thanks so much!



    Okay, I need some help. tips. or advice! I am having the HARDEST time teaching my new little one how to latch on. The nurses and what not at the hospital kept telling me and showing me how to do it, but when he latches on it is sooooo painful! Even when they say, ‘that’s it.’ It still hurts. Now I’m at home and it’s not better. They gave me a nipple shield, but told me not to use it all the time…. I find I can’t handle the pain and use it all the time. I’m at a loss on what to do.



    rissasmommy- Don’t worry. Your is doing just what she is supposed to do. My son is 5 weeks old and in that first week all I did was lay in bed and nurse him and watch lifetime, LOL. In these early days and weeks, your body is trying to establish a supply, and in order to do that, your lo has to nurse. Alot of women make the mistake of giving up during this time just because they don’t realize that this is whats happening. They automatically think ‘Oh the baby is not getting enough’ and then start supplementing with formula.



    DulcianasMom – I think what they mean is don’t pull a cold bottle out of the fridge and pour fresh milk into it. You never want to add milk together that is at different temperatures. You also don’t want to store them together because you want to be sure to know what dates are on them. But if you are creating a bottle and pull two cold milks out then yes you can mix them. Basically, if you add warm(fresh) milk to a bottle that’s cold it creates a wonderful environment for bacterial growh. You don’t want that. But if they are both cold then it’s ok cause the bacteria doesn’t have that growth. Does that make sense?



    lisseth82- From my understanding one is enough and it is Malt liquor beer that is the kind to increase your supply. You may be able to get the same results by skipping the beer and just adding Malt to a glass of milk. I know that is one way to increase supply too. (since you don’t really like beer)



    My little guy would not latch when my milk came in nor did he latch well at first in hospital. I used a nipple shield for one feeding, and then once nipple was pointed out, I took if off and he latched well!
    Had to use it a few times to retrain him when he gets fussy and screams but its saved me a lot of stress and tears!
    And you only need it for a few minutes or one feeding!



    Ellas mommy- one of my nipples was flat. Pump, pump, and pump. It will make a nipple come out. It helps a lot. I had to do that with both kids to get a nipple that wasn’t flat. You can still nurse it just makes a little more work in the beginning…but it is well worth it!



    I too will wean when my daughter is ready. We have been breastfeeding 14 months now and she is not showing signs of being ready to wean. She has nipped me a few times – usually when falling asleep or when her gums are really bothering her. I had a blister on my nipple in the early days and yeah – I remember how that hurt! I used a nipple shield and Lanolin cream and it cleared up in 6 days. Congrats to all who are breastfeeding! xox



    i know and it only gets worse when they get older! my little guy HATES being covered up he gets all hot and grabs at the cover so it does me no good anymore. Im going to get some nursing beads for him to play with



    Maddux- I also love the Medela Harmony Manual pump! It’s the only pump I use and I use it once or twice a day. It’s great.



    I stay home with my son- I don’t know how old your babies are, but I have a 4mon old and there is WAY TOO much to do, I can’t get done what I want! He is so demanding, I wish I could think of things to do, LOL! I get on here a few times a day at the beginning of a nap and then I’m off. Making sure I pump and get a shower in…. it’s a good day, LOL!



    I’m having such a hard time. My LO was congested and he was having a little trouble nursing because he couldn’t breathe out his nose so he was keeping his mouth open at the corners which made him gulp air. He is no longer congested, but still isn’t closing his mouth at the corners so he is gulping air. I can hear it, then he screams and comes off so I have to burp him and then we repeat the whole process. How can I get him to seal his mouth again? This is so frustrating. Any suggestions???

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