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    krpzz – I didn’t have a c section, but my little girl had to be in the NICU. I didn’t get to see her so i didn’t get to nurse her. I also had sort of flat nipples, so we used the nipple shields too. They were helpful and helped her latch on. I think we used them for about a month. She’s almost 5 months and she’s we’re doing great BF. Just keep trying. Eventually it will work out. Keep BF! Good luck.



    I have been EBF my daughter now for 6 months and she has finally started taking a bottle, which makes me very happy as I get to actually get a break. I am noticing that ever since I have put her on the bottle that I am not expressing as much milk as before. Is there a reason that my milk supply seems lower?? Or does the milk supply drop throughout the week, I dont know I am just afraid that my milk supply is going to stay low… help please!!



    Oh you lucky lucky over producers!! Pump and store! You’ll be able to provide breastmilk after you want to be done nursing!



    Nikki-Sounds like a normal growth spurt! My son fed every hour forever, it seemed!The nursing time sounds fine, as baby is getting more efficient now! As long as you LO is gaining weight, all is good. Tiring, but normal 🙂 It should slow down soon!
    My son is close to 11 months now, and only nurses about 4 times a day. I look back on those first few months and wonder how I did it…but it goes by so fast!


    rangie, I felt extremely sleepy every time I nursed for the first couple of weeks. I’d visit my doc if I were you–they can really help if you might be having some kind of post partum depression. I am not saying that is what it is…I don’t know, but they may be able to help. Good luck!


    momof3 – have you tried to use your finger as a pacifier? This worked for us for both of our girls. It’s pretty similar to a nipple (at least a lot more than a pacifier) and then you’re not being sucked to death. lol



    expecting- My lo is 4mths and I don’t go longer than 6 hrs without nursing/pumping. I get up @ 2am every night and pump if baby is sleeping. If he is awake at that time I nurse him. I think everyone is different.


    I feel like it’s decreased by a lot. Normally I can pumped 12 oz during the day and BF at night no problem but the pastfew days I can’t only pump about 5 oz and during the night he’ll feed longer but seems hungry more like he isn’t getting enough.



    Thank you so much for responding to my question….I have been feeling very guilty that I might be pregnant, and I have a baby right now that still needs to be b/f for a wile…Ok I feel so much better now……I have one more question if its ok……..What about contractions? Does B/F bring on early contractions?



    This is silly, but I am missing just breastmilk poop! Ella is almost 7 months and we started solids a little while ago and i just cleaned carrot/cereal poo and ew! haha It was nice to just clean up mustardy poo, especially since it was only like every 3 days!



    expecting-2b-patient – I think it might have been you that mentioned them in here that caused me to try them!!! if so, you are one of my favorite people!!! I can’t believe I pumped for a year last time without them! My nipples feel better already and since it is so much faster I have already pumped as many times today as I normally do in one day becuase it is so much faster and more milk. I wonder why they don’t put those in all their pumps! I am using the lanolin too…never used that last time except for the first two weeks. Seriously, your tip really dramatically improved my quality of life because I was always dreading the next pump session!



    It makes me feel so much better that so many of you are sleeping with your babies. Everyone’s telling us we have to get our son in a crib, but he will only sleep on us! It makes me nervous because he sleeps on his stomach when he’s on our chests..but at the same time I’m so aware of him and he’s right there so I’m always checking him, and he turns his head really well. He’s started letting me roll him off after a while and he’ll sleep on his side next to me which I really like..he rests his head on my arm so I know I can’t roll over. I’m hoping to get to a point where he’ll sleep on his back next to me..but at this point he cries if he’s not on me or against my side. I’m dreading going to the pediatrician on Monday for his 2 month appointment (he’ll be 9 weeks) because he’ll ask how and where he sleeps and I know he won’t approve..but oh my gosh, it’s the only way we can all get some sleep! And he sleeps a lot longer when he’s with me than on the rare occasions that he stays asleep when we put him down.



    seuban0 – that is so nice of you to do that for your neice!! She is very lucky to have a giving, caring auntie like you.



    jeffswife – That’s where you are wrong, You may be thinking of the Ferber method which is also abused. But the true CIO method is just that. You put them in a secure place and let them fall asleep or in my opinion pass out from lack of hope. As for SIDS, a co-sleeping breastfeeding baby has a lower risk then a formula fed crib sleeper. They have also linked SIDS with a chemical imbalance. Seratonin levels have been reported as low in those babies that have fallen to SIDS.



    Bri: I am glad I’m not the only one. The doctor made it sound like I would be scarring him for life if it continued, my son sleeps with us(which I did not date tell tge Dr.) So nursing him at night is no big deal really I just sleep on my side n he finds the boob LOL it does give me a bit of a back ache but its ok, he’s always been a cuddly baby, and so I know he needs the comfort. He doesn’t go with anyone else just wants to stay with me most of the time so ill just let it ride, I Dnt want to offend his personality

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