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    mommysx3 alot of women will drink a beer at night once or twice a week to increase supply. I don’t like beer but I drink a wine cooler every once in a while and usually sip it so I never feel drunk or anything so I worry how long it has been and all mine have turned out ok. hehe. I think the rule is 1 hr after you drink it like the last post said.



    Personally, I would go with the Medela over the Avent, but everyone is different, and might like one over the other. As for finding one locally, Target carries them, but you can also buy most pumps online at most stores for free shipping.



    Kym they recommend waiting for 6 months for breastfed babies to eat solids. I introduced them at 5 months because I get a big dip in supply when AF comes and wanted something to add expressed milk to instead of always using a bottle but slow might be ok. I would watch for constipation and belly aches. A couple of times a week might be ok. I know people start solids anywhere from 4-6 months and most babies do ok.



    Thanks for the help! I’m definitely going to try soaking some oats tonight.


    Ladies, any suggestions on foods to avoid giving baby gas ?



    i just remembered about the whole waking your baby to eat thing. when i was in the hospital after giving birth the nurses kept telling me to wake julianna to feed her and i would try as they told and she refused to eat then because she was tired. i tried once or twice to wake her at home and same thing, she is tired and doesn’t want to eat. Just another thought. Thanks ladies for all the support with supply issues. I do say that i am proud of myself for making it to 6 months so far! Happy mothers day to all of us mommies tomorrow!!! Enjoy your day and hope you get spoiled by your dh/bf/partner whoever!!



    Has anyone had to take any pain meds while nursing? I have pulled a muscle in my back and in terrific pain. I have left over darvocet I got while pregnant for siatica (spelled wrong) and wondered if it was okay to take.



    question ladies–on my right nipple i have a ‘duct’ that is swollen and looks to be clogged and white like a pimple but the white stuff wont come out and almost looks like a paste sittin in there strange thing is is that milk still comes out of it but that one place can get a little sore. my breast does not hurt but every now and then i get a throbbing in that breast. i have tried to look up what it could be and tryin not to pay a doc visit for this…anyone know what this could be?? does what i described make any sense or has someone else had the problem. everythin i read about clogged ducts said you get hard in a spot on your breast not your nipple..mine is the nipple so i just dont know and no matter how much i nurse it dont go away its been there a few weeks now. please help if you can..thanks!!!



    My guy is almost 11 months old and I have noticed that every time he gets a new tooth it hurts when I nurse him for about a week then everything seems to be fine. Wondering if anyone has experienced this and if there is anything I can do to avoid the pain? He isn’t biting me or anything. I am guessing the tooth is rubing because he isn’t use to it.



    why does the milk from one side look thin and watery , what is wrong with it


    hello everyone! I have a one week and 3 day old baby who i’ve been breastfeeding since the beginning. well here’s the thing, i started pumping so my husband and her grandparents could feed her. i don’t do it all the time but today for a few of the feedings i pumped. anyway tonight i tried feeding her from the breast and she wouldn’t do it. i would put the nipple in her mouth and it would be as if it wasn’t there and she would cry. i tried on each breast for about 15 mins and the whole time she just cried. so now i feel like i screwed it all up. Is she ever going to breastfeed again? i’m so upset.



    esyogurl – Ive never heard of overfeeding while nursing just while giving a bottle whether it be BM or formula. Are you using the right age paci? I know the Avent ones (the only ones I use) are per age. I think at her age though even if she wants to comfort nurse its ok. Just burp often. She could just have a very sensitive reflex. What if you pump before or after you feed? You will maintain your milk supply and gain a freezer supply (will come in real handy later on) and it will make your letdowns easier.



    Cuddlebunny hang in there! You are doing a great job! Well done you!!! xx



    ejsmom – You are still in a very early period so your milk is probably still regulating. The weeks you took off told your body your baby didnt need the milk. If you are consistently pumping and feeding it will give your body a totally different message. It just takes awhile. Everyone will tell you it is LOADS easier to lose supply then get it back but if you stay with it it will definitely happen. You should be coming up on another growth spurt soon so your baby will want to feed constantly. That is VERY good to get your supply back but it will be a very trying time. We have all been there, you will feel frustrated and inadequate but just power through it trust me. Be very consistent with pumping if your baby is not eating. I know there will be mixed opinions on this but until you get your supply back if your LO is still very hungry then maybe offer him some expressed. I did that occassionaly with my son just for peace of mind and sanity. Just remember to pump pump pump the difference! Anyone will tell you the early weeks are the hardest and that will especially be true in trying to rebuild your supply after a hiatus but definitely stick with it. Its easier to get your supply back when your son is exclusively on breastmilk then it would be if you had added solids or formula to his diet. Stick with it and good luck!!



    1ByFaith- I know it’s tempting to push the envelope so you can lose weight faster, but I would just keep with the slow and steady route. If you want to cut back more though, one thing that helped me keep my supply was Brewer’s Yeast Tablets. 6-9 a day. Make sure you keep up the water too :)Good luck!

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