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    After heating expressed milk and if the baby doesn’t drink it all or you end up not using it is it okay to put it back in the fridge and heat again later– or is this a no, no???



    Hey ladies I know this is late and there isn’t really an active forum on my topic but I edited my birth story on my profile and I’d love to hear if anybody had a similar experience or has advice on how I can handle it next time!


    Expecting: My daughter has milk come out of her nose quite a bit, mostly when shes laying down (in bed) nursing. You could try nursing him in more of an upright position so gravity helps him get it down when he swallows. At night when I nurse in bed it sounds like she has a stuffy nose because of the milk in it. Sometimes when she spits up it comes out her nose as well. I asked the doctor about that because my son never did it and he said its pretty common.



    ty so much. how do i get ahold of them?



    ugh, i’m having a bad day…. first there was the lack of sleep due to mr. noisy here, but also i a getting over a cold/sore throat and my 9 year old has it too. now my 3 week old is extremely fussy and not eating well. he is EBF, so I have no idea how much he is getting, but he keeps trying to nurse, but letting go every few seconds.then he gets frustrated after 5 minutes or so and stops trying. then of course he’s hungry again in 15-30 mins. He doesn’t have a stuffy nose, so that’s not the problem, but i wonder if he has the sore throat. my older son keeps saying it hurts to swallow, maybe that’s the baby’s problem? I don’t know what to do… I’m worried my milk is going to dry up, or the baby is going to get dehydrated, and if it’s a sore throat, there’s nothing I can do except wait it out. If it’s not the sore throat, then I have no idea… I have some milk pumped, but didn’t want to introduce a bottle until 6 weeks, but I just don’t know if he’s getting enough to eat!



    momof2hopfully3…I’m an experienced breast feeder from my other kids and I still have that painful burning feeling when my baby latches on. My baby is 11 days old too. It’s getting a little bit better now though. Try and let your nipples air dry before you put them away, expressing a little milk and using it as a nipple soothing agent has also helped me. Just let it air dry before you close up your bra. I think I remember it taking about 4 weeks for me to feel better. Eventually your nipples will feel like leather and nothing will bother them…lol. Sounds lovely right! It just takes longer for some people’s nipples to toughen up. As long as your latch is good, just give it time.



    Hello, I’m from week 35 but am popping in with a breastfeeding question if that’s okay. Just curious if anyone has some insight. When I had my daughter I had a ton of milk on my right side but hardly anything on the other side. Because of this my daughter never really wanted to nurse from that side and would get very frustrated. Even when I pumped I would get several ounces from my right breast but maybe 1/2 ounce from my left. I am due in about 5 weeks with my second child and am wondering if I should just nurse from my right side and pump off my left side to freeze as surplus (if the same thing happens again this time). It was just very frustrating. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.



    bri-have you tried a vitamin drink like Carnation, Ovaltine, or Ensure? That might give him the vitamins he needs if he isn’t eating properly. I think they have lots of calories too.



    Bri – just reading about your boobs! LOL That sounds so funny, but I can do that too, lay on my one side all night long cuz I have 36 D LONGS – lmao – just had to share.



    Okay…. So, website with really cute nursing clothing… Watch for deals! I only ever shop their clearance section and never pay more than $10 for a nursing shirt/bra. They have really cute stuff, some of it really expensive unless you hit the clearance. I got a nursing sweater for $5!



    Nothing surprises me anymore. I’m glad she was honest. It’s easier for a mom to say she couldn’t then I don’t want to. Especially celebs. When moms find out that I breastfed Chris so long and plan to with Alex as well they always have to give me reasons why they couldn’t. No one needs to justify themselves to me. It’s funny when you are NIP and women come out to you and try to tell their story of why. There are those that really couldn’t but there are a lot that just didn’t try or try hard enough. There is a lot of guilt. Just look at the month to month pages. Anyone mentions breastfeeding and it’s an uproar. If you didn’t have guilt then someone asking a simple question on how to do something shouldn’t offend them. I know not everyone has quilt over it but a lot do. I said it on the 4 month page before, no one can offend you unless you let them. Honestly, it took many many years for me to learn that. It’s probably why I’m so strong in my feelings now. I’m blunt and outspoken. People reply and it doesn’t bother me when they are ‘yelling’ at me for stating facts and the truth. I actually thinks it’s kind of funny. I do think it’s sad how many women truly just don’t try to breastfeed.


    thanks for the opinions. Of course i don’t mind feeding baby during the night if he is hungry. The issue with my son was i knew he wasn’t at 13 months so hungry he needed fed 4 times during the night. But that he wasn’t able to settle himself if he woke as he only knew being fed to get to sleep.



    Im very excited myself as a week from now my daughter will be turning 1. I have no plans in the near future to stop breastfeeding, but I have a feeling people will start giving me a hard time about it, especially my husbands mother. So here goes nothing, onto year two of breastfeeding!



    emilees, your hubby and mine sound alike in the breastfeeding department! He was the one that wanted to go to 18mo with our first (didn’t happen due to baby brother coming along…) and he wants to go longer with Zach now as well. He is the one though that wants to drive to the back of the parking lot so that no one will see if I am nursing in the car! All in all, I am pretty lucky to have him. He really understands breastfeeding, and when I mention someone’s issue he can generally tell me what needs to be done to help it. For a while, he was coming on here and posting answers for me!



    A quick question ladies… Should my lo always be offered both breasts when feeding? She is two months old.

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