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    I definately wouldn’t pump-n-dump just because you ate spicy foods! Most babies have no reactions to stuff like that. Unless you notice your baby having a specific intolerance, go ahead and nurse him! I eat lots of very spicy food, and my baby could care less.



    If your LO is over 3 months there is baby vicks. There really isn’t anything you can take for any kind of cold while bf. I was rather frustrated with my ped when she told me that. Hot showers and lots of tissues is my best suggestion. Also, you can use a vaporizer for you and baby. vaporizers can be used at any age. Oh, and chap stick! haha. For your raw nose when you’ve used an entire box of tissues. 😉



    thanks littlecavalier & 3rdtimer. Thats what i needed to hear 🙂
    I have gone back to exclusively breastfeeding. I guess i wasnt ready to stop just yet. Emerson is no longer unsettled with the breastmilk so daddy will just have to wait a bit longer. He doesnt pressure me to stop or anything as he knows it is better for his liittle girl but sometimes i feel the pressure of him waiting… I agree with you Cav. I think sex is there long term and breadtfeeding is for such a short term thing and i want her to be as healthy as i can so she is my priority…. Im sure i will know for sure when the time is right. Thanks for your advice and words of wisdom. Why cant family and friends say the same things??? They say put her on the bottle at every opportunity! So annoying… But thanks to you guys again we will keep going…. Big hugs from down under xxx



    Has anyone ever just all of a sudden started producing more? I have to pump atleast two bottles for when I am at work so I pump the day before, well today I was able to pump two extra bottles.



    angelag3girls- that is what i thought but my doc told me i could if i wanted but didnt have too. maybe i’ll just do it every once in a while. she really seemed to enjoy it though. i certainly don’t want to give her a belly ache as she has enough gas as it is and constipation- i didn’t know introducing solids would do that. i might just wait for another two months. thanks for the advice!



    I went to go pick up my dd from daycare today and the director and assistant director (Lead teacher in infant room) were talking about one of the babies. He is 8 months old and HUGE about 30 pounds and he is the assistant director’s grandson. He is only on breastmilk and he refuses to eat any solids they try to introduce. The grandmother was telling the director how her daughter (baby’s mom) needs to give him formula because her milk doesn’t have all the vitamins he needs. She said the doc told her that. If the kid was lacking some kind of vitamin you surely couldn’t tell, this kid is a monster. The director looked very disgusted with that. I was really close to jumping in to the conversation but i didn’t. Some people really don’t think that breastmilk is best for babies and is all they need until they are a year old. She is a very nice woman and I really like her, but i guess some of her knowledge isn’t correct. Just thought I would share.



    Bri, I said breastfeeding is natural – not easy. And for sure we all need heaps of kind support. I was trying to be encouraging, not mean. I’ve had mean lactation consultants and nurses who put me down for not being able to express enough to feed my tube-fed premmie, and it is SO hurtful.



    Thanks for all the comments on waking the baby up to bf. I guess that while the baby is sleeping, I can pump and add that milk to my storage. Have a great mothers day tomorrow!!!



    I know paracetamol is okay to take while breastfeeding, but that’s not gonna be strong enough, hey. A medicine that was approved during pregnancy should be fine to take while breastfeeding, surely! Check with the pharmacist.



    ozbaby- Good job! I know you had so many issues, way to stick it out! I am so happy for you you. As for how long it takes to dry up…I think it depends on the woman. I’ve heard of women having milk a year after stopping bf.



    mommyof2boysin09 : The worst thing you can do is to stop feeding. Ive had mastitis about 6 times and the best way to clear it is to offer the affected breast first each time to fully drain it. The milk is not ‘infected’ it is the duct that has an infection. You will also need antibiotics to clear it up. By allowing your ducts to remain full will further inflame the mastitis and it will feel worse. Good luck.


    My baby is 4 weeks old and my breastfeeding has been going real well. Yesterday though I pumped and my right breast gave a bunch of milk for 5 minutes and then stopped and now I notice when I feed him on the right side that he is fine for about 5 min and then gets fussy because he’s probably not getting anymore milk, is there anyway to get the milk supply better on that side or could I already be drying up?



    nikkiandfred – Have you tried expressing a few drops into her mouth? At first my LO needed a little taste before she would latch on


    ok you all are going to think i’m crazy. but yesterday me and my husband made love. i am 3 weeks postpartum, 4 weeks monday. i wasn’t hurting anymore and i wasn’t bleeding much. I completly forgot how fertile i can be and he came inside me. sorry tmi….:( what do yall think of this?



    Hi ladies. my doctor put me on a pill to help milk production and it doesn’t seem to be helping. Any of you ladies know of any all natual ways? I have to give my lil man a bottle after I nurse because I am not producing enough for him. I would love for him to be just on breast milk.. any suggestions? I would appreciate it. Thanks

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