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    Hey ladies, i have a 11 month old lil girl whom im still breastfeeding problem is she nurses constantly through the night she sleeps in my bed and if i move she wakes up she will not take a dummy or a bottle and i know they say breast is best but im exhausted and 9 week preg i really want to stop feeding her now any help is greatly appreciated xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



    FYI: Pumping does NOT tell you how much you make. Your breasts are not storage containers-they are milk factories and constantly are making milk. While baby is nursing they are busily making more. Babies that get the bottle are wanting the faster flow and gets frusterated at the slower flow that boobs give. Best advice-stop giving bottles. Your not running out of milk-keep baby at breast as long as you can and nurse often. That will stimulate more milk to be made then what the demand is currently at. Hang in there ladies!!! MIZRICE-My lo did that allllll the time! Still does at 7 months! Tickle feet or take a baby wipe and brush tickle back….talk to or sing to baby…this worked for my lil lady when she would start to fall asleep. Now when i sing to her she gets a smile on and milkies start pouring out her mouth! But its totally normal…just keep watching diaper counts and I’m sure your doing fine!



    Most guidelines will tell you its a no no so to try to make smaller bottles according to what they will drink. I hate hate HATED wasting expressed milk. When he got older it ws easier because he liked it cold, I think they recommend warming it until 4-6 months though because it could bring their body temps down. I never dumped the milk though unless I forgot about it and left it out. I always used the smell rule and changed the nipple if using it again and we never had a problem.



    Sydnee- You can take alfalfa supplements to increase the fat in your milk. Also, add in a snack of Cheerios or Puffs or fruit etc. Just try getting her to eat a little more. Nursing first and then waiting an hour or so to feed solids is perfect at that age. She should also be eating solids 2+ times a day. Just try adding more to her diet and see what happens. Play around with it and use your babies’ cues as a guide. You are doing great. It could be that your lo is on the smaller side of things. Many moms wait till a year to introduce solids at all.



    msbree- every baby is different. there is no set amount of time a baby should nurse for. if he nurses for 10 min is happy then hes fine. he will show you if hes not getting enough, will cry, root around ect. and hes having enough wet and poopy diapers then your good. its hard at first to know if your baby is getting enough because you cant see it like you can in a bottle, but you have to learn to trust your body and your baby! you can always weigh ur baby before you feed and then after so u can see how much they took in i know that makes a lot of people feel better.


    Tunny, thx for the suggestion I will try that. So far putting her down for naps and going in at short intervals is working great! The first time I did it I only had to go in twice and she slept for 30 min (a usual nap with me holding her is only about 40 mins), then the next time I did it I only went in once and she slept for an hour! I am very pleased with getting her to sleep on her own throughout the day and I don’t feel like I need to rush to figure something out during the night.. I will just play by ear and do what works best for both of us. Thx again.



    Remember – 3 weeks is a prime time for a growth spurt. Perhaps that is what is going on.



    it was call of duty at my house too but my husband beat it, then it was basketball, and now its assasins creed but he beat it the other day so who knows what its gunna b now



    Jessicalynn my daughter is 9 1/2 months old and from day one I have heard nothing but bad about my daughters weight. I breastfed for 8 1/2 months and constantly wondered if it was just my milk now that she is on formula she hasn’t picked up growing any faster. They always told me I wasn’t feeding long enough or often enough because I fed on demand. I’d like to see them force breastfeed an infant, it is impossible! As long as your baby is growing, skin is well hydrated and seems satisfied he is doing ok. A baby who is not getting enough will cry constantly or look listless and will not be gaining in height or weight. My daughter is in the 9th percentile for weight and 57th percentile for height. Also make sure he has about 6-10 good wet diapers a day and a poop at least every other day. It is stressing to listen to them sometimes but be tough you know if your baby is getting enough!



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    I’m scared for my supply again. I’m pretty sure I have the flu and so wish I could go off in a corner and be sick, alone, and sleep, alone. DD’s got thef same thing and I truly truly hope we don’t have the same supply issues again. 🙁



    Babybelly – which province is your igloo in? Mine is in central BC 🙂 Also warm today, yuck!



    Hi girls. Hope everyone is having a good weekend . So, i’m still BFing my girl (she just turned one) and she is still waking 2-3 times a night to nurse. Which is fine. I enjoy our night time cuddles for the most part. However, I am concerned about what this might do to her teeth (she has 4)…is it really bad for her to have the sugar from the BM in her mouth all night? What should i do? I’m going to try and persuade her to cut back on the night feedings, but when should i really start to get concerned about this?



    I feel even at 13 months they may need mom for a cuddle. Even now with a 2 1/2 year old, if he calls for me then I go to him. We’ve had plenty of nights with all 4 of us in my bed.


    My son self weaned at 2. I was done at 1 but he wasn’t having it. Towards the end he only nursed when he was scared upset tired etc. Also he didn’t sleep through the night till he was weaned and he’d wake this house having a shit fit if he didn’t get milk. We Co slept so he’d Just wake have a nibble and go back to bed. My daughter sleeps in her crib fine and even seems to enjoy having her own space and my son went from my bed to his own big boy bed. Its funny how different They are.

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