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    Question ladies- I pumped some milk yesterday and now in the fridge it looks *slightly* yellowed…ya think its still good?



    at what age do you stop nursing your los? this is my first baby so i am clueless



    babybellybliss – So is it ok for a baby boy to nurse until he’s 20? HAHA! I’m sorry bad joke! I would have gone off on her. Just think of Mr Linebacker over here nursing at 2! I can only imagine the thoughts that could go through some people’s minds. People already think he’s 18months. Sorry…only 7! I think I may have come back with the awesome slogan…’If breasts are sexual then bottles are dildos!’ Love that one! And really, who cares what she turns out to be….she’s getting mommy milk which will last her a lifetime. My FIL is the only person in my family that was formula fed. Ok, so back then moms were told that formula was better then breastmilk and only the poor breastfed. I know stupid but that’s not the point of the story. He wishes that he was breastfed. He’s a very intelligent man (graduated 3rd of his class at MIT) but he has health and weight issues. He’s been on a strict diet since I found out I was pregnant with Chris because he wants to live to see his grandchildren grow up. He just turned 60 but he has heart problems, fights with weight and a multitude of other health issues. Studies show that those that are formula fed are more likely to have issues with health later in life. My family and my MIL’s family all breastfeed and all live way into their 80’s and 90’s. My husband’s great uncles are in their 80’s and still running marathons.


    sanner5955 – and Krystaldawn thank you very much I will hang in there the best way I know how I will update you guys as soon as it gets better. I just want to give my babies the best. Thanks again for the feedback.



    deeyore486 – So when are you coming over to potty train Chris for me!!! HAHA! That is the only thing I miss about daycare. They had a lady that had potty training down. Her kids were potty trained within a week. All of them! Oh well. We’ll work on it. i just need to make it a priority.


    Goat Milk Formula Recipe(for a 6 month old)
    1-2x a week (4-6oz)
    1 Quart Fresh Goat Milk (32oz)
    1/2 Quart Purified Water (16oz)
    2-4 Tbsp Brown Rice Syrup
    1 Drop – 1 tsp Black Strap Molasses

    Goat Milk Formula Recipe(for a 9 month old)
    1x a day (4-6oz)
    1 Quart Fresh Goat Milk (32oz)
    10-12 oz Purified Water
    2-4 Tbsp Brown Rice Syrup
    1 Drop – 1 tsp Black Strap Molasses

    After 9 months you should decrease the water every month until you reach whole milk consistency at 12 months.

    Notes: The brown rice syrup is only to mimic the taste of mother’s milk. You can add up to 6tbsp for every 32 oz of milk (or 1tbsp per 6oz). However, if you make it too sweet babies might prefer that goatsmilk vs. mother’s milk so be careful with this. If you want to make it in smaller batches (6oz or so) just adjust the ingredients accordingly. It’s very important to ensure you’re using a good balance of milk vs. water. Goat’s milk (just like cow’s milk) is not intended for babies to drink whole as the amt of protein in the milk is very hard on babies kidneys. So be sure to follow the instructions. Dr. Sears has the same forumula on his site but he uses evaporated (powdered milk) which is more concentrated and requires MORE water. Also not as fresh. A batch of 32oz formula should last in the fridge for up to 7 days. My friend also recommends not to freeze it, rather make it fresh and not the entire batch all at once. And as with everything else, consult your LO’s pedi before introducing anything to their diet. 🙂



    Yes jealousy is VERY normal for breastfeeding mamas, and I’m the WORST! I know I have struggled the entire time I’ve been providing BM to my daughter. From the beginning, I was jealous of all the babies who were gaining weight on BM (mine didn’t get out of the 3rd percentile until 6 – 9 months old). When she quit nursing at 4 or 5 months, I was jealous of all the moms whose babies did still nurse (I still am jealous). I’m always jealous of the women who pump more than 2 oz at a time, which is all I get. My co-worker would pump 16 oz EACH pumping and she just decided to up and quit pumping/nursing when her son hit 4 months old. I think because we all want to do the best for our children, we have the natural tendency to compare to other moms who are doing something “better” than we are.



    My baby girl is now three months old and I am exclusively breastfeeding her. Up until she was about 6 weeks old we would give her the bottle at night when her daddy came home from work so that he could bond with her. Anyway when she was 6 weeks old she just refused the bottle and ever since I have tried to get her take it but she acts like she does not know what to do with it, and I understand her wanting the breast over the bottle but I can’t leave her anywhere because she refuses the bottle. Anyone been through this and know of anyways to help her learn to use it?

    Thanks, by the way this is my first baby 🙂



    Tunny904- you could try goats milk, its closer tasting t breast milk, and easier to digest. most babies will take it. you can buy it in powder form its a little cheaper than by the gallon or quart



    Starby- I recently flew from San Jose to Columbus Ohio and encountered the same problem. I actually brought my pump with batteries as a carry on but realized that there was just not enough room to pump on the plane, so I waited until I got to my final destination. Because I waited so long my supply was down for a few days but It built back up. On the return trip I had a long layover and it was later at night so I was able to find a quiet corner and pump. (with a nursing cover) Not the most ideal situation but I guess exclusively pumping isn’t either. I think taking a manual pump would be a good idea. I don’t have one or I would have. I took a cooler bag with breast milk bottles and several ready to feed formula bottles. plus the pump and the baby and all his gear it was a lot to carry. Good luck and enjoy your trip!



    I give my DD 4 oz bottle of formula late morning/lunch time and again at late afternoon/dinner time. The rest of the time she gets BF. She doesnt seem to know the difference except the bottle makes a huge mess cause she doesnt latch on it tight enough like the breast. I also give her Vitamin D drop every day with her morning bottle. Its working for me so far.



    jessica- wean gradually as others recommend. I spent a few weeks weaning so that my body would adjust and we could avoid a crash in hormones and clogged ducts. I also found that cutting back my calories helped. If you don’t want to do that, you will have to pump at times when you are feeling really uncomfortable. How many times a day are you feeding?



    skjunior – regarding sippies…..I don’t remember when my 2nd daughter started using a sippy, but I definately remember that she would drink from a straw l-o-n-g before she would take a sippy, so if your little one won’t take a sippy then try a straw… daughter also wouldn’t eat solids until she was a year old –



    JenWVU – I prefer the Avent Manual but I use the Medela Symphony hospital one because I have twins. The best way to up your supply in time for work is to pump a little out before each feeding and then put the baby to nurse. This will let your body know to produce more because your baby will be trying to pull more milk out of you since you took some out. Of course, you need to understand that your baby might want to nurse more often because at first he/she may not be getting enough but also the milk you’ll be pumping out is watery and you’ll be leaving the hind milk in for the baby which is the most nutritious and might even hold the baby longer between meals. I only pump 3 times a day while at work and I get 30 oz. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.



    I’m sorry you get comments. Eva is right. Usually formula babies are bigger because there is more junk in it…and the fact that moms tend to push their babies to finish the bottle and not waste the formula. This means that the babies eat more then they want to or should. As for the comment, I bet people are trying to make a compliment. Because your baby is ‘big’ (which isn’t too big or too small) then they think you are doing something right. If they were calling your baby tiny or small I would be more offended. As long as your baby isn’t obese which 15lbs isn’t then I wouldn’t worry. I know it’s hard. I hated getting the pregnancy comments too. What was worse was when I was at the end of the pregnancy and still working. People would come into the office and say ‘You’re still around?’ Seriously, do I look like I’m on leave yet? Does it look like I’ve popped! HAHA! Oh well! In my opinion you are doing just fine and keep it up!

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