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    sarah – My docs gave me the all clear to have the salon do it while pregnant, so i am assuming that it should be fine bf.



    Deerod-about 2-3 days after your period ends you should see a difference. It also takes about that long to see a difference when taking those 2 herbs



    I also just wanted to say thanks to the people that post advice often on here (like Bri). Even though I haven’t posted much, I have been successfully breastfeed for nine weeks, and have been back to work for three. Luckily, all is going well, with feeding, and pumping at work, etc. The advice and support on this forum have helped me realize the issues I am working through are completely normal, and can be overcome!



    mommyxs3 – It’s so different for everyone. The APA and the WHO both say 2years but I know several doctors who recommend a year. I think somewhere in between is good. If a mom wants to go over two then I think that’s fine too but I think four is getting excessive. Do what you and your baby feel comfortable with.



    HELP!!! I have been breast feeding, well breast and pump as my little bambino will only feed from the left breast. I started giving him formula at night so he can sleep but now I don’t have much milk to pump. B/4, I was able to pump abt 3-4 oz on one breast but now I get only 1.5-2 oz and I think my breast has gone smaller than when I became I imagining things? is there anything i can do to increase my milk supply? Now, I pump once a day but I’m going back to school, work and internship in about two weeks and worried that I would not have time to pump and would not be able to produce milk. I’m hoping to breast feed for at least 6 months. Any advice on what I should and shouldn’t eat?



    I think it would be valuable to have on hand if he got sick, as it’s SO full of everything he needs, nutritionally. But yeah, you don’t want it going bad…



    I’m 17 weeks pregnant and this is my very first baby. I’m very excited and can’t wait but I’m also very scared and nervous. I am naturally a very big breasted woman with double D’s to start and I’m afraid they’re going to get even bigger. I heard somewhere that it’s harder to breastfeed with big breasts. Anybody have any comments or advice about this? thnx



    Angie, that’s awful! I wish you would have stepped in. People just don’t know and it’s stupid. I just don’t get it.



    charcharsuperstar, foods that may give baby gas and/or colic include most green veges (cabbage, brussel sprouts, brocolli, beans) but spinach and silverbeet are a good choice. Also chilli and spicy food, even chocolate can irritate some babies. Foods that make you a little gassy are best avoided, too. Your little one is one month old, so could be developing colicky reactions to what you eat; I found that drops containing simithecone can be a lifesaver! In Australia it’s called “Infacol” but you can get something similar over their, I just forget what it’s called.



    jlevine- I get that it can be difficult without the support! My husband just finally has come to accept we aren’t going to need formula (and my son is 9 months old). I would recommend pulling as much info off the net and printing it up. Have a whole file on the benefits of bf. This is one issue when you should really try and stick to your guns! Tell your mil that while you appreciate the thought, you aren’t even ready to consider that option. I don’t know why they don’t understand you aren’t ready to even think about an overnight yet (at least I know I wasn’t). You are doing great and giving your baby the best possible food. Also, tell them your pediatrician thinks you are doing the best thing…many times people will back off if a doctor said it’s the right thing =) Good Luck! You are doing great!



    Hi ladies! I have a bit of a problem and I was hoping for some advice. My daughter and I both had thrush for about 2 months. I’ve had a lot of pain in my breast. Well lately i’ve noticed that she no longer has thrush but I thought she did cause I was still feeling a lot pain and thought I still had it too but I dont think that’s the problem anymore I think she’s latching on wrong. How would I know if she is? I havent had any problems with milk supply I’ve had no blisters or cuts just nipple tenderness. She’s 3 1/2 months would it be to late to change her latch?



    Has anyone used the medeals lactina? I just started renting one, i hope i seea difference in my supply, i wa using the ameda purely yours.



    when my daughter was born, i waited too long to try and breastfeed and just couldnt get her to latch so I pumped for the first 6 weeks then stopped when i went back to work. the hospital pump killed! i was in soo much pain, so i sent it back and bought the avent manual, and that thing worked great! I had to do one boob at a time but it was fast and didnt hurt. I am 37 weeks now with my boy and am really hoping I wont have any problems with getting him to latch on, I will be pumping when I go back to work when he is 8 weeks old 🙁 wish i could just stay home:( anyhow, after the baby is born I remember they take the baby and clean them up, Ive read that you should try breastfeeeding right away, because baby can fall into a deep sleep shortly after delivery. But, how can I start right away if they are going to wisk him away? Im soo stressed about this because i really want it to work. The lactation consultants i had last time didnt help whatsoever.


    My milk always looks thin and watery when I first start pumping but then thickens real quick


    Yeah I tried that. 🙁

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