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    I use the soothie ones they provide from the hospital and i have also tried the NUK pacifiers as well. I had never heard of overfeeding while nursing either, just thought about it last night when she spit up on me for the 3rd time that night 🙂 the joys of parenthood.


    tonight, Peyton projectiled all her milk. Think of a garden hose being turned on, and thats what it was like. Her sleeper, receiving blanket, and my shirt were soaked. The dr said her vomitting is fine, she gained 11oz by 6 days old. (she’s 9 days now) When I saw that, it had me really worried though. I’m going to take her to be weighed tomorow and make sure she’s still gaining. She’s happy and content after feedings, eating every 2-4 hours, pooping and peeing good, so I don’t know if she’s overeating or not.



    sorry when i say nurses all night i mean she doesnt drink she just uses me as a dummy drinkink very occassionalyy lol 🙂



    myprideandjoys3–they do have multivitamins out there that have iron (manufactured by the formula companies of course). At 11 months old she should be eating solids (or close to it), so you can try high iron foods like broccoli, brussel sprouts, beans (kidney, pinto, black etc.) and liver…not that those are the easiest thing to feed an 11 month old! Although I think you can get dried ground liver that doesn’t have much flavor and add it to purres, oatmeal and other foods to disguise it. Good luck!



    Hi Ladies my baby is only 2 days old she latches on well & also feeds really well but I still hv to supplement some cause my milk hasnt come in but she wants to eat every hour or 1 & 1/2 hrs… Im exhausted ! I BF my son 12yrs ago I dont recall any of this & I BF himuntil he turned 1yrs old… My babygirl is a much bigger baby… What u ladies think????



    I’m a huge fan of Bethenny Frankel. I love her humor and she seems really down to earth and an all around cool chick. I think is so great that she’s such an advocate for breastfeeding. She was the only reason that I watch Real Houswives of NYC, now the New Jersey Housewives, they crack me up. That show is my husbands guilty pleasure too haha



    mybaby-I’m sure you are fine. Stop timing nursing sessions and the frequency that you nurse. Every baby is different. For the first couple of months my LO lived on the boob. She’d nurse for like five minutes, fall asleep, nurse in about an hour, fall asleep, all was fine. Once they are a bit bigger they will go longer stretchs. It is perfectly normal to be ‘grazing on milk’ when they are little. My pediatrician said it is actually healthiest, as their tummies are so tiny. My LO rarely ever spit up. Savor it, I actually miss the hours of quiet down time.


    question: my little guy is 3 months old…i hear other people say their little ones sleep through the night at 3 months…but my son wakes up usually twice a night…is this normal? or am i doing something wrong? when he wakes up he is ready to eat and goes right back to sleep after he eats or falls asleep at the breast…anyone else experiencing this? i hope it isn’t me or my milk! i love breastfeeding! he’s a big eater in the day time too and he is HUGE fo 3 months old



    I dunno, I thought of that too, but he won’t stay latched on. We’ve never had a problem before today…. I finally got fed up and gave him a bottle of BM to see if he would take it, and how much. He took 1.5 ounces, and I managed to pump exactly the same amount before my boobs were totally empty (keep in mind, I’ve been feeding him constantly all day!) I’m just hoping now that he’ll sleep a few hours and I’ll have time to build some more milk up! And that after experiencing the bottle tonight, he’ll still want the boob… I really didn’t want to introduce bottles this early. Although, my hubby was cute. He fed him for the first time, and was amazed at how he just fell asleep. He’s like, so you just feed him, and he’s out? I’m like, yeah… usually before I think he’s done!!!


    thank you ladies, i hope it get better soon lol i have a doctors apointment on wednesday so if i have an infection of some sort which i highly dout i do then i sould find out then 🙂



    Maddux, one breast always produces more than the other. Just the way it is 🙂 If you do want to up the production in a breast than yes, start with that breast first so that baby empties it before moving onto the next breast. The more you demand, the more you will produce. 🙂



    My littlle girl Lola Grace will be 4 weeks old on monday and i just pump and give her my milk in a bottle.I pump around evey 4 hrs and get a total of 4-5 oz each time but if i pump every 3 hrs it can go down to 3 oz or if i pump after 5-6 hrs i can get 7-8 oz..I do give her formula if she needs to be toped up.I didnt start pumping untill she was 8 days old and i did and still do find it hard but i dont mind,we just need to keep at it .



    PGFirstTimer – Just keep nursing through it. I know it’s rough. I hate being sick with little ones. It seems when Dad gets sick he holes up in the bedroom alone but when I’m sick I’m up every morning with the boys. If you just keep breastfeeding through it, it won’t be too bad. The supply might dip and your baby might it more often but it’ll come back. I know the fear though. When Alex was first born I was stocked up on herbs, teas and oatmeal because I had supply issues last time. I couldn’t get over that fear even though Alex eats enough and is of a healthy weight. Growing like a weed.



    I am way over in NB!



    Good luck Dolly leaving your little girl for the meeting you will do great!

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