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    expecting-2b-patient – Some women never see a difference with just tea. But, I drink it throughout my entire time breastfeeding. Some days I have only one cup and others several. If you are really looking to increase then you need to drink at least 3 cups a day and it may take quite a few days. As for abusing your supply, what do you mean? Are they just making bottles up to ‘see’ if your baby is hungry and then tossing it? If so, then maybe set a schedule for when feedings should be and how much each bottle should be. To then let you know if she needs more. When I worked I had set bottles for each time of day. They were individually marked and that’s what they got for the day.



    Babes and Lannie- I agree with NIP if your not comfortable you dont have to there are other ways but its so easy once you get the hang of it and worth it! I have a hooter hider and I use it when I am out and about he is still too little for me to try without it but at home or my moms or in laws I just go without it they know its the best and I honestly dont care about them looking lol
    Ama- I am sorry about your issues I really hope it can help I am not sure about the over active let down but maybe she can help with the latch. I have a question for those of you who pump. I fed him starting on my left we dont time but I am sure he went like 10-15 than I switched him once again not sure how long he was on the other side than I used my double pump for 10 min and my left side I got about half an ounce and my right I got 2.5 does this just mean he drains me really well or am I not producing enough on one side?



    Military-I too had a csection wasnt on the antis at delivery but was after I spilt my incision (dont recommend picking up a 21 month old 5 days after a section lol) and it was about a week or so later that he broke out bad with it. You just HAVE to make sure they give you the cream you both have to be treated or else you will keep passing it back and forth. Good idea not having any formula in the house. Once you get past this I really pray you have a easy time with him nursing lol they can only give you so much trouble right lol



    Hi Ladies!!! Im a long time reader, first time writer… Been on this site since I was pregnant with my 1st who I only breastfed for 7 weeks because I trully believed I didnt have enough milk, now I believe that I made some unknown mistakes and didnt give it enough time or patience, anyhow, I am proud to report that my son is 7 months old tomorrow and we are still going strong, I am so happy that I have made it this far and plan to go til 9 months and see if we can even make it til 12 months. I do have a few issues though so feel free to give me some advice or opinion.
    1. My baby uses me as a dummy (pacifier), he likes to fall asleep on me.
    2. He will not sleep through the day for longer than 30 minutes and is lucky to have 2 sleeps.
    3. He likes to be held all the time and cries non stop if I put him down.


    Regarding clothing – I have a great tip. I wear my belly band (the ones you buy for pregnancy) under my clothes so I can lift up my shirt for breastfeeding, but the belly band covers all my tummy. Lifting my shirt up means I have cover over the top of my breast. I feel very comfortable feeding in public like this as I don’t feel exposed at all, I’m only exposing my nipple which is covered by baby’s head, and I didn’t have to buy any special clothes because I can wear most of my pre-pregnancy clothes.


    Way to go military mommy


    Styx~ Add water to the oats, microwave and let sit for 4-8 hours. Then you can re-heat, add milk, suger, honey, whatever for taste.



    ellas-I am not sure look on I would just push water like MAD and that should help I think its ok it just can drop your supply not 100% sure though sorry I would just push the fluids



    if my lo only nurses for 6-10 minutes on one breast is she still getting the hindmilk?



    Bouza – That’s horrible. I feel so bad for her and her baby. That poor little baby has been birthed into the world and needs to be with mom. My hospital only takes the baby away from mom if he/she needs to go to the NICU and that’s it. They always room-in. I’m so sorry! Hopefully she won’t be there long and she and her baby can get back on track. It might be a little more work for her but she can do it.



    Ella, no it was just Alex. He’s teething and man is it killin’ him and me both! Chris slept until 8 like normal but Alex just wanted up. He’s been getting up a million times per night to eat and comfort nurse that this morninig he didn’t really want to nurse that much. Yikes! I’m hoping he isn’t reversecycling himself cause that just won’t do! HAHA! I did pump for the first time in several months and got 5oz. This is good since he had just eaten. So, YAY! At least my supply is still up with the dieting that I’ve been doing. Can’t wait for nap time today. We’re supposed to have play group in an hour and I just don’t know if I’m up for it. I just want to lay on the couch and watch the little guys play. Chris and Alex are now starting to play together which is so nice. Amuse each other while Mom sleeps!


    Just checked and its not a legal requirement to provide anything for a breastfeeding mam, this sucks.



    Wow, guys. Had to read like 6 pages! Uhh.. couple things i wanted to comment on… Lauraoct- i’m really glad that Ollie is feeling better. How come James screamed so much? Was he scared for brother? That is very funny, though. And have fun on vacay!

    Expecting- I work three 6 hour shifts a week, also. What i used to do (Ella is 12 months, so i don’t pump anymore) is i would pump every morning after her first BF. I would do this every day since she was born, so i would get a lot! I still have about 200 oz in the freezer, and like i said she is a year now. If you pumped every day at the same time like that it would increase your output. And if you do it on the days you have off you can build your supply for the days you do work.

    Uhhh. There was one more thing i wanted to say, but now i forget. Oh well. I wish that there was a way that we could post information that we’ve already gone over. Not that we mind saying it again, it would just be nice if on the side we could just post the recipe for fermented oatmeal since it’s been mentioned a million times lol. Again, not that anyone minds saying it again, it’s just funny. =]



    Any of you wear nursing necklaces if so whats your opinion on them?


    Can I just say I really miss going to the movies. I just want one movie night!

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