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    he is now 19 month and if he needs a cuddle during the night he gets one. But during the feeding to sleep period he wouldn’t accept a cuddle back to sleep. It had to be boob or crying and i don’t like leaving them to cry. Just don’t want to cause my newborn to only settle for boob.



    jeniwalker – Definately don’t stop!! I’m lucky cause my MIL breastfed Hubby until he was 3 and I was until I was 2. Chris was 22 months when he self weaned. It’s good for them and the WHO actually recommends breastfeeding until 2 and forever long after that the baby and mom wants to. Mommy’s milk is soooo much healthier then cow’s milk.


    Good morning, Malachi is 1 mth old today. He is rolling over from tummy to back, starting to ‘coo’ and interact more. He has started daycare already because I have returned to work. We are still breastfeeding. He has breastmilk thru bottle at daycare. I’m so glad we have have made it this far. I gave in with my daughter by this point. I hope all babies and mommies are doing well.



    illy2 – I had to see a lactation consultant when Jacob was just a few days old, and again after a week. We struggled with latching and then his pooped turned green.

    She advised to do the following:
    Feed oneside
    Offer the other.

    Always START on the side which you FINISHED

    So if you Feed on LEFT and offer right, but baby declines, you START on LEFT next time.

    This helps ensure there is not an imbalance btw foremilk and hindmilk, as wee babies might not drink enough first time to get to hind milk.

    Hope that helps!


    Have you tried the soothie bottle? Same as the soothie pacifier that you get at the hospital. Maybe that one will work



    WOW! I was gone for four days and ended up spending all day yesterday (while at work, so it wasn’t focused) reading the SIX pages worth of posts that I had missed! Today I ended up catching up on what was posted all day yesterday and I am finally caught up! 🙂



    I don’t trust Wikipedia and I’ve found errors on babycenter and Wikipedia is just a bunch of whatever is out there. Most of the books and such that I’ve read says that formula creates most colic. Colic is thought to be from gas but I would say it’s more from an immature tummy which formula is harsher on the breastmilk but for some babies even breastmilk can be hard. Makes sense to me?


    Just call me Laura! I would have normally left myself Bri but James would have been starving by the time we got anywhere else. The place is in the middle on nowhere and we had walked. Food was lovely when it did turn up! And we got a 3rd off the bill!



    madie21 – Engorgement does go down for just about everyone. By pumping you just keep it higher for a longer period of time. So, it’s how ever long you want.



    aw poor chris, how old was he when that happened? i remember you telling us about it but it seems so far away now. they r such tough cookies


    I thought at least one person might of expressed a bit of concern when I posted that Ollie was unwell after his injection. Then again when I said he was feeling better, but I guess not.


    My baby has her first cold! Its so sad. She was up every 30 mins last night. Horrible for mom and dad. Shes running a low fever but i think her runny nose is whats really bothering her. Also she wont eat. Poor baby. I had to pump i was so engorged. Jessica I went on that babysteals 33 mins after it was posted and they were all but gone already.. I was heartbroken. I would have loved some of those!



    thanks styx and bri.
    bri- that’s my problem nursing. she didn’t eat well today and she didn’t take a nap in the morning which she usually does. i had to pump at noon because i’m sore. i put saline drops and i can’t get it because it’s kinda high but i was lucky to make an opening. so she’s feeling a little better but she can’t sleep good still. i’m thinking of turning on the humidifier. thanks again.



    Thanks Bri. Just had one of those breakdowns but the guilt overtook me so I took the paci away. I’ll give her the boob…
    She is so close to sucking her thumb, which for some reason I’m ok with, I think its the whole discovering her body aspect of it…



    ninjen……too funny, my husband does the same thing…shes crying oh shes hungry oh shes sucking on her hand shes hungry…umm no shev just ate sometimes she just wants to suck on her hand, shes prob tired. he really drives me crazy sometimes lol

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