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    To me, my milk looks thin but when I put it in a storage bag and sit it in the fridge I can see it separate into the thicker part on top and the thin milk on the bottom.



    lisseth82-I left a comment on your profile. Personally , I would hold off on the supplementing for a bit if you can, as long as your lo is eating/peeing/pooping fine. Try the more frequent feedings/eating drinking a bit more yourself, and I bet your LO will start gaining good!


    let me make my question more clear. has anyone else done this? do you think this was really dumb of us to do?



    so today was day 2 of my baby only nursing 1 time from me. we made it over 10 months but he’s just ready to move on. i hate it, lol! don’t geve me wrong i’m super happy that he’s weaned himself and doing great, but i already miss nursing him! it was something no one else could do for him. it’s def. harder on me than him, which is what i expected. why does it have to be so hard to stop? even now i just want to go back to the routine of nursing him like i used to, but i keep telling myself that he’s ready. it’s been super hard this time around the week before my period, he was constantly waking up to eat and i knew my supply was very low. so i just followed his lead and he’s doing great with whole milk. i figure this far into nursing, no point in using yucky formula for 5 weeks just to switch to whole milk anyway. what a great journey, def. some trying times but so worth it and i’m so blessed to have been able to nurse for over 10 months! i guess i should look forward to getting my body to myself…but it still makes me sad!



    dannii – Ever thought about transitioning her to her own bed? Maybe she will be able to sleep more consistently if she is a light sleeper. At 11 months I dont believe they really need nighttime feedings anymore so it definitely seems to be a comfort thing. Could be a few rough days or weeks on her own vs. years of soundless sleep in the future.



    1 by faith — I did weight watchers… and they give you point totals for everyone else,and point totals for nursing women. I think I was able to eat almost 500 calories more than I could when not nursing.


    Kidar your baby sounds totally normal. I would try to avoid supplementing as the colostrum is enough and it can affect your supply. Sounds like you are doing fantastic feeding on demand is the best way. Congratulations on your new baby x



    SydneeMay2009 – I am VERY disturbed by what the doctor said. Solids during the first year are for PRACTICE. Kids don’t even NEED solids during the first year, they are soley there for them to play with and get used to. You should ALWAYS breastfeed before offering solids as breastmilk should be your baby’s MAIN SOURCE of nutrition in the first year…. This is just me but – I would be looking for a new doctor.



    Mybabysurprise, hang in there! Babies take a lot more milk than pumps do, they are much more efficient at getting it out, and that could be a reason for getting less when you pump. After about 20minutes of pumping you’ve probably gotten as much as you can and it will take another couple of hours or more to replenish. With my twins, I didn’t have enough milk for them, so they gave me domperidone pills to increase my supply. Even then I needed to top up with formula after each breast feed, and that’s what worked for us – you should see my little fatties!! I stopped BF at 10 months, but we were all go till then. What ever happens, take time to consider your options and figure out what is right for you. My lactation expert told me I could wear a contraption over my boobs to mix my milk with the formula as my babies fed…. sounded a bit sci-fi for me, but apparently it’s another option out there. Drinking a glass of dark beer every day is supposed to help with supply. Hang in there, this could just be a speed bump. Talk to your lactation experts, and other mums you know. By the way, some breast fed babies don’t poop that often… mine went once a week or 9 days or so to start off with, and this was considered normal and not a worry. You could offer formula after a feed if you are really concerned that he is not getting enough milk (although the more the baby demands from your boobs the better for your supply – although you will probably reach a point where your boobs are doing as much as they can). Is he screaming for food when you stop, or spilling a lot? Because those a signs that he could still be hungry. If he is making wet nappies and is relatively happy then you are doing a great job! Whatever happens, good luck! 🙂



    excited- it depends on the baby! don’t worry if your LO isn’t sleeping through the night, it is normal for him. He will when he is ready. But just some things to look for. When he gets up to eat does he actually eat for a pretty good amount of time? Or does he fall asleep right away when nursed? You could try to just wait a couple of minutes before you pick him up out of his crib and see if he’ll fall back asleep. Sometimes babies start getting up in the night out of habit, not because they need it.



    2ndtimemommmy – What you get sick your body tries to repair itself. Could your supply have dropped a bit because of your cold? I got sick around 3 weeks and my supply dropped, plus my son was going through a growth spurt. He was also eating every half hour or so. It’s actually a good thing. It’ll help bring the supply back up once you are well. I also started eating fermented oatmeal to help my supply come back much quicker. I haven’t leaked since then either. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing! Kind of skipped the whole engorgement period and such because of the lack of supply there. It came back to what my son needed. I now have a half box of pads that haven’t been used!



    So back to the teeth topic, my DD just got her 1st top tooth (3rd total) and man that sucker hurts! I’m still dealing with a painful bump (milk blister?) on my left nipple and that tooth isn’t helping! Should I even be feeling the new tooth, or is it just a matter of my nipples toughening up again? It amazes me that after 9 and a half months of nursing I’m STILL learning about it every day!


    He does have tons of wet and poopy diapers! That is what I mainly go by so I wasn’t worried plus I could tell he was gaining. He isn’t a fussy baby either so I’m going to believe all is well. Thanks ladies I was really starting to beat myself up.



    Thanks DEEYORE486 – I’ve gotten thrown off before and yelled ouch and he’s been scared from me and he’s cried. I’m going to have to try the whole 5min thing. It’s just hard, because we’ve always enjoyed breastfeeding, and I don’t want this to end it!


    Is it safe to get a tattoo while breastfeeding?

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