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    styx – BLW isn’t a new idea. It’s really cool though. No they don’t choke because they have reflexes to prevent swallowing until they are ready. I suggest getting Baby-Led Weaning by Gail Rapley. It talks about the history of how children were fed and the reasons behind BLW and why it is important. There is a facebook page on it as well that you can find. It talks a little about it but the book is much better. As long as you are eating healthy meals you can give your child anything. They are learning from watching you and when they are ready they will eat it. BLW children tend to have excellant nutrtion because they tend to know what they need. You should check it out.



    tiffado- i would try try to feed her from both. Only because eventually it will be a pain in the butt to always have to pump your right. So what i would do is if she gets frustrated at the right start with the left. have your let down happen, and then switch her to the right. try this so that she begins to like the right one, also. if you can only get her to take one breast at a feeding, start with the other one the next feeding. Good luck! And congratulations!!!



    Glad to report some of the tips from the LC seem to be working . Piper has’nt choked all day today and yesterday was a good day nursing too. Dear god she is almost 7 weeks old I sure hope we have finally turned a corner.



    seuban, i know EXACTLY how u feel. i was so worried about my first child and always felt like i was thinking ahead as to what ‘could’ happen and each scenario my mind would create would lead to death. if someone was carrying her i would picture her falling out of their arms and crashing on her head. if we were on the highway i would picture the car falling off the side. if she went out with my hubby i would picture them getting into a big car wreck. everything was like that and it drove me nuts. then i realized what someone else said that its just that she had stolen so much of my heart that it left me vulnerable and scared of what would happen if i lost her and that was my way to prepare for it. the feelings went away eventually, i get a ‘normal’ amount of them from time to time. i saw dr. oz talking about it once and apparantly its pretty common people just dont talk about it too much.



    Long post, but I post at work (a no-no) and don’t have time to post every time I read something I want to respond to.

    mybabysurpriseâ€here is the link to the maximizing pumping volume and there is also a hand expression video:
    I’ve just started the process, so we will see how well it goes for increasing my output. Some women are just the 2 oz max kinda ladies; others can pump enough to fill a tank. Here’s to Moo-Making!

    Co-sleeping: We did it for the first 3 months of our daughter’s life. She slept 5 hours straight a night since the day we brought her home. My husband was so worried that one of us would kill her in our sleep, but that of course never happened. My husband, who is normally a very heavy & restless sleeper would wake up every time he moved just to make sure he didn’t accidently cover the baby with the blankets. We found that we both slept much lighter knowing that she was in bed with us. We also made the big no-no and slept with our two dogs and cat in the bed with us, but they all stayed at the foot of the bed and our daughter is just fine. Talk about a ‘family bed’! We switched her to her crib when she hit 3 months old with no problems…in fact I think it is because she had felt so secure for so long and knew we would always be there. She now generally sleeps from 7 or 8 pm to 4 am, although lately she has been getting up at 1 am for a snackâ€fine by me since she is small and I like her to get the extra calories! While co-sleeping worked great for us, I understand the fears and won’t judge if someone decides against it.

    Big Boob suffocation issue: when she was born, the nurse even told me not to worry about her having trouble breathing while nursing. She said that their nostrils are actually spaced differently as babies specifically so they can breath while breastfeeding. Thanks to the wonder of hormones and my milk coming in, I went from a 34 G cup before pregnancy to now a 34 J or K. While my boobs are STILL bigger than my 4 month old’s head when she co-slept and used it as a pillow, she never had a problem.

    Drinking while BF: Our pediatrician said that it was fine to drink in moderation, but just to try not to nurse sooner than 30 min after drinking. He said that it doesn’t get into the milk in high quantities and metabolizes fairly quickly unlike most medications. I have even had several people tell me that dark beer will increase milk supply and know many moms who drink dark beer just for that purpose. I was a huge beer and wine fan, but I did find that after having my little one on the rare occasion I decide to indulge I can only drink like ½ the beer, or ½ the glass of wine before it doesn’t taste good anymore.



    military-i wouldn’t know about the periods. i haven’t had my first pp one yet. i think i’m one of the lucky ones (i’m over a year pp). of course that is until i’m ready to ttc and am not able to.



    Well I survived and so did he lol….He did amazing took the tommee tippee bottles no problem which I highly suggest since they are just like the boob…I didnt pump or feed from 6-6 so I woke up hurting so bad fed him than pumped 10oz the most ever…So far it hasnt messed with my supply I know I shouldnt have done it but I had a couple drinks and didnt want to feed him at 1230am and he ate at 3 than slept till 7 so everything was ok..I dont want to leave him again lol



    sydnee, we ended up using the No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers when my son (2.5yrs) was having issues with bedtime. He could not/would not go to sleep unless we were right there, or he was in our bed. We were mostly fine with it, but with both boys in our bed, there wasn’t enough room with Ayden’s nighttime gymnastics and I was always fearful of him landing on Zach and waking him up, which he did more than a few times. No one was getting any sleep, and it was compounded by his night terrors. Using the book, we have him going to sleep on his own. He will wake up about 3-4am and climb into our bed, but for those last 2-3hours it isn’t nearly as bad for us as it was before.



    phatbaby – That was awesome hahaha!! Love it!



    hi ladies, for quite a while we were trying to give a bottle to my baby in preparation when i go back to work. she doesn’t really want it and will always scream. but today after going to the mall, my husband gave her a bottle and it’s working. kinda make me sad. i never thought i’ll feel this way although it’s still my milk but it’s still gives me a different kind of feeling compared to when i’m nursing her. maybe i’ll just give her once a day, so she’ll get use to it for a bit.



    samzgirl – I haven’t gotten it back this time yet. I’m hoping for another couple of months but last time how I did it was I would eat fermented oatmeal twice daily for about a week before it was due. It would always go down just before the period. By doing this I never had the dip.



    He was 22 months. The worst was doing a CT scan on his head. My husband had to hold him down. I couldn’t be in the room since I was pregnant with Alex. It was awful!



    So I bought Old Fashion Oats today and have them ‘brewing’ according to Lawsons Mom’s recipe. I think I may have enought milk after tomorrow morning’s pump where DJ won’t need to supplement. Hopefully if this helps I can produce enough over the weekend for next week! Thank-You girls for posting all your personal testimonies on the oatmeal and how to EXACTLY do it… fingers crossed it works for us!!



    Hmmm, I didn’t read the FB article, but I was really pleased with my hospital this time around. I live in Alberta (redneck central)! lol so I was sooo happy that my Doc was so supportive. My baby Sam nursed for an hour before the even got to weigh him. 🙂 He slept in bed with me some of the time and no one even looked at me funny. Plus I was not sent home with formula, nor was it ever mentioned to me! It fit right in with my all natural birth… so glad that this birth was sooo dif from my first.


    On a happy note for me its’ finally raining where I live!! lol Im about 1 hr from Seattle and they’ve been talking about rain for days. I love the rain and am happy to see the 80-90 temps gone!

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