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    From my xpierence and reading all your posts bfing is like a job itself! My DH is sweet but still has no idea! He came rushing home and said, let’s go for dinner, everyone is in the boat!
    He had picked up friends in our boat.
    I responded that I had to feed him, and then get dressed up a bit. He then expressed some dismay that everyone would now have to wait! Duh

    If he had called, told me an hour before I could have planned the feeding to correspond with going out.

    It all worked out in the end, with a boat ride to a sushi restaurant on the lake. But I also would have liked a date alone with DH, instead of being out with people and DH.
    Does that sound selfish?

    Btw my boobs were so full and hard after returning home 3hrs later, I pumped 5oz!

    Got mad at my mum though as she thawed one big bag – 6oz * and a small bag 2oz – from my precious milk supply after feeding him 4oz knowing I’d be gone for only 3 to 4 hours! That was part of my supply for saturday for when I have to work!

    So now I have to use the bags. Today



    hi all im just new on this bf site but have been on the pregnancy site for sometime…i really need your help as im hving big troubles with breastfeeding. at the mo im hving trouble with mastitis and think i got it thru using the nipple shield. ive had to use the shield bc bf is just sooo painful for me. im afraid to go back to the shield after i get over this mastitis and im really dreading the pain of breastfeeding if i dont…any sugestions?



    Ok so I have 2 questions
    #1 My LO is 2 weeks old today and when he sleeps longer I pump my milk. I notice that I pump 2 1/2 oz from left and 1 1/2 oz from right side almost everytime. My question is, will my supply increase from pumping 4 oz b/c I work part time and when I go back to work I will pump. I am wondering if I will be able to pump enough for him as he grows. I work 2 days one week then 3 days the next week.

    #2 For the moms that ebf and had c-sections. I know that after giving birth it is common to feel the cramping of your uterus going down during bf’ing but have any of you felt it just off and on during the day even when you are not bf’ing your LO? I have what feels like gas mixed with uterine cramps off and on all day and the cramps are really painful. Just wondering if anyone has had this.



    nikkiandfred-just keep offering the breast, I beta feeling your LO will take it again soon. Do you have a lactation consultant you can call ? Then it might help to hold off on the bottles for a bit if you can…till he gets a bit older. Daddy and grandparents can do all the other fun stuff- diapers, cuddles, singing to sleep…for a while!



    nikki – I was told in the hospital that sex is ok once the bleeding stops because beforehand it can cause an infection in your uterus. But otherwise, if you feel good and you are done bleeding go for it! I know I did HA HA HA



    Hi ladies…Some questions/problems. I was doing really well with BF and pumping until a couple of weeks ago. I’m still doing well with BF – but I used to be able to pump 6 ounces at every pumping and now I only get 3. The only thing that has changed is that I’m on birth control. Could that be what affected my supply?
    If Bryce goes 4-5 hours without eating, my boobs get really hard. Is this normal or is it clogged ducts? As soon as he eats or I pump, they go back to normal.



    i have tried her own bed she wnt! she screams until she is blue lol i really am exhausted ive loved breastfeeding really and wud carry on if she would just let me sleep at night xxx



    I bought the Lansinoh double electric. I used it with my 2nd which is now 3 and I am using it for my 6 month old. I love it!! It is at walmart



    My son got his first teeth at six months, and bit me a few times (not too bad) but soon he learned that biting would mean that the nursing session would over, and he stopped doing it. I would tell him firmly no and set him down. Just remember, its impossible for them to bite while actively nursing, as their tongue is in the way, so even if you end up with a ‘biter’ you learn to notice the signs that your LO is getting ready to nibble 🙂



    SydneeMay2009 – Run away from that Ped like your hair is on fire!!! BM is the best thing you can give baby. What would adding less fatty, less nutritionally dense solids help anything??? REALLY?!?!? Obviously your pediatrician has no real education on bf’ing. My answers always comes with a link to lol. This link is how to increase weight gain. Good luck



    MyBabySuprise – 3 weeks? 3 weeks is prime time for a MAJOR growth spurt. If your son is having enough diapers – they do not need to be soaked – and pooping – breastfed babies tend to poop less after a few weeks because they take in all the nutrients and have little left for waste – there is nothing to worry about. What he is doing is nursing more so you can produce more milk – EVERY BABY DOES THIS DURING A GROWTH SPURT. It doesn’t mean you aren’t making enough it just means that he is putting in more demand because he is growing.



    she is getting so much better everyday w/ bf. today i have not supplemented and she has eaten until she is full. she eats every two hours instead of three o



    I gave birth to my son 3 days ago, and have tried to breastfed him from the day he was born. However I have 3 other children, the youngest of these who is my 13 month old daughter, really seems jealous that he’s being breastfed and she’s not, I’m not really sure why either as I never attempted to breastfed her at any point in her life, but it makes me feel guilty that I never tried. She makes gestures at my other breast when im breastfeeding, and has once tried to nuzzle up to where my LO is to try it for herself. I don’t know what to do or if this is even normal behaviour for her to be doing? Has this ever happened to any of you ladies? What should i do?



    hannah lol atleast yours doesnt play online! it wouldnt bother me if he played a game then beat it and moved on to another one its the fact htat he plays stupid call of duty online with other stupid guys yelling at each other over a head set its probably the most annoying thing ever the fact that a grown man is sitting there for hours talking to a tv screen and it doesnt help that all his friends play too one day hes going to come home and it will be gone haha! momof2hopefully3— make sure your latch is right try holding the base of your brest and assisting the baby to get more of your nipple in the mouth and make sure your not too engourged i had an issue ( still do but it doesnt hurt at all anymore) where my letdown is so fast that it hurt my nipples almost like a burning sensation after 2 weeks that went away and you could try the lansinoh cream that may help too so will a little expressed milk and make sure your nipples are always dry to make sure you and baby dont have thrush that can cause a burning sensation as well and sometimes it just takes time it was about 2 weeks when BF became completely painless for me but everyones different 🙂



    jessicalynn21 – Too many people have their own views on breastfeeding and push it on us. It looks like your OB just wants you to stop breastfeeding. Who cares if your baby isn’t growing on the normal chart. If your baby is happy and still growing then that’s all that matters. I would be pissed if my OB did that. Although I choose my doctors because of their beliefs. My OB was pleased when I was pregnant and still nursing at 22 months. If I would probably switch doctors because of that sly move she pulled. Is your Ped concerned? If your baby’s doctor isn’t concerned about the growth then I wouldn’t be either. Even if they were concerned I would just offer the breast more often.

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