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    horseygal – How old is your LO? DJ does the samething. I took him off after a soft bite and said/sign NO and he smiled and laughed! WHAT? I was so pissed! I LOVE nursing and I’m going back to work 24hrs a week in 2wks, so I want the time to be even more special! But as of today when he drew blood, I’m dreading the next nurse! Boo!!



    ok…dh and i bd a cpl weeks ago n he didnt pull out. im ebf n taking bc w/ no af yet but i have missed a cpl pills. so my ? is, how easy is it to get pg? im worried. we dont want another one for at least two yrs.



    Ash: that doesn’t make you a bad mom at all. Your baby is still getting all of the nutritional benefits of ebf’ing. To make your life easier though, I might talk to a lc, and see if they can help you get your lo latched. It’ll be really hard at first, and you guys will have to work through it together, but it will be so much nicer for you in the long run!!



    This is a strange question but i have to ask, I want to breastfeed my baby when she is born, i am 25 weeks and i was wondering… my nipples arent big at all they don’t poke out and are barely there but the circle part of the nipple is larger than before, Is not having big nipples for my baby to suck on going to be a problem?



    Bri, yes in many of the cases the mom (or whoever was in charge of taking care of the infant) was drinking and/or doing drugs of some kind. It makes me sick to think of the irresponsibility/ immaturity of these people that weren’t able to delay self gratification long enough to care for the child in their care.



    Ladies I am so excited I just bought the baby led weaning book that bri was talking about and I also got another called the no cry sleep solutions for toddlers and preschoolers…I cannot wait! Congrats all you guys hitting your 1 year mark!! I hope a year from now I will be saying the same thing!



    so today is friday!!! woohoo!!! so excited for the weekend!! i LOVE saturdays and sundays!!! my husband works each weekend which sucks but it is wonderful when he leaves for work in the morning once caroline wakes up for her morning feeding i bring her in the bed with me and bf her and cuddle with her and sleep in!! it is so nice and is my favorite thing about the weekend! during the week she sleeps in her crib though.



    Not as impressive as military~mommy, but I finally put my first 2 oz back into the freezer this morning!!! I haven’t put ANYTHING back in the freezer since I came back to work 1.5 months ago. It may not be much, but every little bit counts. She usually uses 4 freezer bags per week, so if I can get to the point where I’m putting back as much as she is taking out, I won’t need to suppliment.



    natssecondtimeactually – My sister went through the same thing with her son. I first used the vent aires but after the BPA scare we switched to BornFree. My sister went through so many bottles and finally landed on the Playtex Drop-ins. She also works so it was getting stressful. Also, are you the one that is trying to give the bottle? If it’s you then that could be the problem. He associates you with food and the best food comes from the breast! HAHA! Have Dad try to give the bottle while you are not in sight. Don’t let him see you, smell you or hear you. Just keep trying. Also, try when he’s not starving marvin. It might just frustrate him more that he wants food and it’s not happening how he’s always known. All else fails you can try a cup. It may become a toy but my 5 month old will take a cup or sippy but has never had a bottle. We gave it to him about a month or so ago.



    Vent… Every year we get together with my family on the 4th. We go to the beach during the day and then head to a park where they do fireworks in the evening. It is usually a little chilly out by the water, but this year it was 90+ degrees outside. I went to nurse and there was no way in heck I was going to even try to cover this poor child while he ate. He is already such a hot child and really does not do well in the heat. My siblings threw a fit! I was wearing a nursing top, so you couldn’t see a thing, but they were all up in arms. ‘What, you aren’t even going to use a blanket?!?!? Gross!’ and my BIL try giving me one of their extra QUILTS to nurse under! Hello, its hotter than Hades out here and you want me to do WHAT!?!?!? I really don’t know how I manage to hold my tongue, and one of these days I am going to go off on all of them, I just didn’t want it to be on a holiday in public!



    phatbaby57 – Great article. I do say that being home is much easier then working. Probably cause I’ve done both. When I worked I had to get the same things done in 9hours less time. So, when it came to cleaning that happened after Chris had gone to sleep. Because I spent my entire day away from my infant I wanted to spend those precious few hours with him rather then washing bottles, doing dishes, mopping the floor, etc. So I’d go to bed around 11 every night to get up five times during the night and be up for good at 7am. Exhausting. But, on the flip side I understand where the article is coming from. Children need lots of attention. Maybe it’s not rocket science but you’re on the floor ALL day long. Playing legos, reading books, coloring, etc. And when you aren’t on the floor you are mopping the floor, cleaning up toys that are left out, feeding them, changing them, etc. Nap time becomes your mid-day ‘ahhh’! Where I can come online without children around me, research various articles and studies, melt into a mind-numbing video game like Bejeweled. I hate that game by the way. Too many hours wasted! HAHA! While it is nice to talk to friends and whatnot after the boys are in bed at night I don’t even want to talk to my husband. I want silence! Take a bath, read a book or again play stupid games that you don’t have to think. Being a mom is hard work. Doesn’t matter if you work or not, it’s hard. I’m sure it’ll get a bit easier as they get older and can occupy their time by themselves or Heaven forbid not want to spend time with their dear ol’ mommy! HAHA! But, for now, it’s work but work that I love.



    Thanks deeyore i will look I am sorry about the house…I am 5’3′ 185! size 14 but I have like G boobs I have always been muscular from sports big thighs and butt lol so just working on the hips and tummy but I dont even want to risk my supply either oh the things we do for our amazing babies!



    PGFirstTimer – You’re right, it’s just that her world has expanded past the boob. She wants to do many things. Chris when he got older only nursed at home because he was too busy when we were out and about. He’d do it before nap, right after nap when he’s still wanting cuddles and before bed. That was of course when he was closing in on 18months. I would find a quiet place. No one, especially Dad, in the room. No tv or any of that. Just you and her and peace. A dark room can help as well. Just give you and her a time out for a bit and hopefully that’ll work.



    Ok, so I was reading in BabyTalk magazine today. They had ‘grandma’s home remedies’ which I thought was interesting. One was really interesting because of the whole Tylenol and Motrin recalls. To bring a fever down you cut an onion in half and put it to the baby’s feet in socks. Ok, I know smelly but I guess it works. Science says that onions are part of the allium group of plants which have anti-inflammatory and other medicinal properties. This is a good idea. It’s worth it, especially when you are waiting for the doctor’s office to open up in the morning.

    Another is about ear infections. We found out a couple of times with Chris that medicine isn’t always needed for infections. Many times our doctor gave us a presciption and said to only use it if it gets worse. But a remedy is to put a cup of rock salt in the microwave and then into a sock. Make sure it’s not too hot but then lay the baby’s ear down on it. The heat combined with the salt draws the fluid off the ear and releases pressure..

    Another one for ear infections is garlic. Place a drop of warm garlic oil into the sore ear. Garlic is a natural antibiotic, it not only helps the infection but eases the pain! Even Dr. Sears recommends Herb Pharm Mullein Garlic Compound for this.

    For colds (this one I knew about) is Vick’s vapor rub on the soles of the feet. Rub in on the feet and put socks on. Why this works is because of the pressure points in the feet. I’ve used this one on both Chris and myself. Great for breastfeeders that can’t take cough meds.

    The last one that I thought was really cool is for teething and something that I may be going shopping for tomorrow. Clove Oil! Rub a small amount of clove oil on baby’s gums. It’s a natural numbing agent. mix a drop with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Pretty cool, huh?!


    lauraoct- glad to hear Ollie is better…what shots did he get? im curious what his symptoms were…when my boy had his first round of shots at 2 months he got a 102 fever and burning legs..not looking forward to 4 month shots…hope your LO is doing better!!!

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