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    Deeyore- What part of MI? We just recently moved to Mass. from the Grand Haven, MI area.



    Members of the Breastfeeding Forum: I need you all to move past this issue. If you have questions or concerns, please direct them to me and I will try to answer them as quickly as possible. Continuing to post here regarding the decisions that were made or bashing others will result in the deletion of your account as well. Thank you for understanding and helping us keep this site friendly for all members.


    I know this might seem silly or like small potatoes to some but I just pumped 6oz!!!!! The most I ever got was 5.5 and it was rare that I’d get that much and usually with a lot of struggle. It usually about 4oz and I just got 6oz with almost no effort. 🙂


    Ollie never stops farting, everyone laughs as he is at all day and night!


    Laura~ The zoo was fun! My daughter loved it, there was a walk-in area where tiny monkeys roamed free with you, I thought she was going to pass out with excitement! She wore herself out and slept the whole tube ride back, including switching lines, back to Epping. I had 3 women offer their seats on the tube since I had Asher in my arms, but not one man offered me his seat, lol, chivalry is dead. OH and also they have a butterfly exhibit, not great for toddlers, she kept trying to catch the butterflys which is a no-no!



    Poohspooh – Have you tried the old switcharoo? 🙂 Where you try to sneak the paci in?



    precious- you have probably already looked into this but have you tried a nipple shield? My first wouldnt latch and I had moderate success with a nipple shield.



    by rigid i mean it has to by eight hours between the hours of 10:00-6:00. i think other countries allow for mid day sleep to count in with the eight. I personally don’t get naps b/c I work full time, but I do manage to get into bed by 9:30 or 10:00. i understand on the missing out part though.



    first latch



    Leslie- I can relate. A while back I said something about my MIL because she pissed me off and my husband seriously was about leave!!! She still babies him and he is 23. It drives me nuts. She would pay all our bills if he asked her to. Lol it’s that bad. Luckily I get along with her pretty well so I dont ‘usually’ have problems. I think that you guys will be ok once things cool down. I would just explain that it’s not her parents, it’s just the situation and you dont want lawson upset.



    Zoey is 6 days in to her 10 day course of amoxicillan and she’s unaffected. Nothing! Got lucky, I guess.


    Scarlet I have no idea how you get Alyssa to sleep like that. I’ve been trying you sleep schedule and she just treats the 730 8 bedtime as a late nap. Then she’s up till 12 or 1 am. It’s maddening I don’t know what to do.



    Socal – maybe you’ve tried it already, but what about distraction? I don’t know how often you’re BFing in a day, but you could try to drop a feeding by spacing them further and further apart and distracting her so she doesn’t think about it. Let it be a gradual thing instead of all at once? Good luck, I hope it’s a smooth transition for all of you. We’re at 17 months and I’m dreading/looking forward to the day she self weans (although I may help too, between 24 and 30 months, we’ll see), so I feel for you.



    can i have your opinions ladies? i know your always supposed to follow dr orders but hes only been our dr for a month and i dont even like him. he talks to you like youre a moron! but hes the only one in town. anyways, about 10 days ago, dd had a little bit of spotting of blood in her poop. shes 2 months old. it was just little specks and went away the same day so i wasnt worried. i called the office in the morning and the nurses told me they dont know if thats normal or not and it was my choice to take her in, since it stopped i chose not too. i told the dr today at our checkup and he said that if it happens again then its because she has a milk protein allergy and ill have to stop breastfeeding immediately and give her soy formula. he said its not because of what i eat and nothing in my diet with make her poo bloody, she jusyt allergic to my milk. if it does happen again ill get a second opinion but does that sound right to you? i thought that if she was allergic to my mik she would have shown signs since birth and not just on two seperate days… but im not a dr. so i dont know. advice? has this happened to anyone?



    I need advice from experienced BF’ing moms. I have a very silly, active 9 month old little girl who just loves to bite when I feed her. She has no teeth yet but does have what seems to be two teeth coming in on the bottom. She is really silly, and just loves how mommy jumps every time she does it. Any advice as to how I can teach her to stop doing it? I have tried removing her from the breast when she does it, and telling her no and it doesn’t faze her. She seems to not realize that she is hurting me and just smiles. I really don’t want to wean her yet…but those 2 teeth coming in, really…really scare me!

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