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    Me too! Me too!! HAHA! I’ve wanted a third before Alex was even born. I still haven’t gotten my period back yet and I want another. I keep telling myself NO, not until next August can I try! HAHA! That’ll allow me to have a spring/summer baby. I have two winter babies now. Plus Alex will be 2 1/2 by the time the next one is born. But it still makes me envious of pregnant women/new moms. Maybe cause my boys grow up a little too darn fast. Ok, they were born 3 month olds! HAHA! Oh well!



    Lack Tater (LOL, love the name)… Have no worries! Your supply will be plentiful for the new addition.



    Hi I have been following the month to month forums since DD was born and to be totally honest with you all I find the breast feeding page to be so much more judgmental then the month to month page.

    I wish you would all get of you high and mighty horses and and start to accept that different people different cultures and races do things differently… if you dont agree why not say something on the month to month page instead of comming to the breastfeeding page and having your say there… It really bothers me that a few of you on here keep bagging out all the people on the month to month page. Not all of us feed our babies at 4 months not all of us FF and most of us would feel with we have the same bond with our children that you feel. I will not be comming back to this page anymore shame on a few who make mums doing there best feel like crap.



    Thank you so much everyone for your input on my question I feel so much better now. You ladies are great! Can I visit you guys on here more often lol. Thanks : )



    My hair actually began falling out throughout my entire pregnancy and TONS of it. It is now back to normal.


    Lawson’s Mom – OMG!… I’m speechless. I’m so sorry you and Lawson had to deal with that. Poor baby. My heart sank and I got the chills just reading the story. I am so grateful that DH and I are able to work alternate schedules. So glad that woman is no longer watching kids… how incredibly awful!! 🙁



    I think the only one that cares is my MIL and that is because they look nothing like her. Whenever she takes pics of the boys to work, or when she defies us and takes them out places, like to her her work, she gets comments. ‘These boys aren’t yours! These are little white boys! Blond hair and blue eyes!’ She gets the ‘little white boy’ comments ALL the time and I really don’t think she likes it! She tries to play it off like its funny to her, but I can see that she wishes they had more of dad’s coloring. I keep telling her to wait for the girl. When we have our little girl she is going to look just like Daddy, I just know it! 🙂 Brown eyes, black curly ringlet hair, darker skin…I can’t wait!



    pinkish ~ First, that is an arguement that will not end here. It’s why lots of the mamas here don’t go to the month-to-month forum and would rather ask questions here even if they are OT. I feel more comfortable with these ladies then those in my month. As for sucking. It is a phase. A lot of babies have strong reflexes. It will eventually go away. You can give your baby a pacifier or just let them suck on you if it doesn’t bother you. Sucking on hands can also be a sign of teething or the fact that they FOUND them. HAHA! I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If your baby seems full, aka isn’t fussy then I’m sure everything is fine.


    I am almost ready to give up 🙁 My boy is 3 months old and always hungry. I have hardly any milk to give him, so I have to supplement with formula all the time. Even the lactation consultant recommended this, since he wasn’t gaining any weight in the first month. But it hasn’t gotten better, and in fact I need to give him at least 3 or 4 oz after every breastfeed session! He eats about 6oz SIX times a day = 36 OZ and he still seems hungry sometimes!! I have a hospital grade electric pump, but I’m not getting much out of it anymore. It’s crazy… he was over 10lbs at birth and is now about 13.5lbs. I am tempted to give him solids already, but he still seems so young… any thoughts?? I’m out of ideas! My only consolation is that he sleeps through the night!



    My 7 month old still spits up almost every time she eats. And sometimes-MAN O MAN its alot and everywhere! Just had a bubble right there under it all that tried to get out but had to bring a little something with it! YUCK! LOL No worries hun..i bet your babe is just fine!



    Deeyore I am a stay home mom and am always with my little girl..Maybe this is why she likes to nurse a lot ..She is almost 15 months and acks like she is never going to stop..She even calls it a name.. It’s ( MI) She wants to nurse all the time..Is this normal for a 15 month old…



    Advice please…

    I am breastfeeding my 7 1/2 month old baby. I am about 25 pounds from my desired weight and I am wanting to start a low calorie diet. I understand you can’t diet and breastfeed for several reasons, but I don’t know if I should keep nursing or stop so I can diet. Any opinions would be very helpful. I have to ideas about this situation. The first idea is that my daughter is 71/2 months old and I have breastfed her for a good length of time and it is okay to stop so I can get my body back, and the second idea is that this is my last baby and I don’t want to stop until she is a year and I want her to have the most benefits as possible by having breastmilk. Please tell me what you ladies think..


    My little man (big man I should say) will be 8 months soon and we are still exclusively breastfeeding (no bottles, nothing) which can be a little stressful at times because I never get a break but the pros definetly outweigh the cons. Daniel is healthy, smart and extremely happy he says mama, dada and no. He is 28′ and just under 26lbs in a size 6 diaper, but he’s got a big booty and fat tummy:) he is so delicious. We can’t go anywhere without getting stopped at least 5 times. I hope everyone else is having as good an experience as I am. I wish I could’ve done this well with my first but he did not like my milk the way this one does.



    Im so sorry to hear that! I can’t imagine why that would happen. Sometimes our bodies just don’t do what they are supposed to do I guess. I’ll bet your body grew a beautiful baby though!



    Warning!!! Long post – mama needs to vent. This is going to be the hardest week of my life. We are trying to wean our 7 month old twins off the breast. We are getting married next weekend and the babies just TOTALLY refuse a bottle. So Dad took the kids to our home town this last weekend while I stayed at home, alone for the weekend. They eventually took the bottle and actually slept fairly well last night. but they are still P*ssed at mommy, they look at my chest and you can just see em drool. Daddy is working out of town until Thursday night, so I am trying to do this on my own. I think this is going to be harder for me than them. I have been crying alot this weekend, although I am stressed to with the wedding and worrying about taking my babies boobies away. I am still pumping, but just enough to stay comfortable. I am making a HUGE amount of milk a day and know that would kill me. Plus this way, the girls still get mama’s milk in their bottles.

    Has anyone else gotten really sad when they weaned? I want to have positive thoughts, like its the best for us all – I was starting to struggle to make enough milk for both of them…. but I guess I am just missing it as much as they are. Sorry to ramble, I just don’t have anyone that understands what is going on with me to talk to.

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