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    Morning all, Well surprise surprise Ollie woke every 2 hrs last night. Sort of getting used to lack of sleep now! He is napping now little tink!



    noah colts mommy – I try to sit with my back against a wall. I hate my sides right now so I try and hide that part. Alex is so big that he covers everything in front. I just pull my shirt high enough for him to latch on. No boobs showing here. Practice in a mirror and you can figure it out. He nurses with his blanket as well but that’s for comfort. He holds it and waves it about. But I do try and tuck it under my sides as well.


    Woo hoo… Yippee!! My cloth diapers just got here!! I’m so excited to use them, now off to wash them!



    Isn’t that always the case in that month! Ugh!



    I have a question ladies. My son is almost 4 weeks. For a while he was feeding for about 20 minutes and then sometimes going to the other side for a few minutes. Now, well really for the past week, he has been eating only for 10 minutes at a time if even that. I know he is getting food because he is pooping and wetting normally and I can hear him swallowing. So is it OK that he isn’t feeding for long? Will him only feeding for 10 minutes at a time on one side hurt my supply? That means each side goes anywhere from 2-5 hours in between feedings. This is important to me and I do not want to mess anything up. Thanks!


    Ollie settles for daddy really easily also. Doesn’t fall asleep on the boob that much, doesn’t fall asleep that much in general!



    All I want to say is that I love bf ing ! J still sleeps beside me in the nook of my arm, and, I seldom use a stroller, with the exception of walking on hiking trails. I always carry him in a sling or baby go. He loves shopping and reaches out and is so stimulated by the outtings we take. He never cries either, only if I’m not here and he wants me.

    Its odd bc when I was pregnant I had this image and idea in my mind of putting baby in a crib, so I rushed to get the nursery all ready. Haven’t used it for more than playing, and bv of crib recall, we put a king bed in there so we can have lots of room for snuggles and sleepy time when daddy snores too loud in our room.

    I have to admit, at the beginng bf was painful and I was really frustrated. I sometimes felt bc it had to do with my breasts that feeding him was unconvienient when I was out, and a bottle would be easier. That’s all changed now. I absolutey hate washing dishes, and the few bottles he uses when grandma babysits drive me bonkers. I find it so easy to feed him anywhere, anytime. Even during the fireworks! Calmed him right down.

    So now I think I’m the one who will have to be Weaned ha ha ha



    The link to the breastfeeding forum on facebook is there are more ladies that can help answer questions there, so if anyone wants to join you’re welcome to.


    With James i used to feed to sleep. I thought I shouldn’t but did,i thought it was bad to rock him to sleep. Then when I had just had Ollie my husband read somewhere its only a sleep problem if you think it is. If you are happy to feed to sleep, rock to sleepms pat bum to sleep then its not a problem. . I have that attitude now.



    wow amazing what happen’s when you use the right code!!!!!



    Well I just found out im not pregnant, so the pain is not from that…Bouza how do you check for thrush? Everything looks normal………….Also I have a questoin about self wean? I have seen shows that show women that b/f till there c hild is 4-5-8 years old…Wont they just do it for as long as you let them …For those who who are doing self wean are you ok with b/f your 5 year old if they still want to? I am not aganst it if you are its just not something I want to do…..Anyway this is what I think of when I think of self wean so im just not sure of what to do…..This is my third child but my first b/f baby



    The new issue of breastfeeding today is out…..



    Just wondering for those who pump, what kind of pump you have and prefer?

    I was using an electric mendela swing, and then got a manual one for travel, however, I liked it so much more, I bought 2 of them and keep one in my purse and one at home! I can get a lot more milk, and feel more mobile because I can walk around and do things while pumping!

    Does anyone else find a manual pump more enjoyable?



    BABYCARTER: I had the opposite problem with my baby girl, she hated the bottle and only preferred the boob, which is how I think most babies are, they love the soft skin, rather than the bottle…but I would suggest at least giving your baby a bottle once every few days or once a day, whatever you prefer, just so you can be able to go out if you want. My LO didn’t take a bottle well til 6 months! She always wanted momma 🙂
    THATONE: I was also going to suggest nursing tank-tops from Target, I also live in mine and love them, so comfy! They come in S, M, L sizes, so maybe a S or M would feel better?

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