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    today I got the boy to nurse 30 minutes and he wasn’t fickle or feisty but afterwards he was starving about 15 minutes later. I have him a bottle to see what was up and if he was getting enough. he downed 3 ozs!!!
    HEs not nursing correct! I’m going to keep pumping but not 8 times a day(thats killing me!), nurse him every few days to see if he grows out of it as he gets stronger and leave the rest to God. I’ve tried good and hard and I can’t let this make me go nuts(like it has been!). I also can not be attached to a machine pumping all the time when I have a darling little girl and baby boy who need my hands on attention.

    Thats what I got and I’m stink’n to it.

    nursing should be a enjoyable experience and this is just the opposite. plus, he’s not getting enough nursing and weight gain is a must w/ this baby at the moment.


    How many calories do you need to consume while breastfeeding? Bri help me I know you’ve lost some weight. My body has been hijacked by all this fat! I’m done I’m over it! Urgh. I saw a pic of myself and my arms are as big around as my baby! !!! Argh! !!



    3rd – It may b too late for you to do this b/c it sounds like you tried this already. My lo is 5 mos 3 wks and I just started her on solids last week. I am a working mom and need 2 sleep so I started two weeks b4 I planned. Ne way, once I started the cereal, when she woke up for her 2 am feeding I would give her a binky 2 c if she was hungry. Surprisingly, she went right back to sleep. We only had 2 do this for 3 days and she began sleeping thru. If she didn’t go back 2 sleep I would still nurse her though.



    lmgibson – Yup all tummy and now you see why I need a tuck!! HAHA! I’ve lost 70lbs since birth to my little linebacker.



    So Ella has only nursed once today. And it is 3:30. We were nursing 4 times a day– before each meal (and snack). She nursed as usual in the morning when we woke up (mostly because i was too tired to get up and make her food.) But at lunch time i gave her a sippy with half milk and half breatmilk with her meal and she ate all her food and then just went back to playing. And she hasn’t nursed since. =[ Does it really just end this quickly? Like she’s been fine all day just eating her food and drinking her sippy. Really? (Everyone who doesn’t know.. she’s 12 months, so it’s not like i’m giving some young baby cow’s milk.)


    hey ladies…
    i’m in need of some adivce… i have a 3 week old baby and i decided to just breastfeed, i noticed that my milk supply is becoming low and i dont know how to boost it back up… i first few days i had so much milk that i would have to pump about 2 bottles per day while still feeding him.
    the same happened with my first son so i started giving him formula also but this time around i really just want to stay to breastmilk.

    i started pumping every 2-3 hours if he over sleeps and also been drinking more water… i have noticed that its helping.. is there anything else i can do?


    phatbaby – I didn’t even think about her stroller!! Yes it does recline all the way back. I’ll have to check to see if I can pad it so that it’s still firm and safe but comfortable. Thanks for the suggestion!!



    Will anyones LO breastfeed out of boredom at home? My DD will stay on my breast all day long while we are home if I let her, but she can be perfectly content without me if we are out. Its frustrating because if I deny her she throws a massive tantrum, like on stomach fists flailing and feet kicking. Its crazy! I dont have any idea what to do. By the way, my DD will be 14 mo on the 18th.



    My LO has been wearing the amber necklace for a week now. I think it’s helping. She’s still fussy off and on, but that’s mainly before bedtime now, so I don’t think it’s related to teething. She’s been more interested in cooing and trying to bat at toys this last week, so I believe she’s calmer. This morning was so cute. She sleeps in bed with me for the last few hours of the night, and normally wakes up fussing/crying. This morning she was right beside me, and I woke up to her looking up at me and grinning. Then she was trying to touch my face and stick her fingers in my mouth! She’s seems to have grown up so much in the last’s hard to believe she’ll be 3 months this weekend and no longer a newborn.



    Emilee- thank you so much I ate some ginger and its helped a lot. If it flairs back up I will try the immodium.
    Shiz- any old fashioned steel cut oats mix equal parts water oat sit on the counter for 7 hrs heat and eat 🙂


    So I just got down 1/2 a cup of the oats and my stomach is rumbling like a fight in the bronx! Does this stuff make you poo or something?


    I probably get enough sleep in total its uninterrupted sleep I miss!



    okay now that i’ve figured that out, i’ll start working on world peace and cancer


    I posted the last comment and then read your’s Bri. Not trying to make any of the other mama’s in here feel bad. I hope it’s not taken like that. I just got a call from Travis and I was so excited I had to post. Anyway… now she’s gonna be EVERYWHERE. Gotta go babyproof the home this weekend! Anyone have any suggestions on good items they’ve used or currently use for cabinets, sockets, doors, etc?



    Great article that talks about BLW. Also talks about premature babies. Awesome!

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