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    I use a madela in style electric pump and love it. I pump for about 20 mins and right now am getting about 5 or 6 oz. My daughter is 5 weeks and is eating 4 oz at the moment. When I want to increase supply I just tack 5 extra mins on for about a week and that seems to do the trick.
    I am contemplating getting a manual as we are getting ready to go into the winter and have had some nasty storms that tend to knock the power out. I don’t want to be without a convenient way to express!



    rachelz- the Dr caught it at her checkup I think. It was a long time ago. But her tongue was white on top, and she didn’t really want to eat and it hurt for her to latch on. I know babies tend to latch better on one side over the other. Maybe you fixed it with the position change 🙂



    lilasmommy – i agree your doctor is a complete moron! If you baby has a milk protein allergy it is very likely to be a cows milk protein allergy – not human milk protein!!
    My 1 year old has a very serious cows milk protein allergy, so i have been through it all with her. I would also recommend cutting dairy out of your diet but continue breastfeeding. If you change to formula, if she is allergic to cows milk protein, she has a 50% chance of being allergic to soy protein too. I had to stop breastfeeding at 7 months when i returned to work, and wish more than anything that i had could have continued. The longer you exclusively breastfeed your dd the better the chance she has of outgrowing this allergy. And TRUST me when i say you want to do everything you can to avoid a serious cows milk allergy – my girl is not even allowed to eat birthday cake, biscuits… nothing that all the other kids her age can enjoy, and i have to constantly worry that somebody is going to give her something without knowing. Please please please get a second, third or fourth opinion before formula feeding your dd!!



    ok ladies, I am pregnant with my 3rd, I did not breast feed with my other two, I have a hard time explaining why, but to sum it up I think it’s been my own insecurities with my body and breasts. I have talked to my husband about this and he has expressed that he would really like me to TRY breast feeding with this little one. I guess the reason I am posting is because I need some advice. My biggest problem is I do not want anyone aside from my husband and obviously nurses around when I’m breast feeding until I can myself become comfortable with it. My husband is going to be deployed when I devliver our lil one this time so his mom is going to be there and my mom is going to try to come up as well. Is it ok if I ask them to step out while I feed? Am I being a baby about all of this, do you think I’ll get over it? Advice needed, thank you ladies!



    Kaya, I would get up during the night until your milk is well established. I think I pumped every 3 hours until Aliyah was around 12 weeks old. I started exclusively pumping when she was 5 weeks old. Once you have a good milk supply then you can skip on the night pumping. Good luck with pumping. At first it is so hard at least it was for me. But now its part of my routine and so worth all the hardship I went through in the beginning.



    SO Im pregnant. My daughter is 5 1/2 months old. ANd Im breastfeeding.. Oh man..



    Hi ladies I have a quick question.. When did your ped start your lil one on poly drops? My ped wanted me to start the multi-vitamin at 10 wks but I haven’t yet now my lil one will be 13 wks on wed. can I wait until 16 wks? sorry for the repost but I didn’t a response =-(



    skjunior~we started some water in a sippy at about 5 1/2 months. Maxx is very sloppy with the sippy and likes to play with it more than drink from it, but I always give him one with his meals (he is almost 7 months now and has 2-3 meals a day) of water but I haven’t tried milk in it yet….I can’t bear to see him waste the milk!! I did take the plastic valve out to make it more like a cup than a bottle so that is why he is so messy. As for solids, a great book is Super Baby Food. It really is a great resource. We started with sweet potato, then rice cereal, avacado, banana, and oatmeal. Maxx seems to like these foods but has now become very picky and doesn’t like anything new that I introduce.



    well i had to start supplementin with one -two bottles of enfamil AR…i’m so upset..but I can’t pump every two hrs to bring my supply up 🙁 and my son is eating like every 2 1/2 hrs!! 6oz!! plus he eats solids about 2oz for morning, lunch, dinner



    notsmithers – It’s the old way of thinking to start food early. It has now come to the pediatrics attention that starting food early can lead to allergies, gast. problems and early onset diabetes. There are special cases where the risks out weighs the benefit such as in reflux babies but for normal babies it is recommended to start at 6months. This won’t hurt your baby’s speach. The first year of food is just for practice too. Don’t worry about what she thinks. She obviously hasn’t read up on what is recommended and what isn’t.



    Firstly Merry Christmas to everyone, It is boxing day here is oz now. I know a few people have said babies dont self wean before 12 months but i am sure this is what Emerson is doing. She has been progressively getting harder to feed and is refusing to take some feeds at all. Yesterday she refused to feed pretty much all day. She feeds well through the night though as she is half asleep. As soon as she sees my boob or i get her in position she arches her back, cries and actually hits my boob repeatedly until i sit her up. this has been going on for weeks and is getting worse. I wanted to feed her till she was one but my friend said she will tell me when she is done. Im thinking now she is done. Im going away for 2 weeks tomorrow morning so if anyone has any comments or advice to give please do as i wont be back on here for a few weeks as i wont have internet and im not sure what to do….



    DeeRod, I’ve heard using calcium magnesium supplement is supposed to help with that drop in supply if you take it from the time you ovulate until the end of your cycle. You might do some research on that and let me know how it works (I haven’t gotten my period back yet).



    Thank you, i had read on a couple sites that said it is a ‘borderline’ ok drug. So i wanted to hear from someone who has used it before. I am still waiting to hear from our ped about it too. I am on Naproxen (spelling?) too. The tylenol 3 was mainly to dull the pain and knock me out so i could get a goodnight sleep (haven’t slept since 2am Wednesday morning! Thank you again!



    samlib- Just wanted to add that the ingredients most pharmacists and ped’s will tell you not to take is anything with phenelephrine and pseudoephedrine. These are forms of ephedrine which can raise baby’s heartrate. Unfortunately I haven’t found a med that doesn’t have that in it. LOL. Luv was right about benadryl. I’m pretty sure it’s ok to take but it does have a drying effect on your milk. I believe your LO is 9mo…if so then you may be fine taking the Benadryl because your LO isn’t requiring as much nursing. It’s up to you. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon. :o)



    OMG an open can of dry formula is only good for 3 months??? I don’t have to supplement much but on occasion I do. I think I have had the same can of formula since February. Do I need to throw that away? Its the dry kind. Why would it go bad?

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