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    prettypenny it is common at 3 weeks to do that and it will happen again at around 7 weeks so the nurse told me today, it is quite daunting feeding constantly but your baby is just having a growth spurt 🙂 keep at it, it will settle down 🙂



    jess0402- how old is your LO?



    owensbaby09- I can’t even imagine what you went through with having your baby at 28 weeks…Wow! And, you are right, every situation is unique. I am so glad he is so healthy, what a blessing! My daughter also had to have some formula and she is one of the healthiest kids I know =) Ladies, be careful what you write about about formula- it comes off slightly judgmental sometimes…bri is right- it has it’s place.



    well we are off to see the doctor today to see how much she weighs and what percentile she is in. she was born in the 75th but after losing weight she had dropped off the charts, at 5 months she was back in the 25th so doctor was unsure if she was going to level out there or keep gaining rapidly until she caught up to the 75th or so. i did weigh her yesterday at baby group and she was 16lbs 3oz up 6.5oz from the week before so she is still gaining about an oz a day which is good!



    thanks. fortunetly, my baby will be with my husband or mom when i’m at work and i only work two nights and two days. my night shifts are only 6 hours but my day shifts are 8 1/2. i am going to try to express as much as possible but i know i can’t always pump at work when i need to, i’m a bartender. i cant just leave my bar unattended to run and pump for 20 minutes. well, i will try but it wont always be possible. thanks again.


    natesmomma id the football hold work any better for you?



    little-squirt – I had this last month. It’s painful. I got it after my sweet son bit me on accident. Well, it clogged right on the nipple. What I need was pop it like a zit and it hurt. It was awful too. It looked like spoiled milk to me. icky! Anyways, after popping it I had to repop it several times over a week and it finally healed. Many moons ago there was a lady on here that took a needle to it. It was deep. As soon as she punctured it, it exploded and healed up pretty quickly. I don’t think mastitis is a worry on the nipple but you do want to get it healed up just for your own comfort.



    Is it normal for breastfeeding to be painful after a week of breastfeeding? I actually have to wear nipple sheilds because I have flat nipples and my son can’t latch without. You would think these would protect and take some of the pain away, but it’s not. The pain is some times too much making it hard for me to want to continue. Anyone else experiencing this? I think I’m going to contact a lactation consultant tomorrow.



    kidatrbaby – my baby is 2 months now she always spits up, and i ebf. doc said some babies spit up more than others, i have 2 friends their babies never spit up but maybe once a week if that….i have a little puke machine! she did have a few times where it seemed like a lot! where she soaked my bed and me, the doc said as long as its not all the time like that shes fine, that was when she was about 2 or 3 weeks old, she said her digestive system is still developing.



    Gladek – are you saying your supply dropped months 5-7? My LO is 5.5 months. I am so upset because last week I was on vacation, and was able to just b/f my baby all day, and I pumped, and was able to put away about 40 oz. I was certain that my supply would be up this week since I was feeding the baby so much, but now it has dropped. Before vacation, I was pumping anywhere from 9-12 oz at work, now I am only getting 5-7. I’ve been choking down the oatmeal and everything. I had to supplement with a bottle of formula yesterday ) :


    yeah I’m scared of getting pregnant again. 🙁 I really hope i’m not.



    megang- BC pills can affect your supply. Even the ones they prescribe for bf mom’s (minipills). Some women have no problem, some women do. I was one who had a major drop in supply from the bc and as soon as I went off them I was able to build it back up. I struggled with supply for a couple months before deciding to see if it was the bc…and it was. If you read the side effects that they give you with the meds, one of the possible side effects is a lowered breast milk supply. Sucks, but it was more important for me to bf so I ditched the pills. You could try taking brewer’s yeast tablets to counteract the effects of the pill, see if that gives you the boost you need (6-9 a day, 2-3 with each meal. You can find them in the vitamin aisle) It’s worth a shot if you don’t want to go off the bc. Something else that can cause a drop is not eating enough, or that time of month (even if AF hasn’t come back you can get ‘phantom periods’ and a dip in supply around that time of month). Hope that helps you 🙂



    Nicky – I don’t know where you heard that about milk. The WHO recommends BFing to 2 years and beyond. There is no need to introduce cow’s milk if your LO is still nursing or taking your milk often.



    beccaboo- Make sure that the baby has a good latch. Be sure that both lip are ‘pooched’ or ‘fanned’ out not tucked in. With a good latch the pain should go away in a couple of weeks. Once the nips toughen up you will be able to bf’d without a problem and you won’t even be able to feel it. You will enjoy all chances to feed your little one. Just keep it up and don’t give up!!!!



    Weird that this was brought up because I’ve been considering mirena too! It’s really the best choice for me (if I can find a way to afford it.) Mainly, I just don’t want any more babies for 5 to 10 years. I’m thinking maybe the pill or condoms until baby is on solid foods, then switch to mirena…

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