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    sydneemay – I am 100% in support of breastfeeding, however 11lbs seems kind of low for 9 months. (Keeping in mind my son weighed that at like 2 months so obviously I am biased there). Be careful where you get your information from. If you are not in agreement with what your pediatrician is saying then get a second medical opinion and find a pediatrician you are comfortable with. We shouldnt get in the habit of going against what doctors are saying and this forum is for support not medical advice. Good luck and I hope you find the answers you are looking for!



    i have backed off the solids but he’s still having issues



    bf bubs earlier and supplemented only 30 mls, he was out for the count for 3.5 hours 🙂 supply defo increasing, but still not all there yet… bf tonight and he did a poo and it was a karkey green 🙁 too much foremilk? he wasn’t pooing green on the formula… i think i must be expressing only foremilk for my little man 🙁 also, bf tonight and he took 60mls of formula… he’s like clockwork i’ve worked out, as long as it’s fluid, he will take 80 mls. depressingly that means he would have only got like 20 mls from me…… potentially.



    lckyladyl-you can take however much you need with you they make an exception thats what they told me when i flew from seattle to vegas….I would just bring like a cooler for it and you can carry it on to the plane



    loving mommy-also keep in mind that you will ovulate before you get that first period so you could be able to get pregnant without realising!



    sydneemay2009 – Congrats for making it the 1st year. As for cow’s milk, just try a little at a time. Just because she’s a year doesn’t mean it’ll go smoothly. It probably will but an ounce or two in the beginning will let you know. My son couldn’t have cow’s milk until he was 14months and even then was a little. He’s now fully on cow’s milk but that wasn’t until he self weaned at 22months. Your little girl is so petite. How cute!! I’m glad your Ped was pleased with your breastfeeding efforts, especially with a small baby. As some of the ladies here are finding out, some doctors push formula when the baby is smaller then ‘normal’. I wish there was a growth chart for formula babies and one for breastfed babies since we all know that it’s different for each.



    i have a new problem with nursing, in the past 2 days my baby doesn’t latch on and nurse for a good feed, it is a sequence of on the breast sucking, off the breast screaming. this does bot happen at every feeding just a few times a day, could she just not be hungry and not need to nurse as much now? i usually just end the feeding and do some other activity to calm her down, my question is should i try to put her back to the breast after she is calm or just wait it out?



    Ms.BetterThanTheRegular – I think technically you can but I wouldn’t. What if you develop an infection? The meds you might have to take may not be good for baby. Plus, I don’t know if the ink actually gets into your blood stream and onto your milk. If it does then it’s not healthy for baby. I guess I’m not the best resource for it but I’d go with better be safe then sorry and just wait until your baby weans.



    ash – this makes you a wonderful mom! you’ve got a journey ahead of you, but you’re not alone! many mom’s exclusively pump…there’s even a page on this site about it (doesn’t get much attention, so don’t feel like you have to abandon us here on this page!). Get a good pump! lol. But, really, you are completely not alone and you are doing a wonderful thing for your little one. Hang in there! And google exclusive pumping if you want to find some moms in your situation!



    katoyakk, nipple size means nothing. Baby doesn’t latch onto just nipple, baby latches onto the area around your nipple, and even the size of the areola doesn’t matter. In the world of breast feeding, size, as a general rule, doesn’t matter. Big or small, it can still be done. 🙂 Welcome, and feel free to ask any questions you may think of!



    I know I’ve posted about this before, but Zoey has been asleep 21 of the past 24 hours. The 3 hours awake are broken up in 1 hr segments. She’ll be 4 months on the 11th. And she wants to nurse to sleep too, which is fine by me, except now she associates eating w/ sleepiness and will go to sleep after/during EVERY session. She only reached for something once and has only rolled over twice (at 4 weeks) … I feel like she’s sleeping instead of reaching milestones. Bri, did Chris sleep this much @ 4 months? Anyone else have a sleeper? I really think it goes hand in hand with the fact that she’s a snacker. She wants a little all the time instead of being really full every few hours. And she hates a pacifier and doesn’t care for her thumb either. sigh.


    I went out and bought a bag of Bob’s Red Mill steel cut oats. The package has cooking instructions, but no ‘fermenting’ instructions. What is the water:oats ratio? How long should they soak for? How will I know they’re done and how do I cook it afterwards? Help please!!!



    ok. I am officially confused. my son went into the hospital for refusing to eat on monday …tons of test and drama which caused for feedings lost monday night and tuesday. We brought him home tuesday afternoon and it seems UNLESS he is bottle fed(which I did n the hospital because the ivs stuck in him made nursing dfficult on him to nurse) he doesn’t poop. …which then the poop adds up and refusal to eat happens and the drama begins AGAIN.

    ….I HATE PUMPING BUUT I will be a stink’n machine for a year if I need to, to keep him off formula ….any thoughts on this? He’s below his birth weight due to all this drama so the neurotic mother in me doesn’t care at this point how we get food in him as long as we do ….thoughts on his fickle breastfeeding would be loved though. I’m chasing a 20 month old, pumping and feeding newborn …to drop the pumping and bottle would be amazing to me.
    I fed my first kid on the boob for 10 months …maybe all this drama has made for a bad start or nipple confusion? …bleh. THANKS!



    Balsamfir – thank you for your advice. Another question please… If I only feed on one breast though, then start again on that breast say 4 hours later – how can I be sure that my lo didnt empty it on the previous feed and it’s now foremilk again? I’m sorry I find it all so confusing!



    I am getting so frustrated. Pretty much since birth when I nurse Derek he makes a ‘clucking’ noise constantly and the seal is constantly broken. Because of this he doesn’t get very full during feedings, he gets a lot of extra air and its generally uncomfortable for me to nurse him. I have spoken to lactation consultants on the phone and they told me I have to come in and get help…however its over $200 to go see them and that isn’t a possiblity right now. What else can I try…like I said he cluck cluck clucks during the entire feeding and keeps popping the seal off.

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