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    GOD-IVA – Nope but I’ve also been doing this for going on three years now. There isn’t food you can’t have. You also can exercise. Once your baby goes a little longer you can have a drink here and there. And the best part…they aren’t inside where YOU have to be the one to carry them 24/7. Daddy can help out every now and then. Oh and no heartburn or sickness! Much better then actually being pregnant.



    oh and instead of staying up i get up at 5:30 for a little me time. i’ve always been more of a morning person.



    Does anyone know if the signs of pregnancy are different when you’re breast feeding than when you’re not? I have yet to have my period since the birth of my son (8 months ago) so I don’t really have a basis to go by. It could be my hormones changing, but I don’t know. My hubby and I are taking precautions so perhaps I am paranoid.



    pg, Ive hear of moms putting on bright colored necklaces to keep baby occupied while nursing


    Can anyone reccomend a good book for baby led weaning?



    lauraoct – I’m sorry I didn’t comment. It’s so hard when I’m bouncing on and off the computer to catch everything. Then trying to get the photo to work. Blah! Anyways, sorry! I’m glad he’s feeling better. It does get easier to go through them. I don’t tear up anymore after shots. They hardly phase me. I know I sound harsh. I just know that a little prick is better for him in the long run. Alex is better then Chris though. He’s never had a fever from a shot.



    Jessica, yes we do live in a pro-breastfeeding state. We are third in the nation for breastfeeding. Love it!


    Ugh. I’m soooo tired! Baby john did NOT sleep well last night. He wasn’t like crying or anything but he just wanted to play and be held.The once we were finally geting some sleep he wakes at 730 ready forthe day. I was/am so tired. I’ve been checking throughout the day what ya’ll are talkinga bout. I do want to add to some things but I just don’t have the energy. Times like this is when I question if I want another baby! PLus, for the life of my I can not nap during the day. I don’t know what it is, but its so hard.



    Deeyore- thanks! Let’s hope they get things moving in there!



    Yeah my first instinct is to go to the boob first when he cries. It’s the quickest way to comfort him. Not sure what I’ll do to comfort him when he weans!



    what is this amber necklace?



    jeniwalker- i just friended the group, my name is Megan E. just so you don’t think i’m a fake person trying to friend the group! I wish this site was more like facebook, it seems more organized and run easier.



    Jessica- You just made me laugh so hard!!!! hahaha My stomach felt the same way the first couple days but I never had any issues. And I totally hear you ladies on the whole hating your pump!!! My husband always says that he is so glad we got an exteneded warranty on it because I use it so much he thinks it’s going to give out. lol


    Sorry some if some of these answers are redundant. I went through 9 pages of comments and tried to answer most of the questions. I figure the more responses, POV’s etc, the better! 🙂 Sorry if I missed anyone.

    emilee – sucks about your husband leaving. I know what it’s like to NEVER have family time. Travis and I work opposite schedules in order to keep Alyssa out of daycare and we rarely see each other. At least we get to sleep together though.. even if it’s just for a few hours.

    casen – have you tried a boppy or the ‘breast friend’ it helps elevate baby to you so you’re not having to lean over. I’m sure a few pillows (or a big fat pillow) will work as well. I used the breast friend and I loved it!

    Bouza – Oats – as far as I know the reason it should be old fashion is because they’re not processed like the instant oats are. The combination of the nutrients that remain in tact (in the old fashioned style oats) and fermenting the oats makes them higher in the substance (can’t remember what it’s called) that promotes lactation. I know this sounds vague… I can’t find the article I read this in, sorry. But that’s pretty much the jist of it.

    doublemama – I think pumping a few times before feeding your bub will not make him a lazy eater. If he’s teething and needs a faster let down, I say pump for a few minutes before you feed him.

    Bri – awesome photo! Chris is a handsome boy! Can’t see Alex too well in this one though, haha! 🙂 Oh and grats on not being preggo!

    jeniellezeidan – it’s totally normal that your bub is eating for this long and this often. The best way to boost your supply is to nurse, nurse, nurse! She’s sending signals to your body to meet her demand. So yes, unfortunately, it is par for the course. I doubt at this point that you need to take anything to help your supply. Nursing is the best thing you can do for that. I second what emilee said.. ask for help from friends, family, neighbors so you can nurse as often as possible. Binky’s are good too for soothing a baby who needs to suckle but isn’t necessarily hungry. Introducing a bottle or formula at this point may only make things more difficult for you to EBF. I say stick to nursing alone.

    LauraOct – your photos are no longer available to view. Were they removed?!? And congrats on your bub rolling over! 🙂

    illy2 – congrats on reaching 4 months! I know the feeling. Every day/week/month feels like such a great accomplishment. Good for you! 🙂

    noah colts mommy – I didn’t lose hair right after the pregnancy. I think it might been between 8-12wks pp. So yeah.. I think it’s normal. I was pulling out hair by the hand full! I was so afraid of going bald! lol. It lasted about 2-3 weeks and now I’m back to the normal amt of shedding – which for me is still quite a bit. Good thing I have lots of hair!

    coloradomtnmama3 – if your LO is going 2-3 hours between meals, producing enough wet diapers and gaining weight, then she isn’t a snacker but a very efficient eater! At 13 days old…going 2-3 hours between feedings is great. No need to change anything you’re doing. Keep up the great work! 🙂



    oh and that lady at the supermarket. i would have told her to suck it and offered a boob. of course you’re response was probably better. oh and bri i love the bottle dildo comment!

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