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    Ladies, you need to read this. Have some tissues ready! Seriously! Awesome story of mother’s love and of course breastmilk….



    Awwww… This all makes me so sad! I always know this place is here for wonderful support. The fact that any part of this net may be deleted for so called ‘offensive’ behavior is upsetting. I hope everything can be reconsidered and dealt with in a professional manner. I’m proud to bf my babe and I am sorry that WE have cause to be offended so often. Sometimes ppl just need to mind their own business!



    Is it normal for my breast to have a hard time with the let down reflux in the afternoons. It seems my baby wants to nurse every hour from 6 pm til 10 pm and I noticed my breasts down experience the let down reflux like they do during the day. She only drinks for 30 sec.s when my milk drops and then she waits for the next time my milk drops. Anyone else have this problem?



    socal- how often are you nursing a day? Is she asking for it or are you offering at certain times? Cuddle snuggle and give her a cup. Also distract. You don’t have to say NO, just give an alternative…



    Ps – while i’m on the subject, with a cows milk protein allergy, there is a chance of blood in the babies stool if you are consuming a fair amount of dairy. I know of someone that this has happened to very recently (my mother is a lactation consultant so i get to hear all these stories). This lady turned out to be eating a lot of yogurt, and when she stopped, the blood disappeared. I wouldn’t listen to your doctor…(sorry i guess its a subject i’m passionate about for obvious reasons)



    janna-until you can get the point across that biting is bad and will not be tolerated keep a little pressure on her chin so she can’t chomp down.



    Any pumps better than others if you are exclusively pumping? Any ones that you recommend staying away from?



    Well I have a 4.5 month old and found out last sunday I am pregnant. I heard if you go throughout the night w/out nursing it can stimulate ovulation. I am nursing my 4.5 mnth old exclusively and pregnant…Im sure my doc will probably freak out at my 1st prenatal visit.



    Fenugreek Capsule Form (580-610 mg)

    2-4 capsules, 3 times per day — 6-12 capsules (total) per day
    Sweat and urine will smell like maple and is a sign youve reached the right dosage. You Gould see an increase in 24-72 hours if taking enough capsules. I took 12 a day and it worked great.



    Maxx is almost 7 months and breast feeding seems to be getting easier and easier!! The only thing that worries me is that he seems to eat for only 10 minutes total but then seems satisfied for up to 3 hours….does that seem normal? He doesn’t seem to want to eat after 10 minutes…



    So how do you know if your breastfed baby has diarrhea??? Linden had a bad cold the last couple of days, and at the doctors yesterday he asked me if he had diarrhea… I said no, but now Im thinking… what if he does? Its always running and yellow and seedy… and I dont think it has changed… but Im not sure what it would even look like lol



    notsmithers – I started feeding my first son at about 3 months and 3 wks old he was interested in our food and he often seemed not full from formula or breast milk so I started to feed him. But my secound son reminds me of ozbaby’s story he just didnt want to eat and his doctor said to feed him at 6 months so I wasnt worried and my family drove me nuts with comments like ‘you are starving that baby’ but my instincts said he was fine and he was gaining plenty of weight and infact I really felt like he ‘piged out’ on my breast milk. And he started eating right before he turned 7 months and he is a growing thriving 2 and 8 month old. He did fine. I think each child is different and your baby will let you know when it is ready to eat. The only thing that irritates me is the mothers who thier babys seem interested in eating or like thier milk doesnt seem to satisfy them even after trying different kinds of milk and they refuse to let thier babys have food because a doctor has said the baby should eat a certain age. I know doctors are more experienced but each child is different and I dont think they all have an exact time when they need to start baby food. this has been my experience with it I hope this helped you just remember many time our parents and family has the best intentions but they are not always right. Good mothers can rely on thier own instict ( we have it for a reason )



    Oz- If she is nursing at night I think that she is just getting to where too much distracts her and she doesn’t want to take the time to stop and eat. 6 months is way to young to self wean. I would suggest going to a dark room when she gets tired and try to feed. If you can maybe even drape a blanket on the window so it will be darker. My little one is only 3 months old and when we are out or there are alot of people he gets mad when he has to eat. Some babies also just don’t like being in alot of different places to eat so if she eats best in the night maybe try laying down with her. I know a few people that, that was the only way they could get theirs to nurse. If you have started solids then maybe try cutting back or stopping for a few days and see what that does. If you have time take a few naps with her skin to skin so she can feel close to you again. Not sure where you are going but if you have the chance maybe even bathe with her. A lot of these suggestions are for women trying to get their baby to the breast for the first time so hopefully it will work for you and your LO to reconnect a bit.



    i have a question, I have been exclusively breastfeeding my four month old son and have recently started back to work. I have been pumping at work and it seems like my supply is decreasing. i can only pump three times while at work, I nurse him before i go at 4:30am then pump at 7:30 am 11:00 am and then again at 1 pm. then i am home and he nurses all night. the first day i pumped 15 oz total all day, second day 12, then today only 10. my supply is decreasing and i am freaking out that i won’t have enough to feed him next week. if i start rice cereal will that make him drink less milk while i am gone? what can i do to increase my supply while i am at work? the only other time i would be able to add an extra pumping is maybe twice on my lunch hour (11am) please any suggestions will help…



    gladek – Thanks honey! That means a lot. I used this website when I was having issues and I hope that I’ve been able to help others too.

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