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    lexi101, I love the Breast Flow bottles. They have a double nipple system that helps cut down on gas, but also simulates letdown. Makes it so that the bottle isn’t as easy! The outer nipple is also a soft silicone that squashes against their cheek like the breast does. When I taught nursery school and worked in the infant room I got to try out lots of bottles on babies. My next favorite was the Playtex ventair. I hate Avent bottles and really am not a fan of the drop ins. Reading the comments below, I think that I am in a minority on that one! 🙂



    katjak – have you been to This might help



    Also, everyone is different but at 6 months my son was on multiple solids meals (iron fortified cereals and all the Gerber 1st foods which are just one ingredient plus water) and he still breastfed fine. He was very into the variety of foods and there are a lot of healthy choices for solids. From the research I have done breastmilk is perfect for the first 6 months but after that solids are added for additional nutrients.



    msbree- my baby is four months and drinks for exactly 5 mins on one side every 2 hours and sleeps through the night…. and i love it that he eats fast 🙂 feeding him a bottle takes like 20 mins he hardly gets bottles for that reason and his time beween feedings is the same either way.



    Chellebob – Could it be wind? My lo pulls on and off when she has it, burping her then putting her back on usually helps. I’ve noticed whenever I’m stressed or overtired my supply either suffers or my lo needs more comforting. Nursing more usually helps and the day after things are usually back to normal. My supply is really low at the moment due to the arrival of my period. I’ve been eating fermented oatmeal (porridge) twice a day. Drinking loads more water, having a non alcoholic beer and having a few cups of breastfeeding tea not sure of results yet and eating more. Good luck!!!



    Yesterday I was able to pump 18 oz while at work for 9 hours! I was super excited. Then this morning as I was getting the bottles out for her to take to school, I dropped a bottle. The lid broke and the milk started pouring out on the floor. I thought I wouldn’t cry this time, but loosing two oz really makes you sad! I only got .5 oz when I pumped before bed last night! I sure do cry over spilled milk. My dog was excited because he drank it up within about 1 min. 🙁



    rachelz: I’m sure it’s possible, I’ve heard of people relactating after much longer than you, so I’d say offer the breast and pump as much as possible…drink LOTS of water and eat more to get your supply up. Maybe google foods that boost your supply and eat those. Keep at it, I’m sure you can get your supply up!


    What do you women use as far as birth control? I made an appointment for Mirena. I’m having second thoughts. I may want another baby in the next year but want to plan it. I was told anything other than a IUD while BF won’t work.


    lawson’s mom- I have read that some woman’s milk can just be sour, its because of the enzymes. Your baby might not take it, so they say you have to boil it before storing it.
    Sounds like a lot of work. I don’t have that problem, so I am not 100% sure of what to do, but a lactation consultant should be able to help. I think if I were you, I just wouldn’t pump. It shouldn’t be sour when it first comes out.



    Lawsons Mom – That’s why I like Modest Middles. They are cut lower then your breasts so when you lift your shirt your tummy isn’t exposed but then you aren’t having to pull another shirt down either. Just unhook the bra and go!



    Ashraesy – You’re a wonderful mom and your son is lucky to have a mom that cares and works as hard as you do to get him the best nutrition he can get! My daughter wouldn’t latch onto my left for 7 weeks due to it being inverted as well. She finally did after trying almost every feeding, But she at least could latch with no problem on my right so was not used to bottles. Keep up the great work with the pumping!



    I need encouragement please! I posted yesterday with my story….’My DD is 2 weeks old today and was 5 weeks premature. We have been feeding her EBM with a fortifier to increase the calories for the past two weeks. Got the okay today to see how she does (weight gain wise) without the fortifier over the long weekend. So, of course bc the BM had to be fortified she has been using bottles…I have been attempting to get her to latch throughout the day everyday since birth and she seems to be getting the hang of it. I am hoping now that we don’t ‘have’ to give her bottles, she will be able to exclusively BF within the next few days or so and we can drop the bottles of EBM.’ I am having the worst day with her..she has not latched once. I feel really negative like she wont get the hang of it, and I feel time pressured bc my husband is returning to work in two weeks. If she does not get the hang of it in the next two weeks, I’m worried we are going to have to switch to formula bc I can’t care for my jealous 2 year old, pump and feed the EBM…..has anyone else struggled with a baby that had to have bottles in the beginning and had a successful switch to EBF? Help…I’m on the edge of giving up!



    seub- i’d probably talk to my ped. just see what they have to say. try to feed LO as soon as she wakes up from a nap, and then just play with her. If she’s just gotten up she’s less likely to fall asleep again. Try to keep her up for longer periods of time yourself



    Need to vent! Its 4am and jacob is still asleep but bc I’m working today I woke up to pump. He usually eats now but with craming in the bottles my mum thawed he didn’t wake up. Yet

    Anyway I bought a manual pump for emergencies and thought I’d try it out. I sterilized it tonight. So at a 4am I spent 30 min swearing in the kitchen trying to put the **@Â* thing back together!

    Only then did I read the tiny note not to take handle apart! W t F? Its the only kind of product you assume should come apart and be cleaned!

    Now I don’t know what to do with the stupid thing as it won’t reassemble.

    Anyone ever been in same situation?

    Also what is more accurate, the measurements on the pump bottle or the baggy?
    I pump 5oz and then baggy says 6



    Ok so I stopped breastfeeding but want to start again. My babys 7 weeks old and I can handexpress a little bit but not much. I can’t get her to latch on because she gets frustrated and there’s not much in there. When I pump nothing really comes what can I do?

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