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    Anyone have the birth control Implanon? Thats the one im getting and my doc said it will not affect milk supply.



    Maddux – Some insurances will cover LCs. You can also ask about volenteers. LCs have to have a lot of free work under their belts before they can become an actual LC. These women know their stuff but just can’t charge yet. Maybe look into that.


    ok so my LO is 6 days today, she is the first I have breast feed my other I tried but it hurt much. this time however doesn’t hurt me. I have a question tho every time I feed Hailey she poops I tend to change it to quick and she does a lil more but its kinda green and foamy looking when it comes out sorry TMI but I’m going threw SO many diapers and just wondered if normal with Breast milk



    I need a little advice…lately my son has been more distracted on my left breast, I don’t know if this is because the supply is lower on that side or if it’s getting lower because he pulls off so much…but along with that, the supply in my right breast seems to keep increasing. It used to just be more full than the left, but now it’s getting uncomfortably full between feedings and I don’t know why or what I should do about it. Today it’s started actually getting hard not long long after he’s nursed on it…it’s not painful but it is uncomfortable and doesn’t seem like it should be doing that. Part of me thinks I should pump because I know the breast needs to be be emptied, but I don’t want to be like ‘yes breast, I need this much milk!’…so I don’t know what to do to get things back to normal.



    Thank you Krystal. I needed that today 🙂



    illy, sorry you went through that but thank for the giggle. hope the boy behaves for you better next time



    Hey Laura sorry to hear that your LO is not letting you to sleep.I think it will get better soon just hang on there.



    Ladies I want to celebrate an accomplishment! I NIP in Cabelas without a cover! It was my first time in public not using a cover and its odd I felt liberated lol….Noah-I wear nursing bras and tanks under EVERYTHING so when I NIP without a cover I just unsnap pull that down then lift my shirt enough for him to get my nipple….We went to the dr today and he does have thrush again…The dr gave my antis this time and wants me to use nystatin on him and his nipples my only confusion is they only gave me 1 diflucan I dont know if this was a mistake or not I have to bleach all my nursing bras and tanks I already sanitized the 2 binks he uses oh and he is 14lbs and 3 months old today



    Evergreen Hospital made the list which is right next to Overlake where I gave birth. About three miles between the two hospitals. Wonder why Overlake didn’t make the list. They seemed to follow everything correctly?



    enum-I think you have come on here and been judgemental yourself. Only one person said that and more than one person corrected her about it. If you have question, speak up. I promise we don’t all bite.


    jpeanut – it sounds like your baby is becoming more sufficient at eating. This shouldn’t hurt your supply. As long as he has enough wet/dirty diapers, is gaining weight and still goes a few hours between feedings I think he is getting enough and you’ll produce enough to keep up with his demand.



    Zoey has quit nursing to sleep at night…I finally gave up patting her but (she was screaming) and just sat her in her carseat again. She put herself to sleep. LOL. I was a little sad. But it’s probably a good thing.



    I found this website for the amber teething necklaces, they also seem to have teething bracelets.



    Petskie- that was so uncalled for. We do NOT stand for intolerant, rude people. So please do not post here anymore. We are one of the most supporting groups here and if you have been led to believe different fine but do not attack one of our most hard working mommas you have no clue what she does for her child so take your ignorance elsewhere!


    Well, after I starting eating them I was reading over the hrs I wasn’t here and saw you are suppose to heat them. So, I went and zapped them for 30 seconds after the ice cream was in and tasted SO MUCH better, like real oatmeal, which I love! My next oats will be better from the start. lol

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