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    Im not asking for a full 8 hrs a night I would just like atleast 4 maybe 5 before I get woke. John wakes at least 3 times a night. I’m up by 7-8 and he’ll stay in until 9-10. We got to bed around 9-10. Last night he didn’t go to sleep until almost 11 woke 2 hrs later and 2 other times before wanting to get up at flipping 730. But he did go down at 9 until 11. I’m unable to nap during the day. Once I’m up, I’m up.



    Ha ha ha! I was just watching a baby story on TLC, and the woman said she had been having nightmares about breastfeeding: she kept dreaming she was trying to feed her daughter and milk was spraying all over her couch and the living room. Lol! That is my reality!


    mamadear04 – I’m planning to let Alyssa wean whenever she wants, but I’ll be TTC probably sometime next year so even if she does go that long I’m sure eventually she’ll wean due to the pregnancy, change in milk, etc. If she doesn’t, then I guess I’ll try to go tandem. I mean, if I’m feeding one baby, might as well feed two if she wants it. I have a feeling though that she’ll wean before then. Like Bri currently does, I may just express milk for her sippy cup until… hehe well I’m not sure when. I haven’t really thought too much about it that far ahead. I just go day to day. Lots to think about now for me to think about a few years from now. Having said all that… if Alyssa were my ONLY child, then I would let her nurse until she no longer wanted to. Would she reach 8 years? I doubt it. I wouldn’t be totally against it though.



    Bri, in that case, I would have him really do more of the cleaning and changing. Make it take as long as possible, esp since you said he gets carried away while playing. While he is getting changed, do a gentle reminder ‘lets try to make it to the bathroom next time so it goes faster and you can play more’ type of thing. Let him watch daddy use the bathroom too.


    balsam: i know what you mean. i have a medela harmony manual pump . i love it becuase i seem to beable to get more out with that one rather then my medela symphany double electric pump. i love the fact that when i use my manual when i really need to pump that it seems to empty me. i feel alot lighter. also i can get like 4 to 5 ounces with it during a good session. with a toddler getting into everything and a 3 month old, the manual is convient for me because there are no wires or hoses for my toddler to get ahold of during a session of pumping.


    Mybabysurprise I wouldn’t use the breast milk after 24 hours without refrigeration. If you supplement a few formula bottles I don’t see any harm in that.



    thanks ladies, i knew it didnt seem right. and we’ve been doing wonderful breastfeeding i never had any cracked or bleeding nipples the just got alittle sore in the beginning and she nurses great. but now that i think about it i did eat a whole box of yoplait yogurt and lots of ice cream bars. maybe thats why. i really dont like my dr but like i said hes the only one in town the next is either 30 min (another small town) or 2 hours away (big city) but im thinking of getting a city dr anyways it would be worth the drive..



    angela-they make really great covers if you’re really modest (and it sounds like you are). Also yes if you’d like to be alone when feeding I don’t see any problem asking them to step out when you do it. They love you and should understand. However having one of them with you when you see a lactation consultant (lc) might be helpful if you need advice or help getting lo’s latch right.


    Do any of you ladies use a pumping bra that holds the bottles in place? My wrists hurt from holding them and didn’t know if the bras really worked.



    CarolineTx24 – Your doctor shouldn’t ‘freak out.’ Ok so many doctors say that you should wait at least 18months to get pregnant again just because your body needs time to heal but she shouldn’t say anything about breastfeeding. I’m pregnant and my son just self weaned at 21months. When I was at my 1st prenatal I told her that I was still breastfeeding and she said ‘Good, it’s healthy for the both of you.’ There are new studies that say that it is healthy and do not stop. Many old school doctors will still say that you need to stop immediately but it’s not true. I know plenty of people that have breastfed throughout their entire pregnancy and went on to tandem nurse without any complications. Congrats on the new one and the next one on the way.


    I completely agree with Heather–do not supplement if you can hold out. Our babies don’t actually need any food at all for the first week of their lives. Supplementing now will cause you greater difficulty in the long run. Don’t be fooled–your baby may suck down the formula but that’s due to their need to suck, not actually being hungry. The way to make your milk come in strong is to put your baby to your breast often (every 3 hours around the clock for the first few weeks and then you can go longer during the night time 4-5 hours). If you can’t do that, you can pump but just know that you will get very little out for a couple of weeks. That’s because you will only make a very small amount 1/2 an ounce to an ounce because that’s as big as your baby’s belly is at this time. I supplemented and I am soooooo sorry I did–it caused us both major, major obstacles in breastfeeding. If I have another one, I won’t make the mistake again. You can get the Lansinoh lanolin at Walmart and Target and it works miracles on sore nipples. Good luck and check back here often as there are lots of mommies with experience and willingness to help.


    I have a question for those of you who have been b/f for a while….. Have any of you gotten your period yet?? And if you have when did you get yours back?? My little girl is almost 6 months and I have not had a period yet. I love not having it, but just wanted to know when I might get it back.






    Lizzie – From my experience it is easier to watch other children and breastfeed than it is to bottle feed. Exp as your child gets older. As your child gets older she will eat all she needs in far less time than it takes her now. My 13 month old will eat 6 to 9 oz in 10 minutes. It is far easier to place him to the breast while taking a 5 minute breather than it is to have to make a bottle and then feed the bottle. Plus there is no clean up time. 🙂 I think though it can be a daunting thought having to take care of that many children and take time out to bf you LO, in the end it will be easier, exp if you can do it in the same room as the other kids. If you have a closed child/baby friendly area you can sit in and feed, it shouldn’t be an issue.

    cowgirl – The engorgement will come and go until your milk regulates at 4-6 weeks. My doc always told me (even when i exclusevly pumped for my first child) that if i was in pain from engrogement to pump until the point of relief and then stop (even if that is an extra pump). He said once you feel the pressure release enough to stop the pain then stop so that i am not going to continue the pattern of being engorged.



    angelag3girls : Thanks. I have been feeding her in her room where it is quiet and dark and its not making any difference. Once she decides she won t feed then there is nothing i can do to change her mind. She refuses to eat lying down with me as well. The thing is she wont latch on at all. Its about 2-3 feeds a day. We are going to the beach for 2 weeks ( its summer here) and there is a small deep bath so i planned on bathing with her anyway so ill give that a shot. She does get distracted a lot now but i dont think that is the reason she refuses to feed. She gets very annoyed the minute she realises im about to feed her and then plain refuses but will easily take a bottle.

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