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    I breastfed my baby for about 4mins before I remembered that I smoke like 5 cigs today. Once I remembered I STOPPED feeding him. I normally dont smoke but my mom made me mad today. How long should I wait to breastfeed after smoking a cig? Could I have just made his stomach upset or hurt him because I breastfed him? I’m going to stop smoking when this pack runs out. Before Christmas I havent had a cig in almost a yr & idk why I started again…smoking is so pointless.



    Luv – Tylenol 3 is codiene based. I’m allergic to codiene. We found this out in the hospital when I was 10. I was having surgery after a gymnastics accident and that’s what they gave me. I couldn’t keep food down with it. I’d be careful. I don’t know the effects on the baby but I’d still be very careful. Codiene isn’t fun when you have issues with it.



    mommyxs3-Ha! Glad to know i’m not alone! I guess it’s a good way to lose the baby fat…i’m much more thirsty than hungry.



    Ok ladies…
    I am a little concerened…. My hubby and I have chosen condoms as birth control as I have always had a supply issue and we didn’t want to risk my supply. My little guy will be 8 months on the 15. I have had a normal cycle since 8 weeks post pardum. 2 weeks ago I had my normal cycle… A week ago I had horrible pains on my right side and I just passed it off as another cyst bursting. Saturday I started to have a dark brown blood, not much but enough for a pad, and even then I only had this when I wiped. This has been the case since Saturday. I am freaking out as this is kinda what happened when I got preggo with my first. (To be honest I am not really ready for and I really didn’t want anymore as my hubby has 2 older kids from a previous marriage.) If I am I will love this child as all my others, but I am not ready for another yet. Hopefully this is just a side effect of the cyst, even though this has never happened. Wishful thinking right? My work will probably fire me if I happen to be as they are already getting mad about me pumping. I don’t know why though as I pump before my shift at 6:45 am, I take my break late between 11:00-11:30 depending on how busy I am and my last break between 3-4 depending on my trucks I have coming in. sorry this is so long but I am really scared. I don’t know what to do right now. I know it is to soon to test, But it has never taken my period so long to get going.



    i have had the best weekend! instead of using expressed milk in bottles i nursed him all day yesterday and since i’m not working today i’m doing the same thing! it’s been so awesome and i haven’t pumped in like 2 days, how wonderful! lol. i’ll have to pump tonight after he goes to bed cuz i’m working tomorrow, but i wish i could just go back to nursing him full time and not have to work!



    tiffsept15 people I have talked to say its kinda normal to see a decrease around 6 months. I have always had my period from the get go but alot of women seem to get theres back around 6 months. Not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. If you are interested in trying the oatmeal. It is equal portions old fashion oats to water and soak over night. Then just heat, sweeten to your liking and eat. Brewers yeast is a good booster too. You can find that at walmart. Is your LO fussy after a feed? Is there 5-6 wet diapers a day? I found out a few months ago that a wet diaper equals 3 tablespoons of water in the diaper if you have ever wondered. Have you started solids?



    i am feeling s sad.i want t breastfeed my daughter (12 day old) she latch but wont suck mre than 5/6 times.but she drinks from bottle and drinks formula.i hate giving it to her.i am not sure what should i can i make her love breastfeeding.HELP!!!HELP PLZZ.



    Along with supply issues, now I have another! My DD goes to bed about 9:30 & I wake her at 6:30am for a diaper change, clothing change & feeding to start her day. She in no longer interested in her morning feeding. She eats for maybe 2 mins. Then I have to pump. Why is she not hungry after sleeping all night? Plus, when I get home at night and nurse her at 6:30pm all is well until that 9:30 feeding. My breasts just feel empty and my husband ends up feeding her from a bottle with our freezer supply. In all she eats from me maybe 20mins a day~ The rest is all pump. How do I get my LO interested in feeding from me again and not that bo



    DonyaK – I use the Born Free brand. That’s the same bottle I used too. They have soft and hard nipples. Just keep trying. Eventually she’ll get it.



    kym22, Baby’s schedule will inevitably chage as she gets older; don’t assume what it used to be will suit her now. The issue really is to get her sleeping when you can also sleep! Try getting the house dark and quiet earlier in the evening? My LO wakes at 3am every morning, but goes back to sleep as long as I keep her quiet and just feed and change her with a minimum of noise and fuss. Hope you can figure something out. Sleep deprivation is NO FUN!



    Thanks Bri.
    What will you do if he doesnt want to wean at 2? Will you wean him or keep feeding?



    Not to scare you, but my friend had a BFP and then it was a negative, and then a positive. Anyway, it was an ectopic pregnancy. I’d wait like a week or so, and if no AF, go to your doctor. Good luck!!



    colsons mommy- to increase your milk supply try pumping after he feeds even if your empty! This will trick your body into thinking that it needs mroe milk. after a few days of this your supply should increase. At first i could only pump 2-3 oz each side every couple of hours now i can pump between 8-10oz every couple of hours.



    suzm – may take a little while to get your body back to the pumping routine. I always noticed that if I was with baby constantly and always breastfeeding then it took awhile to get back into the pumping groove so to speak. I even noticed after weekends of nursing that Mondays were the days I pumped the least. Always worked itself out though. Do you have a freezer supply of expressed to give your LO instead of formula?



    oh and ps i’m only 11 weeks pp so it gets better pretty quick.

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