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    HELP! My milk is backed up on my right breast. I’ve been going back to back taking hot showers, compressing and pumping (I exclusively pump) and it just wont give. Am I going to get sick and get mastitis? It’s been 4hrs since it’s refused to release.



    mamalala – I think you may have the wrong size shield. They come is several sizes but the pump only comes with one. I would check to see if your size is for your size breast.



    Hi ladies, I am stuck and have a question and thought I would ask here in the breast feeding forum. In Oct I will be going back to work 3 days a week and my little guy will be 9 months. He will not take a bottle (yep, have tried everything). I am hoping to bf my little one just before I go to work 7:30am and again when I finish at 4:00pm. I am trying to get my head around a schedule that will work so I can implement it a few weeks b4 I go back. Can you give me your opinions on this one I have put together?? My little one is still getting up two, three times during the night for a feed too…

    7:30am – breast.
    10:00am – solids – rice cereal or weetbix and fruit.
    1:00pm – solids – rice cereal with avocado or banana followed by yogurt or custard.
    4:00pm – breast.
    5:00pm – solids – meat and veggies.
    8:00pm – breast.
    1:00am – breast.
    4:00am – breast.

    Comments on my page would really be appreciated… Thank you!!!!



    To increase your milk supply you need to feed feed feed. It is the only way your body has any signal to produce more milk. Obviously all the supplements help, fermented oats, eating plenty of calories and drinking lots of water. Are you sure you are feeding frequently enough? I was surprised how often I needed to feed my baby when I first started breastfeeding. I expected her to go 3-4 hours between feeds, and some do, but I had to feed every hour and a half for quite a while for my supply to increase. She never went longer than 3 hours between feeds until I introduced some solids recently. It took a few weeks really for my body to catch up with the demand. Pumping is OK but I never had much luck with it. I can only pump off about 1oz, where as my baby is obviously guzzling much more than that!



    I agree – pump and store! I over-produced for a good while, and wish I would have tried to pump more… now at 6 months I have went from pumping 12-15 oz a day to 3-5 ) :
    I have lots working against me right now work stress, teething, period return. Started fenugreek today and it is killing my tummy…



    My son is 10 weeks old and right at the 8-9week mark he started to sleep better. Last night he slept from 1030pm till 615am I am so happy. I have been getting up in the middle of the night pumping my milk (I don’t want to give that up yet) and this morning I got up at 4am to pump and only got 2 1/2 oz. I usually get like 4-6 oz. His last bf was at 1030 pmish. I know that maybe my supply is adjusting cause he is sleeping longer but I thought that as long as I pumped once during the night/early morning my supply would be ok. Is that right or should I pump twice??



    rangie- with my first child i stoped breastfeeding because i got this sick to my stomach feeling everytime i nursed her. with my second child i realised as long as i was eating foods with nutritional value i didnt get the feeling or it didnt last long. if i eat fast food or frozen quick fix foods i get the sick feeling very strongly so its a great diet. try eating alot more veggies and dairy. that helps me not get that feeling. dont feel bad about it. alot of use go through it. have a good cry if you need too, get it out. pent up negative feelings are what are going to be detrimental. iv been told that having these intense feelings more than 6 weeks after you give birth are more likly to need more management than just getting it out. dont worry about drugs though, most post pardon is treated with therapy.



    so went on a trip to cali with family and had to bfeed on plane and at disney, ect… I have not had to bfeed in public much atall (baby is almost 16 weeks) so it was a little wierd, in the airport i found a seat in a not so crowded area and a lady that worked there asked if i would feel more comfortable in the family room and i said oh i didnt knwo there was one, (thinkng there was a bfeeding area) so she brings me into an f-ing bathroom!! im like no sorry i dont feed my baby in bathrooms! cant believe people! then on the plane this guy across the aisle kept looking at me and smiling when my husband wasn’t looking!! haha well atleast im a bit more experienced and comfortable with it.



    expecting- I also wanted to add that there have been a couple times that I have went over my 6hrs time limit and my supply was ok. I just don’t make a habit of it cause if that happens on a regular basis your body will think that your baby does not need that milk and your body will adjust to that (decrease supply). Remember bfing works on a supply/demand schedule less demand (nursing/pumping)=less supply.



    herecomesbaby2 – I have heard good things about breastflow bottles, it is harder to overfeed because of the tiny little holes in the nipple. Personally I used the Soothie bottles and had a hard time with the nipple flow, and my DD would gulp and gulp like she was drowining even though it was slow flow.—— As for nursing in public, I always wear a nursing tank under my clothes so it limits exposure. I’ve heard that nursing in the sling is easy and covers mommy up pretty good



    mamadear04 – Unless you have a history of premature birth then no the contractions don’t do anything. My son just weaned a few months ago and I gave birth to my second son this last month. I was 41.5weeks pregnant when I gave birth.



    seuban…my dd is 12 days old today. she does the same thing during the night. im going thru the same thing emotionally. my dh doesnt (cant, really) help out b/c im nursing. he changes diapers when hes home but thats it. its bn a roller coaster of emotions. my dh also wants me to pump and bottle feed (i decided not to do that, im gunna stick this out). but i do pump just about an ounce a day and freeze it. later on it may b useful. could even put it w/ her cereal when she gets old enough. message me if u ever need to talk to someone who is goin thru the same thing.



    Saw the Ped today! Alexander is HUGE! He’s still in the 97+% group. He’s 15lbs 4oz and is 25 3/4in long. Did I mention he’s only two months



    we cosleep too. Isaac is already crawling and I think he sleep crawls as well. As soon as he moves I’m awake enough to intervene. The tough part comes in the mornings when he wants to sleep in b/c then my dh has to leave him alone in the bed with a baby monitor. I think I’m about to insist that we move the mattress on the floor if he keeps sleeping in in the mornings. also ped knows. all she said at 6 months is if you want him out of your bed before 2 or 3 do it now. she then suggested cio. that’s just something i can’t do so 2 or 3 it is which is fine i like the cuddles and now he seems to be doing okay with the middle of the night weaning. it’s been less than a week and we’re down to two times.



    cosmomama – my 29 lb 9 month old daughter was another little victim of overactive letdown and oversupply. For the first 3 months I seriously thought the poor little thing was truly going to choke from all the milk spraying so forcefully! She would cry, pull off, cough, choke, and even hit me. It was awful! I did what the other girls said, block feed (9 months later, I still only use one breast at a time and sometimes wait a few hours before switching depending on the status), feed in a reclined position, don’t pump unless absolutely necessary, and for me drinking peppermint tea worked wonders (but don’t overdue it because you don’t want your supply to dwindle too much). At around 3 months my daughter could take the faster flow no problem…Your little one will be able to take it after some time, don’t give up – you’re doing great!

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