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    Petskies: You are the one being rude and unsupportive. That was such a mean, disgusting thing to say. I fully support you NEVER coming back to this page. Leslie is an amazing woman, and has done (and is doing) everything in her power to do what’s best for Lawson. Talk about being on your high horse…



    Gus and I still give it a try every now and again, he just can’t open his mouth wide enough for a proper latch and even with a nipple shield, he sucks my nipple through his clenched gums. VERY painful. We’ve been working with an occupational therapist but no results yet. Anyhow, regarding supply, I dropped down to about 15 ounces a day when my inlaws visited through the second week of Gus’ life. because I didn’t know any better, I’d just pump what i needed every 4-5 hours and my supply was hugely effected. So, after 2 weeks of fenugreek and blessed thistle and pumping every 2 hours ecven through the night, my supply slowly returned to where i am confortable. I’d love to get the 50-60 ounces a day some women can get, but i don’t think it’s going to heppen. I’ll be happy with 30. My lactation consultant gave me the same video link Lawson’s Mum just provided and it helped tremendously. Empty boobs make milk way faster, so pumping to empty is key.



    phatbaby57 – Little babies need like 14 hours of sleep in 24 hours. How they get that is up to the parents and baby. HAHA! We try to get Alex down around 8 and no matter what time he goes down he tends to sleep until 8am. He takes three naps during the day as well. Two half hours ones. Usually while we are downstairs or out and about. The mid-day nap is done while his brother is taking his. It’s my free time…right now! HAHA! They’ll sleep a couple of hours then. Alex’s schedule is pretty relaxed but Chris does well on a strict schedule. He’s also almost 3 though. Ugh! A little over two months until his birthday! Geez! Where has the time gone?!


    ha ha phatbaby you make me laugh



    Scarlet, you want to do as much as you can but you’ll be constantly upgrading. Obviously gates to anywhere you don’t want your child. We have three, at the top and bottom of the stairs and to our laundry room where the cat box and food is. We close doors to places like the bathroom. Then eventually we got baby locks to rooms we don’t want the boys. Outlet plugs are a must!! Anything fragile you want to put up high. Our house isn’t decorated to it’s fullest because I have two little boys. I don’t care. We have only a handful of potted plants and those are in the window in the kitchen. Cabinet locks are a must for under the sink and the knife drawer. Just get down on all fours. If you can reach it move it.



    He does watch everyone go to the bathroom . The sad thing is that he likes to clean. He loves to wash things. I don’t think him helping me wash would work. HAHA! I think I just need to be patient and ask every few minutes instead of a half hour. HAHA!



    Ive been trying to get an electric medela pump from the wic program hope fully next wk…my bby is 1 mth and my supply is at 1 1/2 oz every 3 hrs and my bby is eating 3 every 2 hrs just started taking fenugreek hope it helps fast. Im stressin plz help!



    Tara..did any milk come outafter your first pregnancy? Didn’t you just squeeze your nipples a little and see? That would bethe best indicator off being able to feed in the future would be past feeding or making. I don’t think any doctor could know the answer..either things were reattatched properly or not and I bet one breast will be better than the other. Remember its ok to just give some 2 yr old still gets one pumps worth a xay and I feel satisfied feeling that I am giving him my immune that one serving a day has kept him very healthy…good luck..just give it atry and be happy bwith giving your baby some



    Mastitis. So I think I have this… fever, chills and whole body aches along with the tender and painful breast. Can I fight this at home or do I HAVE to get antibiotics.



    Angela, I had the same thoughts as you before I had my first, the thought of ANYONE seeing me breastfeeding aside from DH was mortifying for me. But, when baby girl came out, it kind of all changed for me. I figured I had been through labor and everyone saw the ‘worst’ of me, so how bad could it be?! And when the LC came in (and yes, it was a man!) but a very very knowledgable man and someone who put me at ease very quickly, I didn’t care who I breastfed in front of. If we’re out in public, I usually just throw a blanket over me or use the nursing cover I have. In the end, it’s your choice and if you need privacy while feeding baby, then just ask for it, no one will (or should) care! Good luck, it’s a great adventure 🙂



    babyofdeployment08 – I have one but I don’t like it. It was more work to get it on then it was worth. Also, to get a good letdown I need them at a certain angle and the bra didn’t do that. I think it was a waste but I’m sure there are women that like them



    Great , im not the only one , im 3 months pregnant and i have a 5 month old and still breast feeding. i must have ovulated straight after the 6 wk lochia, unbelievable, regular periods straight away and im 44 too



    There are different views about whether or not wake up a sleeping baby for food… My daughter was small when she was born, although not premature, and lost a lot by the time we left the hospital: the midwife told me to wake her up every 3 hours to feed, day and night. I used to put the alarm. In the same hospital, a friend of mine delivered a premature baby girl and the midwife told her never to wake her up for food! In the same hospital!!!
    No i’m only wishing for the day my girl will start sleeping overnight again!!!



    Cutie – I found that if i squeezed my breast or massage my breast while pumping and i could get a few extra drops but that was about it.



    My son who is 6 mo has had terrible cold and now still raddling nose. We went through week of amoxicilin that did nothing (except burning his bottom). Now Dr wants us to use Singular. Anyone that used it?

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