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    Sunshine – I did the same thing with my children. I had done research when my first son was born but he was ALWAYs hungry. He was a HUGE baby and was also very active. He started stealing my food at 4 months old. So to keep him from eating more advanced foods that i was eating i started him on cereal and then baby food. My little one was never interested in food. He started baby food /cereal at 7 months old and even then wasn’t all that interested. Now at 13 months he eats a wide variety of foods but still doesn’t eat a lot. Where as my older son is 42lbs at 3 (now 3 and half and more) eats like he isn’t getting a next meal. Every child is different. As for effecting speech? I have never heard of such a thing. Old wives tale?



    I have another question. I read somewhere that breastfed babies dont need additional water as it throws out their potassium levels. What age can i start offering bub water in a sippy cup? She is 6 months and has just started eating rice cereal. As it will be hot while we are on holidays and summer is starting i dont want to not offer it if i should be. If someone could let me know in the next few hours that would be great as we leave early tomorrow morning…



    hi ladies- well im am officially done b/f and i am sad. 🙁 my baby is 2 months old and will no longer nurse. i only bf’d part-time while also giving formula from a bottle. when we moved up from slow flow to medium flow nipples, he doesnt want the breast anymore b/c it is not as fast as the bottle. i was trying to pump some for him to put in his bottle, but that got to be way too much work and my supply did not stay good with pumping alone…. 🙁 upset



    I NEED HELP!!! I have been EBF my now 12 week old and everything had always been a little difficult but now I am really struggling. My son won’t open his mouth very wide when he latches on. I always try to get him to open it, but once he is latched on he just closes it more. I have always had an abundant supply but now I think it is really decreasing. I pumped for 20 minutes this morning (with my Medela Freestyle) and only got 3 1/2 oz. I have been eating oatmeal to help my supply. Also, pretty much as soon as my let down is over he pulls off then gets back on many times because he is frustrated that there is not much milk coming out. I then switch him to the other side, but the same thing. If he would just keep sucking I would have another let down, but I can’t get him to. Altogether he feeds for about 3-5 minutes. Does anyone have any suggestions? I really need help! I want to continue nursing and will do whatever it takes!



    Hi there,
    I’m sure this has been asked a thousand times before, but I gave birth 4 days ago and after the colostrum I started to produce milk yesterday morning. My breasts have swollen double size since then and I could hardly sleep because they’re so hard and painful. My baby boy feeds every 4 hours on both breasts and they still continue to hurt. I know it’s normal to hurt, but how strong can the pain be, how long for until it normalises and when should I start extracting milk myself or see the doctor? HELP!!!



    im still bf 8 months on and still love it. my doc said i would have had the crankiest, colic, sleepless baby if i fed him formula , only bc he was allergic to it and it wouldnt have shown for months!! bf has done amazing things to him. Now bc im pregnant im weening him on special (discusting smelling) formula which is filling him up more than i am. i still love nursing him & he loves it too, but am cutting down. Now i have a blocked up boob that is so painful. doc said i have to massage it with hot water or il get Mastitis! Any body got ideas how to unblock it??



    anniemarie- I am right there with you. i did the same thing all weekened except iam back at work today so i had to pump today already.



    AmberJ – The American Pediatric Association recommends 2 years. When you choose to stop is up to you and no one else. My cousin lets all of hers choose when to stop and for some of them it has been 3 or 4 years of age. You are doing a great job!!



    owensbaby09 – That is why I said that I believe that formula has it’s place in our society. Mortality raites are lower because of it. My best friend from HS had her baby boy at 28 weeks. She tried to breastfeed and is envious that Kekoa and I have done it for so long. She is also thrilled that her son is healthy. A little iron deficiant but that’s it. But, I also feel that formula is not equal to breastmilk. I think it should be used only if breastfeeding isn’t happening, like in your case. You couldn’t help that your son couldn’t suck. It happens. I would rather you give formula then let your baby die which would have happened before formula was created. That being said, there are chemicals in formula that have caused other problems in infants. Healthy infants that could have breastfed if mom only let them. It does smell and taste gross. I’m sure you are aware of it and no reason to be offended by it, it’s a fact. If you like the smell of formula then you are a minority in that category. There is also reasons why babies can’t digest it as well as breastmilk. You shouldn’t feel guilty or let anyone make you feel guilty for doing what you had to do. If you had said that you choose formula because you didn’t want saggy breasts or you could wait to go get wasted then we might be having a different conversation. But you didn’t. You tried your best and I know how hard it is in the best of circumstances. I didn’t breastfeed until Kekoa was over two months. I pumped 24/7 and took suppliments because he just wasn’t latching. Then one day he did and now he’s 17months and going strong! It was our little miracle but it was also hard work and many tears. Congrats on your pregnancy and I hope all goes well for you this time. I’m TCC right now and hope that I am pregnant. If so I hope that because I’m not a rookie at this anymore that I might have a better chance of getting it right from the get go. I cross my fingers that I won’t have any problems and now know what to do if I do run into any of them.



    RJ only weighed 17 #’s yesterday. He was like 16# almost a month ago. doc’s still aren’t worried though. he is cute and tiny.



    I bought a sippy for Penny – Heinz Baby Basics- (she’s nearly 8 months old), but she just makes too much mess with it. But she always reaches for the cup when I take a drink, so I’ve been teaching her (a sip at a time) to just drink from a normal open-top cup. She’s getting the hang of it!


    So I know this sounds crazy, but does anyone know ANY WHERE that you can SELL breast milk to?!?! There are so many places that will let you donate, but I cannot find anywhere to get paid for it!!! Any ideas?!?!



    When I pump my lt side I only get about 1 oz when I do the rt side I get about 3-4 oz. Does anyone else have this problem? For the most part my daughter nurses for the equal amount of time on the each side. The left side has never become engorged or painful, so I dont think there is blocked duct or anything.



    So what’s the best way to stop breastfeeding? I HAVE to quit, I’ve been nursing him for 3 long weeks and it’s not that he can’t latch and I’m not producing milk, he just can’t digest my milk. I’m lactose intolerant and I think he is too. After he nurses, he screams and cries for hours, even though I give him gas drops, and then finally he’ll pass gas and then it’ll be another hour before he falls asleep. I’ve put him on a soy formula and he’s a completely different baby. He sleeps much better, he hardly cries, except for when he needs something, and when he’s awake, he’s more interactive and alert, verses crying in pain. So now I’m trying to dry up and I’ve pretty much been forced to go cold turkey. I’m pumping my milk off (since I can’t give it to him) but I’m pumping fewer times a day and pumping less and less amounts. But I’m so engorged and miserable and I’ve been at this for a week. Do I just have to suck it up?



    1Byfaith-The amounts you are poumping are great for two weeks! When my LO was a couple weeks, I couldn’t pump an oz total. Heck, my baby is eight months old and I rarely pump more than four oz total each pump, and he has never had formula, and I work full time! You will pump more when you are away from him; also breastfed babies don’t really increase the amount they drink over time, the milk just changes. I am gone about nine hours each day, and my LO has drank about 12 oz while I am gone from when he was six weeks until now at 8.5 months! Just stock up and freeze some extra now for days you may be a bit short, but I bet you will be fine!

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