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    1blessedmomma ~~ mistyjb ~~ and Bri ~~ thanx for the reply … im so worries really now , i took an appointment with the ped. dr for tomorrow coz joe has no appointment till his first shot that means 45 days later 🙁 my husband told me not to worry n just put him under the sunlight for few minutes which i already did but today i noticed that his face skin is also become yellow …. i hope the dr will vanish my fears . i will update u ASAP .



    She has her 4 month on the 17th. I’m going to start logging everything between now and then so I can show him. She can’t sit alone yet but if she sits in my lap, me indian style, she can sit without falling over. And she’s getting a bit more interest in toys. She smiles and laughs a ton. I just worry about the sleep. My mom, sister, grandmother, and I all LOVE sleep…so maybe it’s just a family trait. But she’s good for an hour, maybe 1 1/2 and then she’s ready for another nap. I’ll log it. Hopefully she is awake more than I feel like she is most days and I’ll quit stressing.



    styx- we have been using the no-cry sleep solution book for my toddler. We start with our plan Monday, so here is to hoping we can get our issues (mostly night terrors) soon! I am stuck on something he is doing though, and maybe one of you with older LO will have some ideas. My toddler is 28mo. He day-time potty trained himself at 18mo when we brought brother home from the hospital. After about a month, he started staying dry during the night. This lasted until the weather got nice and he started wetting again. He is so young still that we kinda went ‘no biggie’ and started putting him back in diapers for bed. Now he wakes up right after he goes potty in his diaper. We cloth, so it is absorbed right away, and we have used pull-ups and disposable diapers and it hasn’t helped. He freaks out if you take him to the toilet at any point during the night, even if he has already awakened. Normally I wouldn’t care, but after he wakes up, he is up for a while and is so tired during the day because of it!



    Hi, its my first time posting on this site even though I have been following it throughout my pregnancy and the past 9 weeks. I really want to breast feed but have had a few problems. I have posted a blog on my page as it was a bit too long to write on this page, if anyone has any time I would really like some advice. hope you and all your babies are well. Thanks



    GONNA- I was going to say have some bottles of expressed milk handy when you go to the BBQ. Just for a piece of mind, but I see your little one is only 1wk old. You may not want to introduce a bottle until he is 4-6wks old. Also, you’re not going to want to miss a feeding, because your trying to establish your milk supply still. Another thing he’s so young he might want to nurse VERY OFTEN. So I don’t know if you have a drink right after you nurse if they’ll be that much time between feedings. Personally I have always enjoyed having a few beers and couldn’t wait for one after I had my son. But I waited till he was 6wks and took a few ounzes from a bottle- your little one is just so young…. I don’t know?



    Hi ladies… I had a lower birth weight baby 6 lbs 1 oz at 39 weeks… whos blood sugar was low they asked if they could quick give her enfimil to try to get her sugar up… it worked… that combined with a lack of latching skills, and a fear of her dropping the regular 10% weight… they told me to pump to make sure she was getting all she needed… I did… and have been ever since… never felt like a dairy cow before… and now I infact do… The problem I am having is… I pump every two to three hours with a rented Medela Symphany… and get enough milk in a day to still only be able to give her half mine and half symilac…. I feel like such a failure… I am taking 6 fenugreek caplets a day… smell like a maple syrup factory… and stay way hydrated… but I presume its cause I am older then the average first time mom… (36) that I am not able to supply her with all she needs… any recomendations would sure help. She has her one month follow up tomorrow… she had gone up to 7 lbs 6 oz by her two week… and I am noticing she is plumping up nicely now… what can I do to increase my production… I am happy to pump and provide her with the real deal but I am spending a half hour every 3 hours at the pump and still only half of what she needs????


    loving- it is very LO was the same way..seemed i would change diapers 4 times in a row..only advice i have is to wait a good 10-15 mins after she starts..and that it will pass 🙂


    i love it when they fall asleep feeding and you haven’t put them down or put away your boob. Then you feel them latch back on!



    So you all know that the growth charts that are used in the US is based off of formula fed babies. Well if you look at the WHO growth chart is completely different. Alex is in the 97+% in the US but on the WHO chart he’s in the 99%. I know doesn’t make much difference with him but for those with smaller babies which tends to be the norm with breastfed babies then you’ll see that your baby isn’t all that small. The boys chart is….



    Thanks, Bri and katiebear (great name, btw. Is your DD a Kaitlyn or some form of?). I hadn’t thought of the necklace idea since she was really little.



    They do realize it. The ads are on a auto-grab sort of thing. Whatever people are talking about it advertises for it. They don’t have control on what types of ads go where. I know silly but true. A couple years ago people complained about it and that’s what they were told. I just never have my speakers on, unless I want to listen to something.



    styx – Congrats and yes you need to santize EVERYTHING. Anything that your baby sucks on, drools on such as bedding. Anything that touches your nipples as well.



    Just been to the loo and af has returned 🙁 Can’t believe it’s back already. My supply has been low these past few days my lo has been feeding more often. Can I expect this for the next week or so? What can i do to up it?


    enum – I think judging an entire community of people here based on the postings of a few women is a little short-sided. I most certainly don’t agree that all FF mother’s do so because they are lazy. I do EBF, but I understand that not all women can for various reasons. Coming in here to attack everyone on this thread is just as bad as the women who think all FF mothers do so out of laziness. The fact of the matter is NO ONE really knows anyone’s situation so intimately unless you know them personally, so who are we to judge anyone? Be proud of who you are (a nursing mother) and don’t be ashamed of it just because you can’t identify with those whos opinions you don’t agree with.



    I’m in one of those moods today ladies! The world frustrates me. HAHA! I don’t know if it’s that randem phantom time of the month, the fact that Hubby is on a business trip and won’t be home until Thursday, lack of sleep (by my own stupidity) or a combination of the three. The boys just got up from their nap and really I would have loved for them to sleep all day so I could dink around do nothing. Oh and the weather….isn’t it supposed to be summer! It’s been raining for three days now. Ugh! I need to get Chris outside but I can’t find rain gear that isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg. Why would rain boots and coat have to cost $50? HAHA! Again, I’m just in a mood and needing to vent. Blah!!! Alex is 7 months and no period. I wonder if it’s starting to come back. I’ve been PMSing for months. I did have sex (unprotected of course) about a week ago. I felt crampy afterwards and haven’t felt the same since. I doubt I’m pregnant so that’s no worries but I feel like a period should be coming on. Grrr!! I had hoped that it would stay away until he was a year. HAHA! Oh well, we’ll just have to see. Would be kind of cool to get pregnant but I do want to wait 1 year. Get pregnant NEXT August so I have a May baby. I don’t know why I’m set on a May baby but I am. HAHA! Plus I like the two year difference.

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