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    we start out nursing until he drifts off (sometimes it could take 5 minutes, sometimes an hour of this boob that boob, let’s get a book, okay now this boob…) then I get out of the recliner that is in his nursery and put him in his crib. Sometimes when I stand up he stirs and I’ll sway with him and sometimes when I lay him down he stirs and I pat him. It can be quiet the laborous process, but anything is worth not doing CIO in my opinion.



    If I take breastmilk of of the fridge can I let it get to room temp on its own or do I need to warm it up? I guess I am wondering if I take a bottle with me do I need to keep it cool or can I let it warm up a little?
    Thanks ladies….


    petskies – I realize you feel like someone/s is looking down on you for resorting to formula after all your hard work. For that you may feel justified in your comments, but let me tell you they are not! If you truly feel victimized, coming in here with rude comments is not going to build your case. In fact, you’ve just ruined whatever credibility you might’ve had from anyone in this community. Honestly, I think many of us speak in very broad general terms and then others take it so personally and think the focus is on them – when that isn’t really the case. There’s a lot of miscommunication on here and I think we’re all responsible for it. I’m not saying we should walk on egg shells but I’ve seen several comments where one person says XYZ, then someone responses with a personal story, then that same person starts to explain themselves in what they really meant and it’d be a lot better for everyone if we tried to convey that message from the beginning, because this IS a very sensitive topic – you never know who you’re going to offend or hurt by your words. Someone mentioned that less than 5% of women truly can’t breastfeed. Well that may be but I’m sure the percentage of women who end up not breastfeeding for other complex reasons (that may be justified) is not factored into that figure. While I understand breast is best and a lot of us work really REALLY hard to EBF, it’s not alway that cut and dry. On the other hand, someone who has resorted to forumua for whatever reason/s, should not have to justify their decisions in order to gain acceptance from this group. That being said however, I will ride my high horse because I’ve earned the right. Maybe some of us are more tolerant of this lifestyle and the sacrifices we make and maybe some of us need alternatives. We are ALL different and I’m all for diversity. I have no interest in bashing anyone for anything. What’s the point? Let’s try to EDUCATE instead of being judgmental. All we can do is offer the advice and put the information out there. What people decide to do with it is their own personal choice. It’s call TACT people! USE IT! 🙂


    Ahhhhhhhhhh its so quite. I think the rain is letting Bri sleep in along with my other WA members!


    Here’s a question for those of you who BF for over 1 year: How often did your bub still nurse and about hwo many ounces a day did they eat? And did you start supplementing with something else (i.e. cows milk or goats milk)?


    I had new settees delivered on monday they have already been christened with milk and baby sick.


    Sad face… poor guy. Hope he gets better soon.



    Hi ladies—I’m new to this forum. Due to deliver in about a month and in the market for a new breast pump. I had a Medela pump in style for my son and liked it, but the motor burned out. I have been leaning toward the Ameda Purely Yours double electric…it got great reviews on all sites I checked, but wondered if anyone had one and liked/disliked it. Thanks in advance for any input! If you have a diff. double electric that you love, please let me know, I’m not stuck on the Ameda yet! THANKS AGAIN!!!



    Good evening ladies, I’m stressing! I need your help, I remember awhile ago some of you were taking that herb fenugreek. Did it help increase your supply?? I have NEVER had a problem with supply, in fact, engorgment was my middle name and I would pump at least 5 oz out of each boob, but lately I don’t know what is going on and my baby cries and cries because I’ve gone dry!! I want to cry soo bad. Good thing is that i have milk stored so he’s still on BM but from a bottle. 🙁 I’m helpless. PLUS: I had to go to the ER yesterday b/c of an uncontrollable fever and apparently I have mastitis and a UTI! HELP HELP HELP I am also willing to pump to increase, but how do I go about doing it? Do I offer what I have and then pump? He only stays on for about 7 minutes because that’s all he gets out. 🙁 I’m desperate




    Janna..2 weeks old is not very old. Feed her first the give her away for someone else to hold. She can’t get comfortable with other people if you don’t let then hold her. I went out every night andtook a walk..that way daddy had to hold baby for an hour. And be careful about the bottle so early. I did that too and he loved the bottle so much I then felt left out because he refused my nipple.



    lynna: when I had it i went with antibiotics and it cleared right up…but you could look around for home remedies I’m sure.



    Angela I think it’ll change Im pretty modest also this is my 2nd BF child but this time im @ 50lbs heavier so I was like iM not gonna want anyone watching me , I hv the nice breastfeeding covers from & I used to be scared someone was gonna see my fat belly but no more when my baby start screaming I will feed her anywhere in front of anybody Im not showing them my boobs so It doesnt bother me, at the mall , at a restaraunt,where ever at my son school I took her to the car to nurse cause I didnt want him to be embarrased , but I nursed for the 1st time in front of my FIL I did hv a nursing top on so nothing showed but its sooo natural my inlaws are soooo proud that I even hv the patience & my baby is 6mos old Im african american & a lot of my family or friend dont real care for the bf idea & hv given me greif but I dont care , I look for support from others cause Im the 2nd bfeeder in my large family but I luv it I nursed my 1st 2 kids but BF is much better to me 🙂


    Heather12> Thanks! That is a great idea!


    babygalge~ There is no reason for you to stop nursing. Some old school nurses might tell you it can cause pre-term labor, but new studies show that you get stronger contractions from sneezing and sex than from nursing. So there is no medical reason for you to wean your son. Good Luck!



    Ohh I just remembered hen I had. Sudden decrease in my milk supply our good family friend who is a lactation expert said to take fenugreek pills.
    You can get them at a vitamin or health store they are competely natural and safe to take. You need to take alot of them I can’t remember the dosage for it to be effectve. the only side affect is that your urine will smell like maple syrup- it’s kinda strange but it really works well!

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