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    Personally i break every single breastfeeding rule. i used a nipple shield for about 3-4 weeks because my nipples were bleeding and cracked and hurting so bad in the beginning because caroline didn’t know how to latch properly. one day i took it off and she latched on perfectly and has ever since. i gave her mostly soy formula for about 4 weeks or so at one point because i thought she was always fussing 24-7 because she couldn’t handle the dairy i was eating…..ended up she just had acid reflux and so i went back to fully breastfeeding her. i pumped the entire time she was on formula so i could keep my supply up and did it successfully. currently caroline gets pumped breastmilk bottles for daycare….when i get home at night and in the mornings i breastfeed her. the one time she wakes up in the middle of the night i give her a bottle of formula (some nights i don’t). i in no way shape or form think that it is poison like some bf’s act like it is. i don’t use it for the LAST option… omg FORMULA!!! ugh! i just give it to her so i can be super full in the morning so i can pump that last bottle that i need for her for daycare. i know i could probably avoid that bottle but i don’t and i don’t care. my baby is happy and healthy and that is all that matters to me. i also don’t care if a woman breastfeeds or formula feeds their baby. it is their choice. the only time it bothers me (which is a lot) is when people make up excuses like they don’t produce enough or stuff like that when really like someone said before it is because the baby is literally stuck to you 24-7 in the very beginning….they nurse constantly….i hated it in the beginning but i didn’t give up. i rarely do so i kept at it and now i am successful. maybe not in an ebf mothers eye but i am in my own. everything is not just one way. things can be done several different ways and babies can be just fine. i think a lot of mothers who formula feed are just not educated about the facts on breastfeeding and didn’t give it a long enough chance. maybe it was because they couldn’t stand being attached to their baby 24-7, but they should be honest and say that instead of using the excuse they aren’t producing enough. i had no clue how much i was producing in the beginning….i just knew that caroline was having enough poopy and pee diapers that she seemed to be getting enough. i wrote down her diaper changes and the times i was feeding her. i just had faith that she was getting enough and she was.


    Bri– Funny you say that because I’ve felt the same today.I just got baby John to take a nap and I hope it’s one of his long naps! I just took my mom home and my oldest to his father. John will be working late and I’m like grrrrrrr! I know when he’s out of town I get SUPER depressed. I don’t know why. But as soon as the sun starts to set and I know he isn’t ocming home tears start to form in my eyes. I could cry just thinking about it! lol. I’m 99% sure I’m not pregnant but I’ve been crying so much latey. I cried tons yesrerday while i was driving wit hthe boys in the back. I’m so scared of someone crashing into me and I look at them and I cry. The thought of losing one or both of my boys kills me. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?! I’M CRYING JUST TYPING IT. I hate driving alone and hardly ever do but John had a busy weekend he had to work and I had a busy weekend of events so I had no choice.



    I don’t think that I would have such the issue with it if I could get things done around the house. We have been awake for an hour and she has already ‘nibbled'(cute way to refer to it btw) 5 times, and this is after her waking up at 1 am to sleep with me and she eats the entire time.



    Levi’s butt looks SOOO much better today. Thanks ladies for all of the advice. I kinda combined them all. I used gentian violet, with nystatin on top, then a thick layer of vasoline (i didn’t have A&D). She still has the rash, but only the part where her skin had broken. My poor girl… I was crying just looking at her bottom.


    sheesh … and this coming from ME!! Me of all people who is NOT a people person whatsoever. I’m the PC geek they keep in the back away from customers! lol



    Jessica thanks for the laugh! it was all i could do not to do it out loud and draw attention to myself at work.


    James had cows milk on cereal and as drink during the day. For bed and during the night boob. No idea how many oz he was having. Not sure what happened to pictures had been moving things around on photobucket so must have been that.






    jeniwalker- i sent a request to join also. 🙂



    i had formula on hand and due to jaundice-the hospital made me give her an ounce each time she fed..then we got to one bottle a day was straight formula but now i almost completely have that one bottle gone. My supply is slowly creeping up and am able to feed my lady all boobie.



    Wow! Have you heard about the formula recall due to beetle infestations? Poor wee babies! I’m so glad I breast feed and know exaxctly what Jacob eats! With all the recalls I really don’t feel safe or trust modern manufactured things.

    I co sleep with Jacob too and feel angry when I read that new moms are Almost brainwashed to thinking new babies belong in big cribs alone in separate rooms, when so many cribs were defective and unsafe and resulted in the deaths of poor little babies. If those parents had kept their babies beside them, they would still have a little child. I started crying the other night when I read about the nap nanny recall due to suffication deaths.

    Anyone else emotional like me? I’m also so frustrated bc we had a crib with the metal tubing which was noted could cause problems, but I called both the distributor-manufacturer and babies r us and neither will do anything! So I already spent over 400 on a crib ill never use and can’t even get a credit for a new one. But I’m not sure if I had one, if I’d even use it. I just have no trust in these products.

    Ok there is my stress vent. At 2am I can’t sleep but Jacobs totally out! Ha ha



    Janna..2 weeks old is not very old. Feed her first the give her away for someone else to hold. She can’t get comfortable with other people if you don’t let then hold her. I went out every night andtook a walk..that way daddy had to hold baby for an hour. And be careful about the bottle so early. I did that too and he loved the bottle so much I then felt left out because he refused my nipple.



    My 3 month old daughter has severe eczema. Her doctor thinks she might have a milk protein allergy versus an environmental allergy that is triggering the eczema. We manager her eczema with creams, but I don’t want to have her on a corticosteroid for long. Any suggestions on how to successfully eliminate dairy out of my diet without going crazy? I hate the taste of milk, so I don’t drink it but I do love cheese and all the yummy cakes and cookes that are made with milk. I tried to put her on formula (Alimentum) for a week to see if she got better, then I would know it was something in my diet , before I started eliminating foods, but she absloutely refused to drink the stuff!



    I breast feed my baby until he was a year and 2 months old, my milk decreased gradually until a few drops a day, but its been a year + since I stoped BF and I am still leaking milk and now is with some clear fluid… is this normal for some woman? thx 4 the answer. <3



    Oh my Gosh I am so tired of pumping! Aliyah is 9 months old now and I have been pumping since she was 6 weeks old. A couple of weeks ago I even was thinking about stopping and going to formula. But I didn’t. I have made it this far I’m not going to stop now. Its really gotten harder to do with Aliyah crawling all over the place and putting everything in her mouth. My other 3 girls help me keep an eye on her. Anyway I just needed to vent!

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