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    hey ninik1 – get this…..i had my first daughter 7 years ago and breastfed for one year. I still could express a few drops of clear/milky colored liquid from my breasts for years afterwards especially if it was around the time of AF. Even if I didn’t squeeze I would occasionally get a drop or two of leakage that would make my bra stick to my nipple. I just had my second daughter on 4/8 and am exclusively breastfeeding her now she hasn’t started any solids yet and she will be four months on the 8th.



    Hi All~
    I exclusively breastfeed my baby and have tried to pump but don’t get anything unless my baby is nursing at the same time. Any tricks to getting a let down w/o baby attcached? By the way, I wanted to say to all of you you should be proud of yourselves for what you are doing. Some people go to formula for no good reason and here you are pumping so your babies can have breast milk when you could have taken the easy road, I am so happy to see that! That’s love!



    I am 5 weeks pregnant and I have an 8 month old. I am going to continue nursing and then both if she is still nursing. Does your supply really drop in the second trimester?



    my ped said NEVER WAKE A BABY!



    I would say if you keep offering your breast to your little one eventually her suckling will prompt your body to respond and begin producing more and more milk little by little. As far as not getting much at pumping…I think no one gets near as much pumping as the baby will get, I also seem to get more with hand expressing at times than with the pump. Also sometimes I will pump until I can get no more and then I offer my breast to the baby and he gets more. weird!



    MonikaOH – I get a wash cloth and rub a quarter size amount of Vicks Vapor Cream on it. I fold it in half with the cream on the inside and put it on my boys chest inside their clothes. It clears them right up. I send them to daycare the next day with the same wash cloth and at night before bed I repeat it again. Works like a charm.



    Thanks ladies for your comments to my question. Bri, sorry to hear about your crazy couple days but glad your little man’s okay. I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter what, you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t in terms of having kids. Nothing you do will please every body so it just becomes a matter of letting it in one ear and out the other. Everyone thinks they’re an expert. People keep pushing me to give Ava cereal already. She’s 5 months. For a while I thought maybe it would be a good idea because she was always so hungry in the evenings, but she wanted nothing to do with the rice and frankly, I’m just in no hurry to waste the breastmilk in mixing it! lol

    Rae979, your baby can pull more from your breast than a pump. A lot goes into that – the way the baby sucks cannot be mimicked entirely by a pump, the smells from your baby, the hormones from holding your baby … list goes on. A lot of people have different methods for building a supply for going back to work. When I went from exclusively pumping to Ava finally latching I pumped after every feed to completely empty myself for a weekend and got a good amount put away. If I were going back to work I think I would do that for a good 2 weeks before going back to work.



    9yrs – When my son was younger, I wanted to pump to build up a supply. I would put the boppy pillow on my lap, and he would brestfeed from one side while I pumped on the other side. It was the only way I could get more than just 2 oz while pumping. After my breasts got used to pumping, I could get more milk when I pumped. And then I would only need to pump when I was away from him and missed a feeding.

    My son turned 1 year last week and as of yesterday we are completely weaned!! I am so proud that I breastfed him for a whole year and never had to use formula! My left boob kinda hurts from not feeding him for almost 48 hrs.. I hope I get through this with little pain!



    DeeRod, i’m in the same situation, i just got my period today (my girl is 6 and half months) and i’m basically left with no milk! I also have only 2 bags of frozen one…
    Does anybody know if the drop in milk supply will happen every month, from now on?



    Thanks Bri : ) I did read that it might be partially genetic too. I read a lot about it on the La Leche League website and they also said that some things that happen during pregnancy can actually cause it! Like high stress or certain antibiotics that the mother takes during pregnancy. My son never had any decay but he has a different father than Lola does. I don’t really know what my husband’s family dental history is but I know he’s never had a cavity so that’s got to be good, right? Anyway, thanks again – any other advice or stories are welcome! I’m kind of a worry wart by nature!



    so I have a question on weaning…I plan to wean my son off breastfeeding beginning of april. NOw, for me how do I dry up my milk? I’m sure I can read about it..but maybe you ladies have a better way.



    mybabysurprise, has AF returned for you yet? If not, that could be what is causing your trouble, supply often dips a few days before she arrives. If oatmeal is out for you, try fenugreek, and mothers milk tea. Also up your water intake, and possibly add a few extra calories until your supply increases again. Good luck.



    angelag3girls- no its ALWAYS my left side i get less out of. Ironically before I ever became preganant that was the larger side of my chest.



    mariejcp- I had 2 c-sections and was able to bf after both. Never had any problems with my milk coming in because of meds. With both kids my milk was in before I left the hospital (2nd day or so). You’ll do fine- especially with as much experience as you have…you know how to hang tough, and sometimes that’s the most important thing.



    campimama – Thanks! I believe in baby led weaning. I’ve only been home with Kekoa a month now but it was the best move our family has made. I love it and wouldn’t ask for anything more….well maybe to be pregnant again. I’m starting to obesess about it…

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