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    Candice- I’m so sorry you are having a tough time right now! It can be so difficult in the beginning. Have you tried contacting the local La Leche group in your area or seeing a lactation consultant? They maybe able to give you more hands on help. You are doing a great job! There is def a learning curve =) Things do settle and get better- there is a light at the end of the tunnel if you can get the support. Good luck!


    Ladies, I have some milk left in my freezer (maybe 5-6 sippy cups worth). Since my baby is mostly done with nursing, I can’t decide if I should just go ahead and give it to him over the next few days or should I save it until he’s sick and give it to him then to help him get well? Advice, anyone?



    Well, weaning has been going really well. We are down to three feedings a day. We were at 6-7 a day about two months ago. I only nurse her before bedtime and twice at night. My BB are awful full by nighttime, but hopefully that will go away soon. She is drinking from a bottle her whole milk and loves it if it is warm. I will worry about switching her to sippys for her milk later. Right now weaning is top priority!! Next to go is one night feeding, but that isn’t until next week. A lot easier than I thought it would be…



    Thanks Bri..Im really hoping to be able to breastfeed at least for the first few months. 🙂



    My little girl is now 8 days old..I am having such a hard time breastfeeding b/c all she wants to do is sleep when I try to feed her and it is extremely hard to wake her up. She does fine if she eats when she wants to..Is this normal ?



    katjak7 – Contact another ped or go straight to a lacatation consultant! That is awful! Not all doctors and actually a lot of them are anti breastfeeding because they get paid by formula companies! It’s not fair to moms. I would also research online. If you have a facebook account go to the group. ‘Hey facebook, breastfeeding is not obsene.’ It’s a great group although a little over the top sometimes. But, ask the question there. You would be surprised on how many responses you get. I bet you’d find at least one mom with the same thing plus others that are supportive and as outraged as we are here. Please do ask them. Several are lactation consultants and some are doctors. But, by all means, don’t stop breastfeeding right now. Do your research and contact other doctors and consultants. I want to also add that there are a lot of things in formula that are far worse then anything in your milk. Good Luck! I’m sure you’ll find that there is a simple answer to yoru problem.



    Thanks Lilli… unfortunately I don’t have a freezer supply anymore. She was taking 16-17 oz a day, and I was only pumping about 12 or so. But, mystery may be solved, I got my period for the first time today. Hopefully, that explains the extreme dip.



    nikkiandfred – Definately use a condem from now on. For most of us we don’t get our cycles until solids are introduced or even later then that. But, there are some like lilli that got her cycle back right after birth. I feel for her! It’s suppose to be a benefit but whatever. I’m sure this one time didn’t get you pregnant but in the future if you don’t want your kids so close together then use a condem. At your six week appointment your doctor will probably talk about birth control. Pills can lower supply and I’ve even heard of moms having issues with the mini pill. My sister got a IUD because she has her two and doesn’t want anymore. I just used regular old condems because I know it won’t hurt supply and I wanted to have more and didn’t want the hassle of getting an IUD put in and then taken out a year or so later.



    hchina – A friend of mine said when her supply gets low she will have a beer! The yeast in the beer makes her produce more. I did read up on line about it too. As long as you do it after the last feeding and within 2 hours before the next feeding the alchole will leave your body. They also have test strips at target to test your milk.



    Just need to brag… We finally made an entire feeding without using the nipple shield!! He is just over 3 weeks. I’m sure I will still need to use it occasionally, but I’m so happy that we are making progress!



    LADIES YOU ARE ALL LOVELY! You have made me feel better- even just the ‘pep talk’ has made me be able to sigh and exhale! Even just hearing I’m going through it too or it will get better makes me feel better! *THANKS*



    esyogurl – thanks for the link! It definitely has some good suggestions that I will have to try…



    I didnt mean to spark a controversy at all. I just think that doctors are there for a reason and shouldnt be completely disregarded. With that said I dont believe anyone should stop breastfeeding at the recommendation of a doctor, however if an alternative solution is recommended (i.e. adding solids to diet), then maybe it should be considered.


    expecting – if you’re considering cereal, make sure you feed it to your baby with a spoon and not put it in his bottle. Some suggest that putting cereal in a bottle can lead to obesity later on in life. Here’s a website that I found on the subject.

    Also, a little tidbit that I found out: a teaspoon of cereal has 5 calories where as 4 oz of formula has 80 calories, so cereal really isn’t that substantial. Since breastmilk changes it more difficult to measure it’s calories.



    ty!! its so hard sometimes but i know i cant give up. i want the best for her and breastfeeding is best. i couldnt in good conscience quit, but it is so hard right now. i have a ?…i ate spaghetti last night for dinner and a lil while ago my lo belly has bn all messed up. shes bn fussy,gassy, and filled more diapers. she is asleep now. could this b from the spaghetti?

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