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    lauraoct- lol! Zoey is just now starting to wear 3-6 months and she’s 5 months old! She’s actually really round. She was 15 lbs at her 4 month appointment…but I swear a big part of that is her head! lol. I’m just glad I’m getting more wear out of her clothes…I’m sure it won’t last.



    Anotheryummymummy– I was just speaking generally about the reflux, I did realize that you had a lot of other factors involved! Sorry!



    Haha isnt that the truth…I dont even get how he got it this time…The first time I was on antis from my incision getting torn and infected but this time there was nothing..I noticed my nipples started burning and than I checked his mouth and sure as crap there it was


    I am under [email protected] on facebook. Lawsons mom i am laura r



    I understand being an advocate for breastfeeding but I don’t make it my life work. I try to be an example and educate new mothers on the importance of breastfeeding. If they are unwilling to do so then I let it go. Everyone has to live their own lives. Being a mom is hard all on its own. No one needs the additional pressure of being judged and condemned for their decisions. Good luck to all moms, Breastfeeders and formula feeders!



    Ha ha ha. Bri, I hear ya about the weather. I’m getting married today… outside! 🙂 Go figure!


    James loves pots and pans. I can’t do CIO either.



    Leslie, I’m sure it’s fine.


    Petskies-I hope someone reports you because I don’t know to or I would. That was way out of line.


    godiva upload picture to, copy html and post it on here. Click edit on your post and paste html again. Should work. Make sure you re size the picture when in photo bucket.



    scarlet begonia – Chris was strickly on mama’s milk until about 15months. He just didn’t do well with cow’s milk. I was working so he drank about 8oz during the day but he breastfed first thing in the morning, during my lunch hour, when we got home and before bed. At 15 months or so, he started having an ounce or two of cow’s milk with meals. He continued to nurse first thing in the morning, before nap, the evening and before bed. Slowly he started dropping them until the last two were before nap and bed. He still doesn’t drink a lot of cow’s milk, maybe 6oz in an entire day. We do do yogurt, cheeses and other food products to get his dairy and calcium in. In many cultures they don’t drink milk at all. HAHA! He’s like me though, he just doesn’t like it as much. He’s still on whole milk. At 2 you can switch over and he’ll drink 2% if that’s all we have but I keep him on whole milk cause it has more good fats that his little skinny body needs.



    i have fed laney in a restaurant, just one of many places. i dont cover her, i mean i dont eat with a blanket over my head why should she? oh and i have never and will never nurse in a bathroom, yuck!



    Leslie, I’m glad things will be ok. It was just anger. Go share your happy news with everyone! It’ll lighten the mood!



    Bri – We taught my sister by giving her lots of praises and making it a big deal! We clapped and celebrated every pee and poo like it was a treasure!! Hahaha! She would tell us when she had to go and then call us to start the celebration… We must have looked all weird standing at the bathroom door clapping and saying ‘Kristie, Kristie, la nena, la nena (Spanish for girl)! Mom says that she taught me with skittles. Every time I went she would give me a skittle. And she also used a doll and gave her a skittle!



    southstar-you’ve probably had a dip due to illness. once you get to feeling better i’d say you’ll supply will come back naturally. I think most of the ladies have had the most success with fermented oatmeal. 1 cup old fashioned oats with one cup water. allow to sit on container over night heat and serve with add ins of your choice in the next day. some women split it between to servings.

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