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    socal- Take her to the book store and pick a special book. First thing when you get home from work get her a cup, grab the ‘special’ book and snuggle up on the couch and read, talk and spend some quality time together. It won’t be easy at first but at this point it’s not about the nursing, it’s about the time with mommy… that’s why the garlic didn’t affect her. By two she is very capable of understanding what you are talking to her about. Explain in simple terms that you are going to spend your time together doing other things. Good luck!!



    Does anyone know if Motilium affects fertility?



    Hey ppl I had a bad breast feeding experience with my daughter (now 19 months) and had to stop when she was 4 months. It was akin to starvation. Im 19 weeks pregnant with number two and desperately want to breastfeed. any tips on how to prevent a similiar experience??? Msgs on my page will be greatly appreciated 🙂 thanks x


    That is wierd that you don’t get milk when you pump especially since you are breastfeeding. Make sure your pump is turned up strong enough to be close to how your baby sucks. I usually have a good letdown after a hot shower.



    i am 6 weeks pregnant and i am still breastfeeding my 9 month old son. i will continue to nurse him during my pregnancy and possibly tandem nurse if he chooses to still nurse at that time. i have noticed that my milk supply had dropped a bit but it had dropped before i was pregnant anyways. i need to boost my supply up! any ideas or tips??



    okay…my son still wakes up 2-3 times a night to feed! whats the deal..he falls asleep and no matter what he wakes up two hrs later and sits up crying but looks like hes asleep…so I feed him and he goes bafck to sleep no problem. then he wakes up at 2 sometimes to feed..but if not then he wakes up at 3:30ish-4 to feed…..then he wakes up at 6 (which is the time I suppose to get up anyways ) to feed.



    Question! If you have a child is breastfeeding and you have another child and are still breastfeeding the first, does the milk go back to being colstrum? (sp?) Or does it just stay milk and is that ok for the second child? I plan on breastfeeding for over a year with my daughter but unsure if Im preggo again.



    m.m.masi do you use baby vick or regular one?





    Lilli – Pumping at night was one thing i never did. I could not bring myself to wake up for something other than a screaming child. Now i did pump 5 to 6 times a week day and 2 times on the weekends to have enough for his one or two bottles at daycare, 5 days a week. What i did to avoid that 3am pumping i would pump the minute i woke up in the AM, before i fed my LO. Then feed him in the AM (around 7). Then off to daycare, i would pump 3 times at work. I would pick him up around 4pm and feed him at the daycare before we would leave. i would then pump around 5:30 and feed him again at 7pm then he was off to bed. Then i would start again. When he was home with me on the weekends i would only pump first thing in the AM and then again around 5:30. The days were at home i would let him feed on demand, so sometimes i wouldn’t pump almost anything at the 5:30 pumping.



    3rd timer: Thanks. She has 2 teeth and i have only offered her pureed food and when she has had enough she gags or if she doesnt like it… There is no lumps or texture to it yet. Maybe im just worried prematurely. My other 2 kids are 15 and 91/2 so its been a while since ive had to do this… She would honestly be happy with rice cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner….

    I also think it is important for people to know, as you pointed out, it is not always an easy natural process to breastfeed and it doesnt work for everyone. I am still in awe that i have been able to feed for 7 months. We nearly gave up just after christmas and when i finally decided to stop she started feeding perfectly and has been since. Im in shock. Maybe by taking the pressure off myself it made a difference, but she is now starting to refuse the bottle which most people find a problem, but ive had a baby that prefers it up till now so im over the moon….. Maybe we will get to 12 months after all….



    I breastfed all mine to sleep more often than not, especially at bedtime, and no caries. Babies produce a lot of saliva, so that gives them extra protection by keeping their mouths clean. I have heard, though, that sharing a spoon or putting baby’s pacifier or other things in your own mouth or another adults, can introduce bacteria that shouldn’t naturally be in baby’s mouth, and that can cause cavities.



    belly…that’s good…just keep pumping!!! when you slow down the milk will too…my son is 10months…and I’m pumping 15 ounces a day still…because I’m always pumping every 3hrs…


    Just for nursing to sleep, I think that is perfectly normal. I don’t know if you remember me Bri but shortly after returning to work 6 weeks PP my cycle returned and my supply dropped dramatically (in retrospect I suspect that pumping was not able to send my body the right signals to keep my milk in) so even with nursing non-stop while at home I dried up. I did everything and eventually reglan kept my milk in until 6 months. Then I dried up, again. OK now that you have the background story, after switching to FF at 6 months my DD still took a bottle at night and fell asleep with the bottle (not in the crib, in my arms then moved to her bed). At least for us nursing/bottle feeding to sleep was always the norm…. So I don’t really see the need to ‘break the habit’??? And yes, I do know that every baby is different and will be BFing again for as long as possible. I think the only thing I will do differently this time will be to not blame myself and fall into horrible guilt if I encounter the same problems. Even though BFing till 6 months was more than many accomplish I still felt like a failure as a mother….



    Hi ladies I have a question about increasing milk supply. I am currently taking fenugreek and had read that taking reglan causes depression and anxiety for some when they come off of the meds. Have any of you who have taken reglan experienced this? I would appreciate any words of wisdom. Thanks

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