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    i breasfed my son for 4 years so you can imagine how much bulls%&#@ i heard !
    some said that it was sexual ask me is i was doing that because it exited me!
    well i learned not to listen . here in NB canada it is our right to breastfeed anywhere we go !
    i mean so much restaurant got sued for asking a woman not to breasfeed there that no one dare s to make any bad comments on breasfeeding
    anymore lol !!
    i had a hard time breasfeeding at first , i cried because my baby didnt lach on, then baby and me caught the thrush (makes it very painfull for baby to drink and very painfull for mommys breast)
    i praticly gave up..but i had a nurse that was obsess with breastfeeding! (she came to my house a midnight to help me and baby !)
    so finaly i breasfead a longgg time then i got pregnant of my daughther (while still breastfeeding my sons!! he was 2) so when i gave birth it was easy to breastfeed but i made sure that she had what she needed before my sons came for his fix!(until eventualy i gave each of them one specefic breast ! because my sons was lactose intolerant i used my milk in his cereal as well (until eventualy he wasint lactose intolerant anymore). then came my third child i wasint breasfeeding my other children anymore as my daugther and son just stop months before , but i was still producing milk, so i was ready, but that when horribly rongg!! i had a hard time ..he just didnt want it!! i later learned that its because the nurse game him the bottle at the hospital !! i was stuborn and continued to try breasfeeding !BUT THAT HE CAME FROM ME ! SO HE WAS AS STUBORN IF NOT MORE THEN ME ! so i cried a lot … he refuse the breast i felt i lost something very important 🙁
    i am gonna sound very bad ! and i felt guilty about that but i had a hard time to bond with my son , it s only when i learned that he was givin the bottle at the hospital that everything made sense to me.
    because i felt like i did something rong , why did my baby reject me 🙁
    i know you think i was weirdd but thats how it felt then !
    but anyway the lessons i got from that is to alway visit the hospital first i talk to all the nurse be dirct and specific !! i will breasfeed NOT NOT GIVE THE BOTTLE TO MY CHILD!!
    so my only worrries now is that i may have a c section and i am worried about it..because i dont know if they give you meds !? if yes will i still be able to breastfeed!!?? so many woman said they had a hard tim to get there milk going after that! 🙁
    so i am worried



    Hi, my baby is one week old today. Breastfeeding is going well. He has gained 8 oz since leaving the hospital. My question is does it hurt anyone else when the baby first latches on? I curl my toes!! I have been told after the first week that this should subside. Any advice?



    angela- He was just at the doctor yesterday and they didn’t say anything about it. He doesn’t have the white splotches or anything in his mouth. The dr even looked in his mouth to check his throat. But, if it was would it only affect the one side?? I am going to take a HPT tonight as the morning sickness, sore nipple, and the fact that my boss yelled at me today and went behind a stack of boxes and BAWLED!!! I haven’t cried over getting yelled at since I was pregnant with RJ. I just don’t know as becasue with RJ I knew I was pregnant, now I just have no idea what is wrong.



    mumzie1212, you should be able to continue to breast feed even if your baby gets formula while you’re at work. Your body will adjust to the times and amounts Baby needs from you. But make sure the daycare don’t feed Baby right before you pick him up, and do make sure you breastfeed right before you drop him off. Sorry I don’t have any advice regarding bottles. Good luck!



    kym, have you tried just putting her down for the night at the 8:30 time? Isabella is 12 months now and she woke every three hours until she was 11 months. Now I am strickly at two feedings a night and any other time that she wakes up I just let her cry. She goes back to sleep within 5 minutes of waking…Just a thought!



    Thanks Bri for taking your time for your great comment on my post. Yes, I have had my period, in fact i started having after about 8-10 weeks after my LO was born. So far, things are going really well with my son so I said what the heck, we matters as well start trying for the second. I hope my son remains this way ( knock on wood).



    number2luv – I found that if I simply told the labor and delivery nurse my wishes, she would honor them. If you don’t say anything, they will go about their business after the delivery however they choose. They have certain procedures that they normally follow but are very willing to honor your wishes if you just verbalize them. They gave me my baby immediately after birth. They just sort of wiped her off the best they could while she was on my chest. This also helps to get the baby crying good to clear their lungs. She layed on my chest for quite a while. We nursed for a while and then they took her over and checked her over quickly and gave her right back to me. She went with me to my room and they even came into the room and bathed her there. My other babies were all taken immediately after the delivery and checked over. Given back to me for a few minutes and then whisked away to the nursery for weighing and the first bath. So I didn’t get to see any of it first hand. I had to watch it all on video later. And we never achieved a good latch right away. But with this baby, she latched on within 5 or 10 minutes of delivery and hasn’t looked back one time. She has been an awesome nurser ever since! I believe that latching them on immediately after delivery truly does help. Good Luck!



    Also Chrissy, it is perfectly NORMAL to get anywheres from .5-2 oz per pumping session if you are bfing.’s forums are great for bfing moms 🙂 Good luck!



    Oh my supply is always significantly lower the week before period. And I am one of the lucky ones who got it back after 6 weeks!!! And thats exclusively breastfeeding!



    My son slept through the night from day one to 3months when I went back to work. It sucked but he didn’t sleep again until he was way over 1. And really not consistantly until he was about 15months which was about the time quit work. I blame it on me being away all day long and he just wanted me. Now that I’m at home he sleeps from 8pm to 8:30am everyday.



    nikkiandfred – If she isn’t waking you up because she’s hungry then I wouldn’t worry about it. I did that all the time with my son. It was the only way to get sleep. I’ve done the sitting up thing when he finally was in his room but that meant that we’d both fall asleep on the chair which is more scary and you end up with a neck cramp. As long as you have the supply and she’s happy then don’t worry about it. She’ll let you know if she’s still hungry.



    Rose1003 – congrats!! 🙂 Must feel good. I am on vacation with my LO in Disney World & have BF all day here… we really have it down pack finally! Feels good to be so confident =)



    I BF in public for the first time yesterday! We went to Ruby Tuesday and i had my cover and i was able to do it in the booth. It was wonderful to be able to be out and actually feeding her. It was great because usually i have to feed her before or after in the car and if I’m with people they just have to sit there for 40 minutes and i feel bad.



    michelle-i don’t know if this is your first or not, but if it is I must tell you that after labor I no longer cared if my boobs weren’t attractive. Actually it was the last thing on my mind b/c I didn’t want to pull mine in and out all day either, so for about the the first three weeks I went topless around the house unless we had guest. I’ll admit that I’m petite and have never had boobs that large but my best friend in high school (I think she was a J cup. She had an insurance paid for breast reduction that removed 10lbs per breast and still left her a C-cup) did so I do feel your pain somewhat. I personally think that the convenience of breastfeeding out weighs the inconveniences. Normally you can find some cheap sports bras while you are transitioning b/c your boobs will get huge(er) when your milk come in, but they do go down as your body figures out how much milk you need. Mine are not all the way back down but have definitely gotten smaller. Anyhow, I hope you decide to at least give it a try.



    I just think a lot people forget that peds are not trained in breastfeeding. They often know as much about breastfeeding as the next person.

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