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    expecting-2b-patient – Gotta love newborns…got pulled away for a bit to feed my little one. But, lorelaismom is absolutely correct. Putting cereal in a bottle to help them sleep longer is a myth. In reality our moms used to do this around 3 months. They correlated that sleeping longer was due to the cereal but it’s just around that time our babies start to sleep longer on their own. Well, most do. My first didn’t sleep through the night until he was over a year old. I would also caution you on giving and solids before 6months of age. I know plenty of formula moms do at 4months but their babies also don’t have a virgin gut. Breastmilk is pure and most babies aren’t ready. Research has found that giving cereal before six months can lead to gast problems, early diabetes, weight problems and allergies. Of course six months is not a magical number. Some babies are ready earlier and some later. Watch for the signs. Baby must be able to sit with little support, be interested in food and does not have the thrust reflex that younger infants have. If your baby meets all three then you can try but if Baby doesn’t go for it then hold off.



    HannahKay – Probably not but if next time you do have itallian food I would watch it. I wouldn’t worried about it though. Some babies are more gassy then others. My second son is awful with gas. Any time his fussy I lay him down and pump his legs. I ALWAYS get several toots out of him that rival his fathers! HAHA! His burps and farts are loud enough to be a grown man’s! At least they aren’t stinky. I hope the gassiness clears up before he starts solids. I have enough issues changing his brother’s diapers. Yuck!



    ok so i have been breastfeeding my son since he was born 11 days ago he latched on right away and i have never had any pain at all my milk came in 2 days later and he has gained 8 ounces already. now the only problem i am having is that i am severly leaking on both sides and my let down is so bad to the point where if i hear him even start to make any sounds i will leak a good 2 ounces on both sides. every time i feed him the opposite side will leak about an ounce to 2 ounces also when he eats if he lets go for even a second my breast will spray milk everywhere and in turn makes it hard for him to latch back on as he just got a face full i cant seem to go more than 2 hours without soaking threw my breastpad bra and shirt so my question is how can i stop all this extra leaking within a day between feedings i get over 9 ounces just of leaking which seems like a lot to me for him only being 11 days old what can i do so i can go out with my husband and nurse in public without soaking him and myself? this is my first baby and no one in my family has ever breast fed before so its all new to me so any advice would help to avoid the desaster that happend at the docotrs office yesterday ( i nursed there in the room and they ended up neeeding to mop the floor after my horrible leaking accident! DH sure thought it was funny i didnt so much haha)



    I know it must seem like a pain to have so much milk, ladies, but I am soooo jealous. I’m headed back to work next week and I would do pretty much anything to be able to just leak an extra 18 ounces. Zoey still wants to nurse/suckle pretty constantly so I don’t have much time to pump. So the first few days of work are going to be rough. I’ve got the Avent single electric pump but I’m going to WIC Tuesday to get a free double electric because I can’t take the thirty minutes it takes me to pump (3 ounces) at work, several times a day. I’m in sales and I only get 1 thirty minute break a day as it is. The next several days will be spent trying to store up enough to just get her through the first couple after I get back to work. Anyone with an over supply wanna fedex it to me? lol. j/k

    Anyway. I know the grass is always greener on the other side…but from this side of having to build up…I wish I had the problem of too much.



    I need some advice. My 7 month old son won’t take my breast. He is exclusively breastfed, no bottles with only a minimal amount of food so far. Last night he bit me and I yelled and pulled him away from my breast. Then he did it again with the same response from me. He hasn’t eaten since. He cried himself to sleep hugging my breast. Then when he woke up this morning he cried, I tried to feed him and he cried more. It wasn’t until I stopped and just let him sit in my lap that he calmed down. I don’t know what to do. He cries when I put him down, he cries when I try to feed him. Also, I gave him some asparagus (and a mum mum which he has had before) last night and I wonder if that could have something to do with it? Any advice would be appreciated.


    lawson’s mom-

    YOU NEVER add fresh milk to cool milk. At least that is what I have read.
    ‘Do not add fresh milk to already frozen milk within a storage container. It is best not to mix the two. ‘
    I am not sure if it means refrigerated, but since you had a problem I wouldn’t do it. It gets frustrating to pump milk and have it go bad. When I used to pump for my son, my family was so irresponsible with my milk, letting it spoil it would make me cry, thinking about how hard I worked for it. Good Luck!



    jeniwalker – The water doesn’t harm breastfeeding but you can’t take the little ones in it.



    deeyore486 – That’s really cool. I was afraid of what you were going to say at first about the rooms and such but that’s awesome that they provide chairs in the open. At least they understand the importance of breastfeeding. The rooms may be nice though with that many children running around. Not for breastfeeding but giving the children a time out.



    Just got back from the Children’s musuem. Wow, that was exhausting. Running after my wild man with Super Chunk straped to me was an experience. But at least we got out of the house. It’s been raining so much lately I’m worried about my herbs and veggies. Ugh! Hope it stops soon. The Seattle Folklife Festival was going on as well. That was fun. Lots of good food. And hey, my boys got to smell pot for the first time! HAHA! Not the biggest thrill of the day but oh well. You know it’s Seattle when even the homeless drummers are sitting there with a Starbucks! Gotta love it. Anyways, it was nice. I didn’t see one bottle while I was there. I saw a million moms breastfeeding though! Some one had said something about the Chicago Children’s Museum having signs all about saying Breastfeeders Welcome. I wasn’t too pleased with the locations of the benches. There were benches everywhere throughout but always tucked around a corner. You could see them but not in the open. Kind of sad, especially with so many breastfeeder here. Not that it means anything but I saw just about every race feeding as well. Makes me proud of Seattlites! Can’t say we’re shy about these things.



    question… my lil guy is 10 months old. is it normal for my milk supply to have dropped by now? whats annoying is that my left boob produces way less and is much smaller than the right one. also I am a vegan and I have read that it is perfectly fine to give baby fortified soymilk. but i also know that drinking too much soymilk is not good. Im trying to figure out if I should give my lil guy organic cows milk or soy milk when he turns a year old. any suggestions?



    Can someone help…if i express milk and store it in the fridge then warm it when my daughter needs it how long is it ok to be sitting around for before i should chuck what she doe’snt finish? Hope this makes sense? Thanks x




    some babies only ever take one breast per feeding…


    Hi ladies- Thought I’d stop in and say hello… I had my baby girl July 17. Her name is Jessilynn (Jessi for short)…she has taken well to nursing from the word go… My milk came in when she was 2 days old. And we had a major set back when she was 5 days old when I developed mastitis. I had a temp of 104 despite taking all the tylenol and motrin I could in a day and being on antibiotics. She wouldn’t take my milk at all that day so I had to supplement. But after getting up every hr on the hr all night and pumping at least 30 min I was able to get everything better by the next morning and get her back to the breast. She is still getting only my milk, but only about 80% from the breast…the rest she takes a bottle, mostly b/c I am still over producing so much that sometimes I can’t wait any longer to pump and she won’t eat yet. She likes to go 3-4 hrs without eating and then cluster feed. I can’t go more than 2 with out her eating or pumping. But so far she is having no problems going b/t me and the bottle. And as I have to go back to work I am happy to be building a good freezer supply. So that is a little about us.



    I refused the blanket. There was NO way I was doing that to him!!! For a family that does breastfeed, I can’t get over how closed minded they are. They are going to pitch a fit when I don’t wean at a year! Mom nursed the first seven of us for a year and the youngest for 18mo due to some developmental issues. My sisters nursed for about 9ish mo, or until baby got teeth, or big enough that my sisters got grossed out nursing them. They give me crap all the time for nursing my boys after they have teeth! One of my younger siblings, the one that said nursing without cover was ‘gross’ has said in the past that she has no problem pumping for her children, if she ever has them, but that there is no way she is actually nursing. I just don’t understand it! But, I am the “hippy” in the family…I use cloth diapers, co-sleep AND nurse past a year!

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