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    Six hours is sleeping through the night. Baby training is just that…it’s training a baby to be on a schedule such as sleeping. Trying to get a baby to do as you want not as he/she is meant to do. This includes sleeping, eating, play and so forth. We feed on demand and allow the boys to sleep when they want to and cuddle when they want to. As for heat. The Ergo goes towards you in the front but as they get older you can put them on your hip or as a back pack. Milk Mama has solar wrap which I have thought about. It’s light weight and can be worn in the water! How cool is that! As for nursing necklaces. I never bought one. 12 years ago my husband got me a Hawaiian necklace. It’s silver and both of my boys have played with it. It’s a sturdy box chain but it does help when you have an active child. Not something you NEED to go out and buy if you have something you can wear. Since I wear one all the time there’s no need to put it on just for nursing.



    Ugh… i have so much to do today, but i cannot get this baby off my boob! I feed him, get him to sleep and then lay him down… by the time i get the necessities out of the way ( bathroom, food, call hubby, restock drink) and work up the gumption tov start thing, he wakes up again! (sigh) he sure is luck he is cute!



    I remember night terrors when I was young. I had them in early elementary though. I also remember not wanting to go to sleep because I was too scared of the dreams. I’d lay awake for hours thinking of them and not wanting to sleep.



    Lack Tater – It’s weird. Your milk actually goes back colostrom right after birth. At least mine did. Then I got engorged again just like the first time. The engorgment didn’t last long though which is good. Congrats!



    Oh no which brand?



    scarlet- you are one lucky mom!!!! 🙂



    On the undermining issue. I talk to him very calmly all the time about things particularly the sleep and bedtime issues. I ask him not to put her in bed with him in the middle of the night, he does it any way if she wakes up. I ask him not to completely put her to sleep, he does it anyway on the rare occasion that he puts her to bed at all. I don’t mind her staying up on rare occasions with him but I TOO say she’s all yours if you do that. I’ve been with her all day and after 8 is my time to do things I need to do. It still isn’t relax time or me time but time to get MY things done. Oh, in Florida…particularly beach towns it isn’t uncommon for families to be at bars. I have heard of one or two that do not allow it. We were at a restaurant though getting some snacks and don’t like sitting at the tables we enjoy being more laid back and being up at the bar instead. At least at a few places. That one is at the dock at our work place.



    Chris was in an expensive daycare too. It was an accredited school. It was funny, they HAD to do arts and crafts with the little ones. HAHA! But, it cost us $315 a WEEK. That’s $1260 a month. It was crazy. But they also had a state nurse pop in randomly to be sure they were during what they were supposed to. They also were a little excessive on somethings but I knew he was well taken care of. I’m glad to be out though. Very Glad! There’s nothing like a baby being with Mom. Leslie has is perfect now, she has grandma taking care of Lawson. How nice is that!



    Me and my man
    mommy and isaac

    Seth and my man
    daddy and isaac



    NEED ADVICE — Anyone use a pacifire. My daughter will be 3 weeks old on Wednesday and my husband and family are quick to give her a pacifire if she’s fussy (after we’ve check everything else). I don’t like using it b/c I don’t want her to rely on it and more importantly I don’t want to have problems breastfeeding. They just keep telling me that babies get fussy and just need something to suck on. Should I just try breastfeeding again? (even though I had just finished a half hour before) I do break down and give it to her if I’m unable to calm her down but I don’t like it. I feel like she’d be happy just sucking on me 24/7. We are using a nipple shield b/c it was just too painful and bleeding otherwise. Thanks everyone!! I’m glad this site is here to help.



    baby- Have you tried fermented oatmeal or fenugreek to increase your supply? I definately wouldnt give any solids yet he is still too little and it wouldn’t be good on his tummy. I would try to nurse him as much as possible because he will get much more milk out than the pump will. Good luck!



    kida- my other 3 spit up like crazy and I nursed them. I’m sure it’s normal hun 🙂


    bex-hang in there! i would really start offering the breast…chances are your boobs wont react too badly (cracking ect) because they are used to some suction by now with all the pumping..the only thing that might be difficult is the fact he is used to steady flow from a bottle and doesnt have to work much to get fed, so just massage/stimulate and get a let down before he latches so he doesnt get frustrated 🙂 hope it works out for you mamma!



    Krystal- I had no problem cutting back on calories. You have to be careful about getting balanced nutrition…but it is more for yourself than the baby. Your body will take everything it needs for the breast milk, which can leave you lacking calcium or calories, etc. Continue to take your prenatal vitamins! As long as you are eating healthy, you can cut calories just don’t go to an extreme. No crash/liquid diets, or diet pills, or artificial sweetners. Other than that, you should be fine to diet. It should be easier for you to lose weight while breast feeding because you burn almost twice the calories you do when pregnant! 500+ compared to 300, daily.



    Just want to give a happy shout out to those who have chosen the au natural way to feed your babies! I have been breastfeeding for 4 years NONSTOP now, it will be 5 this November 🙂 I have three precious baby boys and we are expecting our 4th little one late December! By the time I am finished nursing this LO I will have breastfed for nearly 8 and a half fantastic years! Not to say there havent been problems at the beginning, but for you new mommas experience the troublesome first few weeks: YOU CAN DO IT!!!! God Bless!

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