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    Great article bri- my question is why are we refered to negativly (sp) by formula feeders? formula nazi-i dont think lactavist is bad but we dont go around calling them names?



    Count me in on the needing to lose weight ordeal. I gained 24 with Zoey and then lost 30 within 9 days of her being born…but haven’t lost any since. That leaves me in a 16….I’d like to be an eight.



    Anyone ever get light headed or dizzy while bf? Tiffany- how did you find out about your milk being sour?


    Lets hope so Jack’s mummy!



    When I got it with Chris, he was on meds for an ear infection. I was also out of town. Wasn’t that nice?! My nipples felt like I had razor blades running across them every time he ate. It was so bad that besides the oral that I got I had a special compound ointment for my nipples. I had to wash them every time he fed and then reaply. Felt so darn good to put that stuff on. I still have the tube. I know it’s expired but man I can’t get rid of it just in case. HAHA! This last time with Alex I knew from the first burn that I had it. Called the doctor and ped right away. Got treated and that was that. I had one pill and I got better. HAHA! I guess catching it early matter.



    I wanted to slug my husband in the face earlier today. My daughter is 13.5 months old and still breastfeeding, not too often maybe 4 or 5 times a day. Well earlier today I was sitting on our couch feeding her, and my husband had the nerve to walk up to me and say ‘isn’t it about time you wean her? She’s almost 14 months old and its getting pretty weird.’ My jaw dropped to the floor! I couldn’t believe that he said something like that! I think I’m going to go as long as possible just to spite him! Oh and my facebook is Jennifer Walker or look me up under [email protected], I know I am friends with many of you, but I don’t want to miss anybody!


    Balsamfir I breast fed my oldest James until he was 15 months ish. I introduced solids just after 6 months and he didn’t sleep through the night until about 14 months. He was still waking 3 times a night. WHO recomment waiting until baby is 6 months before you introduce solids. Some people skip cereal and start with veggies, whether this is blended up or solid form (Baby led weaning). I did blended first time but thinking of going the baby led weaning this time. When are you planning on starting this extra job? The rule is that baby will only need 1 – 1 1/2 oz of breast milk per an hour. Its also wise to express whilst away from baby at the usual time they would eat. Expressing can be hard at first and its a case of getting used to it. I would start a few weeks before hand so baby can get used to having a bottle. Its also reccommended someone else gives the bottle as baby associates you with the boob. Mind Ollie will quite happly take a bottle of expressed milk off me. He doesn’t care as long as he is getting fed!! Whereas James point blank refused the bottle of anyone!! Sorry I have never flown with either of mine so not sure about car seat. I have heard it is best to feed baby on take off and landing so as not to cause babies ears to pop.


    Ahh Meredith I’ve been wanting to text you all day about the wedding!!!! Congrats congrats!!



    laura, my babies usually only ever eat off of one side, so you are not alone!



    Mere, even with the treatments I’m sure it’ll take a day or two to start working. Good luck! Poor little thing.



    rude comments can be reported to laura. it’s on the help tab of the page.
    that comment i agree is below the belt. although i don’t post much but i’m on here all day… reading. the ladies have been supportive and i’m glad i found this forum.


    so much happens while I’m away!! lol I read through 5 pages (or more like 6 after all the rereshing). I think I’m finally caught up now. lol. I need to start taking notes so I can respond properly… but then again, most of you have already responded to those with questions so I’ll leave well enough alone unless I have something of my own to add. 🙂 anywhoo… good morning laides!!! 🙂



    hotmessmomma – It’s pretty normal to see pattern going. But, once you pick up on it it’ll change. HAHA! Just go with the flow. It’ll change a number of times until your baby is a lot older. Then he’ll settle on a nice routine that works well for him and you can plan your day around. My boys are 2yrs and 7 months. We have a pretty good routine down now that hasn’t changed for months.



    my baby, fenugreek, and mothers milk tea, as well as blessed thistle are all safe to take well nursing. i wold take 2 fenugreek 3 times a day until your sweet smells like maple syrup (thats how you know your taking the right amount, sounds silly but its different for everyone.) take the same amount of blessed thistle, and drink mother milk tae 2-4 times a day. it will take 2-7 days to see a supply increase, but it should help. i think you said u already do the oatmeal, so keep that up! good luck! oh and the reason you read its not safe well lactating is because it is homeopathic and not FDA regulated. hope this helps!


    James sort of self weaned, he had cut his feeding down to 5 minutes on an evening. I was pregnant with Ollie and in loads of pain with sensitive nipples. Id had to stop feeding him on my right after he bit it badly. I stopped feeding him and cuddled him to sleep on a night and he was fine with that. I honestly thought he would be annoyed but he never once went to feed on me.

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