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    Yup, tried treats, stickers and the whole hoopla! He does like the flush his pee and gets excited about it. But that doesn’t stop him from going in his pants. Oh well. No parent ever failed at potty training.



    100% agree Balsamfir!!!! I EBF at 5 months pp and practice co-sleep. We’re also homeopathic, complete natural, herbal remedies for everything. No medicines or conventional remedies.



    Social, first of all CONGRATS!!! on making it to 2 yrs. not many moms make it this long. My boy is 26 months, he gets one pumps worth a day. He stopped breastfeeding on his own…liked the bottle too much. I think you should consider continuing one feeding a day, either by breastfeeding or pumping (but sounds like you dont need that). It provides wayyy too many health benefits. I’m sure you notice your child being sick hardly ever. My boy has seriouslynever been sick. I have friends that have their children to the doctors all the time. I believe whole heartedly its fromk my extended breast feeding. read my post below that studies found that our milk gets stronger with time so our children dont need as much to get the same benefit. Seriously, one feeding a day is easy and it has too many benefits to give up.



    emma – so sorry. Praying for you and your family…let her tell you when she is ready to stop nursing, she will let you know.



    Also get this even though I ‘failed’ im still producing lol



    You can contact the hospital in your area and see if they have pumps for rent. My daughter is in the NICU and has been since birth (a little over 2 months) and I rented a pump from the hospital. It is a little expensive, about $70/month) but it is totally worth it. The one I am using is Medela Symphony. Ahmeda is also a good pump. They are both hospital quality and very good.



    I am nursing my 15 month old and I am 12 weeks pregnant with baby #6.



    Bri – you’re right, sorry I didn’t clarify that….I did mean that it is okay IF the baby is gaining…..there are the occasional babies that do not wake up, fuss, or cry when they need to eat – I have such a baby right now. He was 7 lbs when born and lost down to 5 lbs. 14 oz.; a 1 lb. 2 oz loss….I knew he wasn’t eating well but he was happy and content, so a loss that big was a surprise to me. He’s on track now, but I have to pump and feed him with a syringe.



    is there any way i can increase the amount of milk im producing? its begininnging to drop and i cant express much any more i used to be a miking machine! amys still dfeeding off me all the time except on special occasions or when i go out for a bit and im wrried ill run out of milk in the frezzer were down to the last 6 bottles! 🙁



    A nipple shield really helped me when my baby was first learning to breastfeed. It took about 2 weeks before she could breastfeed by herself, but within a month she no longer needed the nipple shield for any feedings. It is a plastic thing with holes on the tip that goes over your nipple. It was great to use as ‘training wheels’ when my baby girl could not feed by herself, and then when my nipples were sore, I used it to help them heal.



    Does anyone know about certain foos a woman can eat to increase milk supply??? My baby is in the hospital so I pump but I dodnt feel like im producing enough. Its okay for now that he just started drinking and I had some stored but hes catching up and Im not sure I will be able to keep up!



    Thanks Luv – I guess because my body is used to me pumping between 1 and 2AM that one night when I went all night (alarm didnt go off) I was so full it was actually painful! Right now I feed him at 5:30 before work (I wake him if he isnt up) then I pump twice in the morning – will feed him at noon at daycare, then pump twice in the afternoon, feed him when I get home at 6:30 and then I used to nurse him before bed at 8:30, but we find he sleeps better if he gets a full bottle of expressed BM. If he is still hungry after a 5oz bottle Ill nurse him for as much as he wants. Then I pump before bed at 10 and wake up to pump in the middle of the night. I really do feel like I belong on a dairy farm, especially seeing it in writing!



    YEs, definately don’t compare what you can pump to the amount your baby is getting out! Babies are much more efficient than pumps. I am EBF, but I have to pump at work, and I can only get 3-4oz a time when I pump, but my baby is a chub, and growing like a weed!



    bigmuma: Thanks for posting that you were unable to keep going and bub is thriving on the bottle. Sometimes it just doesnt work to breastfeed ( i was unable to breastfeed my first 2 much to my disappointment) and its important for people to know you havent failed but just found the best solution for your baby. Even though ‘breast is best’ i have 2 bright, healthy children who thrived on formula and its not the end of the world when it doesnt work out.



    lp if you are pumping a decent amount you can just give that from a bottle and not formula. Your little one just needs liquids to flush but doesn’t mean it has to be formula. Have you tried changing positions to trick baby to think that he is on the better side?

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